(Closed) Were you a Kid or Teenager on 9/11?

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  • poll: How old were you and did adults keep TV and news about 9/11 to a minimum?
    I was < 5 yo and they sheltered me from 9/11 coverage. : (0 votes)
    I was < 5 yo and they did not shelter me 9/11 coverage. : (1 votes)
    1 %
    I was 6-11 yo and they sheltered me from 9/11 coverage. : (3 votes)
    2 %
    I was 6-11 yo and they did not shelter me 9/11 coverage. : (13 votes)
    9 %
    I was 12-13 yo and they sheltered me from 9/11 coverage. : (3 votes)
    2 %
    I was 12-13 yo and they did not shelter me 9/11 coverage. : (26 votes)
    17 %
    I was 14-17 yo and they sheltered me from 9/11 coverage. : (2 votes)
    1 %
    I was 14-17 yo and they did not shelter me 9/11 coverage. : (52 votes)
    35 %
    I was 18-21. : (32 votes)
    21 %
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    I didn’t see a lot of the TV and new media on 9/11 and I’m sort of glad.  Seeing some of the pictures now makes me so upset, I couldn’t imagine processing them at 14.

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    I was 13. My parents always tried us to keep aware of things that were happening politically, talk radio was almost always on in our house, etc. When 9/11 happened we weren’t sheltered at all. We listened to and watched all the coverage. Both my sister and I (she’s 2 years younger than I am) were already really aware and mature though.

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    I was 14 – a freshman in high school. We had to leave super early in the mornings because of traffic, so we were already on the road to school before we heard about anything happening. I was scanning radio stations looking for music (not listening to the words being said), when my mom said “WAIT! Go back to that station – they said something about a plane crash and buildings going down!” – it was right when the second plane hit. When I got to school, they put us all on lockdown and we had a mandatory assembly/chapel time where everyone got together to talk/learn about it all and pray all day. I can’t imagine being sheltered from any of it – everyone knew what was going on and took it all very seriously.

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    @KoiKove: wow, what an interesting topic. I was 14 and in high school when it happened. As the daughter of a active duty personnel, I was put in “lock down” in a gym in the school. I found it stupid and pointless; as if the walls of the gym would shield us “military” kids from a plane or god forbid a bomb. I could not get back home until the next day. The Air Force base (a missile high threat base) was on complete lock down. I slept on a cold floor and waited six hours on a bus at the base gate to get back to my house. We had no choice but to talk about the situation as a family. It was no secret my dad would be deployed, it was really just when.

    I was too young to feel that much anger, I just remember so much confusion. I knew that people do stupid things and hurt others, but why did my dad have to suffer? Luckily, I am one of the fortunate ones that got their loved one back from the desert. I couldn’t have been sheltered even if I had wanted to be.

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    I remember watching it in high school on a TV and then at home with my mom later.

    As bad as this sounds, I wasn’t that effected by the tragedy (apart from it obviously being very sad). My friends and Fiance, however, got into college majors to help fight terrorism and have devoted their lives to it. I’ve had so many friends join the military for it. It’s remarkable thinking about how one day changed everything.

    I think Bin Laden’s death was a much bigger milestone than the 10 year anniversary, and a lot happier.

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    I was 16 and in HS,. They brought a TV into the class room during second period and we watched the coverage. As a 16 year old I had no idea what a big deal this was. 

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    I was 27 when 9/11 happened.  It made me so sad to see all that happening and quite frightened.

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    I was 12, about a month shy of my 13th birthday and I was not sheltered. I think it was much more personal for my family than a many Americans. We were New Yorkers. You could not turn on the TV of radio without seeing and hearing about it. My uncle worked at the Trade Center, so we all watched the coverage hoping for good news. Like Mrs.ChubbyBunny, my dad was also military. We knew he was going to the city and we knew that he was likely going to war. The school tried to sanitize it the best they could, but my family did not shelter my sister and I.

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    I was 17, a senior in HS. We watched the coverage all day at school and my parents discussed it with me non-stop for weeks. But my parents would tell me anything if I asked, so that’s not a surprise. 

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    I was 14 and a freshman in high school.  I think some (although not all) of our teachers tried to shelter us from the coverage during the day.  That angered me because I wanted to be aware of what was happening (and I felt like a had the right to know).

    My parents didn’t shelter me (or my younger siblings) at all.  I spent all that evening/night and much of the next handful of evenings watching the coverage.  My parents were willing to do their best to answer any and every question that we had.

    I didn’t find it overwhelming to know what was going on.  Honestly, it made me feel like my parents respected me and knew that I was mature enough to handle it.  I feel like I was able to fully understand how big of a deal it was (both at the time and now).

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    I was 14 and was alone in my bedroom getting ready when I first saw the news broadcast of the first plane being on fire. I saw the second plane hit and went to go wake up my parents and let them know what was going on.

    I wound up going to school for a couple of hours but my mom pulled me out and took me home. We are from NYC and have a ton of family up there and wanted to be able to get into contact with everyone and be together as a family. I watched every second of coverage I could glue myself to for those first few days. Not sheltered from it at all. Everone in my family was too concerned with what was going on and I wanted to absorb every morsel of information as it was released.

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    I was 11 (so 6th grade) and my Comm Arts/Science teacher turned on the news once the school gave the go-ahead at 10, just in time for the second. They realized that since we were within 4 hours of NYC, 2 of DC and ~4 of Somerset,and 15 minutes from Too Much Information (they thought it might be another target) that we should know and be prepared. I think they handled it really well. I don’t think the full extent of everything really hit the students but we all could at least tell that the teachers were upset.

    My brother was 8 at the time and home sick but watched the news with my mom. My parents talked it over (what they knew at least) that evening.

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    I has just turned 13 a few days prior. I remember waking up to my foster parents all upset, and seeing reruns of the towers being hit. I was definitely not sheltered, but I was much to immature to really understand exactly what occured, and while I knew something very bad happened, I didn’t have too much empathy.

    As years progressed, I kept ignorant about it because of course, everything that was going on in my teenage life seemed much more important, and I had my own struggles to deal with.

    On becomming an adult, I finally started to understand the severity, and the lives lost, but I never watched an entire documentary on it, because I was too scared to feel.

    Last night, I watched a 2 hour documentary, and I can’t get the images out of my mind now. I feel so bad for everyone. I can’t help but think about the mothers, and fathers, and wives, and husbands. What were their last thoughts? Did they get to call home? What went through their minds as they ” jumped” ( I use this word, but I know they didn’t just jump, it was out of force) out of the windows, gasping for air, and having 10 seconds of freedom left? How are thier spouses and children and parents coping now?

    I have shed alot of tears today, but am glad I finally understand. Because those people deserve to be thought about, and cared about. And I am happy I can at least grant them that much.

    September 11th will always be in my thoughts now. I hope another tragedy like that never has to occur again. What an ugly bunch of people to inflict that kind of depair on their fellow brothers and sisters.

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    I was 13.  My parents woke me up early to watch the news.  We then spent the day at school watching and discussing the news.  My parents didn’t hide anything from me. 

    ETA: We also live really close to Edwards AFB and were worried about the possibility of something happening to our loved ones there, as many people in our area work/live there.   

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