(Closed) Were you a bully/mean girl?

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    I was mean to one girl, and only one girl, but that’s it.  Looking back, I still get annoyed by the things she would do, but I’m also annoyed at myself…why did I care so much about what this girl did??

    I also found that people in middle and high school were meaner to their friends than to random people.  

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    No, my two closest middle school friends were the targets.

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    No, in middle school I was made fun of a lot for my curly hair and in high school it had a mix of friends, didn’t have too much trouble with people bothering me

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    When I was 8 I was “best friends” with someone I came to realise was a thoroughly mean girl. Quite why I wanted to hang out with her I don’t know since I wasn’t short of much nicer friends. For at least a term we were not kind to a couple of girls in our class and I still don’t know why I went along with this.

    However, I got a taste of my own medicine when my so-called best friend left to go to another school and quite a few of my classmates decided to avoid my company for a few weeks. I then realised just how horrible it was to be at the receiving end of meanness even though I deserved it.  I can honestly say that I learnt a valuable lesson from this experience and it has stayed with me through adulthood. I’m not at all tolerant of bullies and won’t stand by and see someone treated badly. 

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    I was more of the nerdy type; never got bullied though.

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    In middle school I online bullied a girl in my social group. I don’t really know why. It only occured over a couple instances, but I was intense. I think I was ashamed of myself for some things, and she had that in common with me. So I guess I just shamed her for it instead of myself? It’s all pretty foggy, so I cannot really remember.

    I ended up apologizing a year or two later in high school, and she was long past it then. She really appreciated it though. We were sort of friends at that point, but we were never even remotely close.

    I’m a very nice person (though may be too honest for some people’s liking). Charitable, I love to volunteer, I’m a teacher, love working with kids, etc. I don’t think being a bully at a young age means that person is doomed to be horrible in adulthood. Yes, someone who has a history of repeated bullying probably is more likely to be that way as an adult, but I don’t believe it’s a given. Adolescence is a crazy time.

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    I was bullied all through elementary and middle school. pretty bad actually. I was beaten by the boys and girls. It got so bad i wouldn’t even in the front entrance of the school. I’d go in ther service entrance and get all my work from all my classes and do it in the Janitors office. Even going to the bathroom wasn’t safe for me. 

    I went away the summer before 9th grade. My aunt took very good care of me and taught me some things.

    First day school was very differnt for me in 9th grade. I walked in and nobody reconized me at all. From that day on i was mean. I was mad as hell at all the kids who picked on me, and i made sure they knew and felt the pain of it too. 


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    No, I was bullied relentlessly though. I still always attract bullies now. I have one at work right now…. I am seriously considering quitting. She is the sterotypical “mean girl”. I had one at my last job too. -_- 

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    I do remember that in infant school (aged about 5-6) I had a lot of friends, and one of them took a dislike to the other one. I followed her lead and we were very dismissive of her. My Mum saw us… not bullying her exactly, but being dismissive and mean… and gave me a talking to.

    It completely changed my behaviour, and from then on I always stuck up for other kids. Naturally, this (amongst other things), immediately made me wildly unpopular in every way. Apart from this one incident, I never bullied another kid… I was always the target myself. Interestingly, as the years went on then I received apologies from several of those kids. I even received one from a girl who was a pain in the backside, but who I stuck up for when she was about to be expelled for something which (IMO) she should not have been expelled for. I went to the headmaster to plead her case. I still can’t believe I actually had the balls to do that!

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    I don’t think I was ever a ‘mean girl’ but I can tell you that I have never exactly been bubbly or friendly my whole life and regardless of how I truly feel people view that very unfavorably and would approach me like I was a terrible person. I can say for sure I’ve never been outright cruel to someone but I probably wasn’t always ‘nice’. Whether or not I brought it upon myself or not I was picked on up until the last two years of high school.

    I have to say being a serious and aloof adult sucks a lot more than being a serious and aloof child because the consequences are a lot more real.

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    I was mean to one girl. And it actually lead to us getting in a fight our senior year and her pressing charges on me. I was mean to her and she always said I bullied her, but it wasn’t like that. I just didn’t like her, just like several other people. She was well off and would always brag about how her shirt was $300 or how her car cost more than someone’s house or shit like that. She knew I didn’t like her, but senior year she just kept pushing my buttons. I told her she had one more time to piss me off and I was going to kick her ass. THE NEXT DAY she pissed me off. Both of my parents are deceased and she knew that and met both of my parents, and she said something about my parents and that crossed the line. So I walked up to her at lunch and we had our words then I punched her… To this day she is still the only person I absoluetly loath. 

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    I… i think i was… but it was never my intention D: I was a tomboy and i liked to play rough with boys, sometimes i hit them apparently (i dont remember much).

    They made us write nice things to our classmates and stuff. Many of the comments the boys made to me were: “You’re nice and i enjoy playing with you, but can you please stop hitting me?”

    Of course the teacher called my mom and they both talked to me. I felt terrible! I really never meant to hurt my friends, i stopped since then.



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    I was really mean to one girl. It was in the 4th grade and my friends and I were horrible to her. Her mom called my mom and I got in huge trouble. I don’t even know why I was mean to her and I still feel bad about it 30 years later!

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    I was bullied, mostly in middle school, but this was long before it was really watched and talked about (early 90s). I was very overweight, had acne, etc. All the makings for bullying. I had girls and boys be equally nasty to me. In highschool I pretty much just didn’t go most days because I didn’t want to run into people. I did have friends though.

    After highschool I really changed a lot. I have had a lot of those nasty girls ask to be my friends on facebook (seriously?) and the funniest of all, one guy who used to pick on me daily about how fat I was tried to hit on me when I was out maybe 10 years go. I gave him a big F YOU! and told him how nasty he was to me and how he was not a good person in highschool. He was totally shocked, not only that it was me, but that his behavior had effected someone in the way that it did. hopefully he learned his lesson

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