(Closed) What a way to start my day: I was given the finger!

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Buzzing bee
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That sounds like a normal Wednesday to me. Were you driving in Boston by any chance? 

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Blushing bee
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@AprilJo2011:  Right? Or DC?

@cobalt21: That sucks. I’m sorry. Go get cupcakes to cheer you up?

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Blushing bee

I’m sorry that happened to you. 🙁 This morning I smiled and said good morning to a woman while waiting for the bus and she looked at me as if I had spat in her face. I guess some people are so unhappy with their own lives they have nothing to give to others, not even basic courtesy.

Hope the rest of your day goes better.

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Bee Keeper

Please, keep on smiling and keep saying Good Day…. some people are unhappy with their lives that they need this from total strangers. They may not show it right away, but they will think about it later. And when they see you again, they will be reminded on how you “made their day” before…

Sometimes when I am down in the dumps and not feeling happy, somone says “Good Day” and I sort of growl at them…. but later on, I think of it and it turns my mood around… 😀

So I am now the one who smiles!

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Sugar Beekeeper
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Ugh, this happened to us the other day. We were heading to FI’s school to meet with financial aid, and some B in a Mustang convertible whipped around us, leaned halfway out of her car, flipped us off, and screamed “bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!” at us. We didn’t do anything other than drive normally while she pulled out of a crappy apartment complex and tried to drive in a non-lane (you know, the parts where it’s wide enough for a lane but has diagonal lines through it) to pass us even though we were ahead of her. Wtf.

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Sugar bee
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I was at a red light the other day, and two people started crossing the street long after they should have… well, the light turned green and I didn’t go because the people were still in the middle of the crosswalk, and the car behind me started honking like crazy at me. I’m sorry, am I supposed to run down pedestrians to make you happy? Driving brings out the worst in some people!

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Bumble bee
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I always smile and wave back! That really throws people off!!

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Bumble Beekeeper
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I’m horrible with road rage.. I would have given it to them right back and then some!

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Honey bee
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Someone pulled out in front of me once and it caused me to be right up on their rear end for a few seconds because they legit pulled out in front of me when they shouldn’t have. The person then had the gall to give ME the finger. So…I remained on their bumper, used my elbow to blast my horn, and I put BOTH fingers up in the air and danced them wildly around my car. The person immediately turned off onto a side street after that. I never was so enraged in my life. As I drove past and they were just sitting there, I smiled and waved.

I know I looked like a total cray cray. But I dont care.

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Blushing bee
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yesssss!!! i’m horrible with stuff like this. my go to is the air jerk-off motion. i’m driving down the interstate yesterday morning, following my safe distance between the car in front of me, when some jacka$$ in a truck speeds up on my hiney. well, i can’t go anywhere, so i keep the same speed. he has the gall to get over on the right and speed up to try and cut into my safe zone in front of me. like hell! i sped up and shortened the distance between me and the car in front so he couldn’t cut in. he was pissssed. he got back behind me and flashed his lights all pissy-like so i threw my hand out the window and did the jack off xD

yeah…i’m an adult.

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Sugar bee
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@AprilJo2011:  Seriously.  I flipped someone off yesterday for being an asshole driver.  If you have your blinker on and start pulling into that lane, stick with your plan.  Do not suddenly come back into the lane as I am accelerating because you drove like a snail and I didn’t feel like honking at you at the time.  And you still have your blinker on for the other direction, asshat!!


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Bee Keeper

Those type of people, I like to wave to…especially if you didn’t do anything wrong. They’re clearly angry that you weren’t going fast enough for them, so I like to p*ss them off more by waving :o) 

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Bumble bee
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People are horribly rude and stupid….hope our posts have made you a little happier.

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Busy bee
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I must admit that I have pretty bad road rage myself.  Unfortunately, I have an open air Jeep and tend to forget that people can actually hear me when I scream at them.  Hey, if you’re going to act like an idiot then I’m going to tell you about it.  Furthermore, if you flash your lights and honk your horn at me when I’m already doing 5-10 above the speed limit then I have no problems slowing waaaaaaay down when I know you can’t pass me. 

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