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@ladychatterley:  That sounds a lot like my SO! Except that he not only refuses to see any silver linings but actually makes things look far worse than they really are. He’s more pessimistic than my mother and that’s saying something! lol 

And he complains a lot, especially about his job. He comes home from work and sometimes won’t shut up about how much everything sucks for hours! It drives me crazy. One would think he’d want to forget about a job he hates as soon as he leaves the office right? Wrong! Ughhh. I really hope he gets a new job soon.

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He has the classic Irish temper. I’ve never met anyone else with such a short fuse, but I’ve learned to drown out his yelling at irrelevant things. He doesn’t yell at me really, he just loses his temper and yells at things in general. 

He’s a neat freak. His friends call him Danny Tanner (the dad from Full House) because he’s constantly cleaning. From an outside perspective it sounds great but it’s actually really annoying. If he finds a crumb on the floor (see above paragraph about temper). He has a shelf full of various sprays and carpet deodorizers in the bedroom closet. Most normal people keep such items under the kitchen sink but he insists on having them in the bedroom. 

He can’t understand the concept of hanging a towel to dry and re-using it again. 

He doesn’t wash more than 3 clothing items at a time. I yell at him for wasting water but he doesn’t listen.

He’s becoming a hypochondriac. His latest obsession is some mottling on his palms. It’s not discoloration, I guess it’s just the way his blood vessels are located beneath his skin. I chalk this up to the fact that he is very fair-skinned so of course any spots are going to be more noticeable. They don’t itch him or anything. He is worried that he has a serious illness called “grass rash”. What in the flying f*ck is grass rash??? 

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@fzesguer:  I did tell Fiance to keep an eye on the nail biting before the wedding because there will be photos of his hands. Unfortunately, the hand that’s looking good is the right hand!

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This thread has had me giggling flat out.


I can definately add to this


1: he farts CONSTANTLY and he is so PROUD of them.

2: He drives jerkily and forgets to change gears until I yell at him that he’s about to blow up my engine.

3: He leaves his shoes and keys everywhere around the house and then has a meltdown when he cant find them.

4: He clears his throat so loudly that it wakes me up in the middle of the night. believe me, it is LOUD!!!


I could add more (as we all no doubt could) but I dont have enough room!


Love him dearly all the same, hes not perfect, but he’s all mine Kiss

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Oh goodness…

When he is sick or has a cut/bruise he constantly has to talk about it or show me about a hundred times.

On weekends he constantly says he is bored- any suggestions I make are usually knocked back. It’s so annoying to listen to! He can’t sit still.


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@ambergirl:  I can sometimes get a bit like that. I’ll get pain in my shoulders and think ‘omg, I’m bleeding internally, maybe it’s an ectopic’ – but I don’t tell people that, I just quietly look it up and reassure myself that no, it’s not something serious, my bad posture plays a part in it. I have had a ruptured ovarian cyst before with the shoulder pain, so I’m not totally crazy!

My SO is the opposite. He has a ‘she’ll be right’ attitude. Then he’ll say ‘hey, feel these lumps in the back of my knee’. I’ll have a feel and say ‘how long have they been there?’ And he’ll shrug and say ‘a few months’. He’s been to the doctor a lot over the last few months (most recently, Friday because his knee has ballooned and is extremely painful. In all likelihood, it was gout, but he had the same symptoms as septic arthritis so I was insistent that he at least see the doctor for pain relief, and have the doctor confirm what it is). I make him go because I know something’s not right – he knows it too but he just thinks that things will get better on their own. That may be the case, but why suffer through it if you don’t have to? It frustrates me because half the time he won’t tell me that something is wrong, maybe because he knows I will bug him to make an appointment to get it checked out! He does have a great doctor.

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His cough! He has the most annoying cough I ave ever heard in my life!

And how picky he is about food. He hates veggies, beans, potatoes ice cream, most fruits, and cheese (except on pizza). He makes cooking a callenge!

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