(Closed) What a SAD week… I need the support of my fellow BEES! :( I Got LAID OFF

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  • poll: Should I cancel my wedding?

    Yes, No reason to stress out. You can always plan after you find another job.

    No, The deposits are non-refundable anyway. Work hard to keep it!

    Yes, Just marry at the courthouse, plan the fancy stuff later.

    No, You deserve your dream. Pray for a miracle!

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    Today have your freak-out.  It is well-deserved.

    Tomorrow–get crackin’ looking for another job.  As you stated, you were only making $250 a week.  You could work 2 part-time jobs and make that up.  Retailers are hiring for the holidays–work an overnight shift and you could probably double that.

    Do NOT panic.  You live in Dallas–this is one of the least affected areas by the recession.  There are tons of opportunities if you arent’ picky about what you do.

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    I am so sorry to hear that….I too was laid off exactly 1 year before the wedding, thankfully I found another job one short month later!  (although I took a 15% pay cut) My DH then got laid off about 5 months before our wedding so we had to cut back on a lot of stuff we planned on doing.  For example we shortened our guest list and excluded children.  (originally a lil over 300….went down to 225)  I also didn’t have some of the extra fancy stuff I wanted like chiavari chairs, diamond/crystal chair buckles, classic rolls royce, etc…  We trimmed wherever we could.  We also took up doing lil side stuff to make extra money and ALL that extra $$ went straight towards the wedding.  We also had to sell the majority of our blu ray movie collection which really sucked but we got about $3k for it so it helped go a long way.  Maybe you can do some of these things that we did??

    I really hope you find something soon!  I wish you all the best =)

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    Aw…I’m sorry. That really sucks.  Like georgia bee said, I think you can do it. You can make 250 a week doing a retail job or two. Maybe you could work during tax season as a tax preparer too? You could make 250 a night if you were willing to be a waitress! Don’t stress too much. You’ll figure something out and make it happen.

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    🙁  Sorry to hear that. It sounds like you are doing everything you can. Just stay positive! You still have a cushion of time before the wedding date, so don’t get discouraged! Unemployment is normally 50% of your wages, so that can help make up for not working during the job hunt. Like the previous post says, just keep moving forward!

    Good Luck! 

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    Thats a total bummer but its the holiday season so you WILL be able to find another job. I work for the corporate office of a popular retail chain and we are hiring seasonal employees in our stores as well as the distribution centers. If you could find a retail store to work in and score 30+ hours a week, you could make close to what you were bringing home before and still have time for a second part time job if you needed one. Sure, the jobs not great but it will atleast bring in income that can go towards your wedding. While your working, keep applying at better jobs and go on interviews. 

    I definitely do not think you should cancel your wedding. You’ve already spent too much to give it up now and you still deserve to have the wedding of your dreams (we all do). Maybe you’ll have to get rid of some of the extras to work with a smaller budget (cupcakes instead of cake, iPod instead of DJ, if you havent bought your dress yet, try to score one at the $99 sale at Davids). You could ask for wedding related items for Christmas to cut down on the amount of things you have to buy. I’m personally trying to buy as much stuff as I can second hand (its been used for 5 hours, its still pretty damn new IMO).

    If you dont already have plans for it, you could use your tax refunds towards the wedding too. Thats how Fiance and I plan to pay our next 1/3 due on our venue 90 days before the wedding.

    It can totally be done and I definitely don’t think you should cancel your wedding because of this. Just get creative and keep your chin up. Be bummed and pissed over the weekend and start next week fresh.

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    I’m so sorry to hear that. I know it sucks but don’t give up yet. I agree with the above posts. Have your moment but get back out there. I really hope things work out for you.

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    I’m so sorry hun! I’ve been there. 5 months before the wedding I got laid off as well. It wasn’t quite your situation, but I know the feeling of knowing you have all this money shelled out in deposits and have no job. You said it’s only about $250/week, if you get a part time job (especially something that pays decently like waitressing) you can make that up in no time. I know it’s stressful, but I’d urge you not to make any hasty decisions. You’ve got quite a bit of time until your wedding, so I would just keep looking for a job and see if there are any areas where you can cut back if need be. Good luck and feel free to PM me if you need support! Being unemployed is tough, but this may be one of those things where you find something much better!

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    So sorry sweetie. That’s awful. I know it’s a really terrible feeling. I absolutely agree with the PP, today have your freakout. Cry, get mad, eat ice cream, do what you need to do. Tomorrow, get back on that horse. You sound really optimistic and like you’ve been working hard already to find a new job. Something is bound to come up, seasonal work, or anything else. If you find something seasonal if you work on holidays you could make at least double time for the sacrifice, so keep that in mind as an idea. As another idea, I would also enter every wedding contest you lay eyes on just in case. You never know right?! I’m not a person who wins anything, but some people have extraordinary luck with contests!

    Don’t cancel your wedding. Just keep moving forward as much as you can. You sound determined and strong, you’re going to get through this! Let us know if there’s anything we can do for you here around the Hive okay?  ((hugs))

    PS – For the record, laying someone off via text is possibly one of the least classy things I have heard of. That’s despicable.

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    I’m so sorry you have to deal with this now, and that it was by test no less. That’s terrible.

    However, I agree with with previous posts that say this is a good time to look for holiday work, tons of retailers are hiring, and it would give you a cushion while you search for something you’re more interested in. Good luck!

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    You can do it! Like PP have said, practically everywhere (retailwise) is hiring for the holidays. Don’t give up on your dream wedding.

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    I am so sorry that you are going through this but you need to take yourself to the mall tomorrow and get an application at EVERY single store in the mall…most of the time seasonal ends up staying after the season is over (as long as you don’t suck, which I’m sure you don’t) so you will have a continuous flow of money. You will get at least one job if not more…trust me. I am the store manager at the mall and we are always looking for applicants with an open availability and a great personality! Just put on your best smile and when you turn in the application ASK for a a store manager…don’t just hand it to anyone. It will show that you have initiative, you might know all of this already but you would be surprised how many people don’t! Good luck with everything!

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    Oops I voted wrong!!!! Sorry – I misread the question. I hit “yes cancel the wedding” and soo didn’t mean to. You can call a temp agency TODAY and probably have work by tomorrow, modest work ($10/hour), but work. Don’t cancel the wedding. You’ll find something else.

    EDIT – I just saw you’re temping! Sorry! Yay! 🙂

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    BABYSIT. Seriously, you can make some great cash (off the books!). Go to SitterCity.com and look up families in the area. And work a holiday/seasonal job until you can get full-time steady employement.

    Something important to think about – you don’t just need a job to pay for your wedding, you need one to get by. Some start planning long term how you’ll get yourself a career that will provide for you.

    And please don’t take it as an attack – but don’t do more than you afford. It seems like this wedding was already out of your price range before you got laid off. And while a big wedding is great, that’s not what it’s about. You want to start you life together off on the right foot, not in debt!

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