(Closed) what about your SO irriates you so bad!!

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@ambergirl:  Hmm, that’s a tough one!  Has he always been like that – even when he was a teen?

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Could it be anxiety or depression?

My brother has severe anxiety disorder, and he constantly thinks he has some horrible illness or problem.

My SO also always tends to have something wrong with him, but not to the dramatic extent of your SO. It does drive me a little crazy, but I’ve learned to live with it.

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When he plays music on his iphone and does something else with noise at the same time…like watching tv or playing Playstation…how does that even work?! Two things going at the same time is so irritating! But I get up him for it and we laugh lol 

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It annoys me that anything, and I mean anything, you suggest to him or ask him to do, he will dig his heels in and refuse to do it.

He’s driven around with an expired license for weeks simply because his mom asked him, very nicely, to renew his license.

We’ve had health scares when he’d refuse to go to the hospital, thank God nothing ever turned out to be serious.

This quality of his is so extreme that I’ll have him listen to a band or song that I like, and he’ll actually listen, but he’ll hate it. Then, a few months later when the album comes out, he’ll buy it and say to me, “Hey, listen to this great band I found!” Like, seriously?! It drives me mad!

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My SO has anxiety, yet he insists on putting himself into situations where it will affect him. It drives me batty to know it’s going to happen and then have to deal with it. 

Also, the man can’t park. He will look at a parking spot and say “I don’t like the look of that.” ALL parking spots are the SAME! *twitch*

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Haha my SO take foooooooorrrreeeeevvvvvveeeeeeerrrrr to make a decision. He has to do research and read reviews and think about it for so long. It’s ridiculous! I don’t necessarily like rushing in to things, but I hate to think how long it will take him to actually propose. He’s looking into getting a dog but has been looking for nearly 8 months now! I keep making suggestions, but he won’t be talked into things. 

ther than that and the fact that he hates getting his hair cut, he’s perfect! Haha. 

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He likes to put his hand in or on my face to bother me. Like pretending to pick my nose. I hate it. I don’t like feeling smothered. I panic. 

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My amazingly intelligent, scientist Fiance can get a little bit negative and cynical. I am always trying to look on the bright side of things and tend to look for silver linings. He doesn’t see the need to try to put a positive spin on a negative situation, he would rather assess the situation as it truly is and move on. Sometimes it really rains on my parade!

Also, his family is a tad bothersome. That isn’t his fault at all. Just something irritating that comes along with loving him. LOL

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@ambergirl:  He talks a lot. It especially bothers me when he talks while I’m eating, especially if he expects me to respond. Or I’ll be busy doing something like cooking or feeding my cats and he’ll read random stuff to me from my newspaper. He also remembers almost nothing I say.

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He is so set in his ways and refuses to see things in any other way.

He is in denial about his car. Its a 94 model and the people that owned it before him didnt take care of it. But because its his first car and his first big purchase, he refuses to realize that its at the end of its life. It constantly has problems and instead of taking it to someone to get it fixed by a professional, he just has his dad look at it or looks up stuff online and decides he knows whats wrong with it. I almost wish it would completely die and never start again so he’d finally realize he needs a new car.

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@ambergirl:  I was a hypochondriac for years. And it’s still there, just in remission. If that’s truly what he has then he isn’t faking. I used to be thoroughly convinced I had some ailment. I Would talk about it all the time, panic, worry, obsess. I needed constant reassurance that no, I don’t think you have a tumor. it isn’t a fun problem to have 

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@ambergirl:  HAHA I am totally like your FH. I don’t usually mean it but voicing the possibility eases my worries. I have a history of getting unusual ailments for real, so it’s kind of trained me to consider those “low percentage” possibilities when something is wrong. It’s sort of mild hypochondria. FH just rolls his eyes and tolerates it… but of course now it worries me even more because what if something IS wrong and he doesn’t believe it… the spiraaaaaaal.

My FH sometimes gets in this sorta selfish mindset. He’s usually considerate and not selfish overall, but he gets in this weird state of mind where it’s like he can’t see an inch in front of his own nose emotionally and is sooo annoying to deal with. It often happens when he’s playing video games, or after he’s had a bad day… like he just has no idea how he’s impacting my life and my day. I usually have to storm off to another room and then he’ll go “where ya goin… what did I do…” which is just even more annoying. Again, this isn’t NORMAL for him, but when he gets into that mood, he really gets into it.

But I annoy him too. He says I’m too whimsical haha. What he means is that I make very sudden, spontaneous, sometimes silly decisions, and change my mind a lot… but then other times demand detailed plans for things. Both extremes seem to irritate him.

Who was it that said that quote… “It’s so nice when you find that special someone you want to annoy for the rest of your life.”

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@MsW-to-MrsM:  I second anxiety – I have Generalized Anxiety Disorder and have always been a hypochondriac. Not in the manner your SO is, but I’m hyper aware of anything that goes in with my body and tend to panic unnecessarily or even get sick/pain when I don’t want to do something, etc.

He should definitely think about seeing someone to help him manage these thoughts and feelings and get it under control. Medical anxiety is so awful, but it is possible to get it under control.

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