(Closed) Were you successfully able to train a dog to stop getting on the couch?

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Buzzing bee
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We started with Junior Mink not being allowed on furniture without permission. When he put his paws up on something, we’d just do that annoyed “ahgt-ahgt” noise.

He’s four and a half now and we lot him sleep with us. He won’t get up on the bed until one of us say “come up.”

I think catching them the moment they start to put a paw up helps.

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We are dealing with this, too!  We had old, crummy couches so we let our dog sit with us from day 1.  When we got nice, new couches a few months ago the battle began.  We said “no” when she tried to get on the couch and made sure she had a nice place to lay of her own.  She didn’t get it and kept trying over and over and over for a long time.  We just had to consistently say “no.”  I had to keep telling myself no, too, because I miss laying with her!

She understands now that she’s not allowed on the couches and will lay on her beds and blankets.

I’m not gonna lie and say that I haven’t found the throw pillows all out of whack and the couch suprisingly warm when I come home from work, though Surprised


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Blushing bee
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We did.  We actually bought a couple dog beds that we put in the room, and when they jumped on the couch we redirected them to their beds.  I started when we still had yucky furniture, and by the time the new stuff arrived we were all trained.

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We did! For the first 3 years we had our dogs they were allowed on the couch, we have 2 big dogs. But when we got new furniture we wanted to keep it nice. So now they are not allowed up on the sofas. We made sure they have beds of their own that are nice and comfy. We would put the cushions up whenever we left the house so they couldnt get up on the sofa. It took a few weeks but they got it. I have also heard of putting one of those mats that has the little prongs on the bottom on the sofa prong side up so it is not comfy for them to lay on it, ya know the plastic runners people put on carpet under their office chair so it rolls. Good luck it just takes patience and time.

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Our dogs are spoiled rotten and are allowed on the furniture at our house. However, we started early on inviting them up and asking them to get off just to teach them that we were in charge of the couch, not them. This was only mildly successful though because we aren’t good at enforcing it when they jump up without being asked.

Anyway, my sister’s house is no dogs on the couch and at first we were nervous about our dogs being there and keeping them off the furniture. These are some of the things we did to work on it with our dogs:

– when one of them got on the couch we’d immediately say “No, off the couch.” Every single person in the family knew to say just that so that it became a consistent command.
-we set up blankets & Charlie’s bed on the floor in the living room so they had their cozy places to relax.
– keeping them from rough housing/running around/chasing each other or my sister’s dog when they’re at her house. That way, should they get on the couch, they are doing it gently, not running around like crazy, messing up the cushions, etc. I think just keeping them calm there helped with impulse control.
– we (the humans) sat on the floor a lot at my sister’s. Mostly, my dogs like to get on the couch because they want to cuddle with us humans. If we’re on the floor, most of the incentive of being on the couch is removed. πŸ™‚

Doing these things over the course of one weekend at my sister’s basically taught them not to get on the couch there. Now, the only time my little guy (see profile pic) gets on the couch there is when he’s really sleepy and it just breaks my heart to say “No, off the couch.” Poor buddy. 

Good luck with this cbee – I hope it works out!

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@cbee: We let our dog on the couches but we put blankets on them because they’re nice leather.  FH had the dog before he met me so she also slept on the bed.  When I moved in we got her to stop pretty fast, just because the queen bed isnt big enough for me, FH and a 70lb lab!  Shes also wants praise and approval ALL the time so she is easy to train though.

We got her her own bed and she would sleep on that, now she sleeps next to the bed.  Though sometimes during the day FH catches her sleeping human-like with her head on the pillows and all!

I think if you have a bed or some blankets for your dog and keep saying ‘no’ theres a good shot you get get him off the couch…at least when you’re looking.

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Honk at them when they try to get up on there.  I swear, dogs hate it when you honk at them and it is a great deterant to alot of things.

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Ummm so I am not crazy. Just hear me out. My dog used to be allowed on the couches but that changed when we got leather. We started with the no down thing. Well he used to always sneak on the couch when we wern’t around. Well one day when I was walking up stairs I heard him jump off the couch. I went up to the couch he just jumped off and yelled at it. I told it that it was a bad couch and other crazy stuff like that. He never went on the couch again. Dogs don’t want to be associated with bad things so that is what he associated the couch with, getting in trouble.

I was given the tip from a friend who wanted to stop her dogs from sneaking food off her plate. It worked.

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