(Closed) What advice would you give to your 15-year-old self?

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Bumble bee
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I would tell that 15 year old girl…  eventually there will be happiness, but first there will be pain coz you can’t have the rainbow without a little rain. Little did she know back then that there would be heartaches, heartbreaks, an eating disorder, cervical cancer, abusive marriage, drawn out divorce, a disasterous car accident and miscarriage to come. But it would all be okay in the end. She would meet the man of her dreams and be happier than she ever dreamed possible.

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You’re beautiful, believe it. Love your body, this is the best shape you’ll ever be in. Do your damn homework..your education is the most important thing you have. Don’t give up on sports. Don’t give up your innocence to your boyfriend..no matter how mature you think you are right now, you’re still too young. Be cautious of your feelings and how much you let this guy into your life, don’t make him your world…your heart is about to be shattered for the first time. You’ll fall into your first depression and feel empty and lonely…this will be one of the most depressing times of your life and the pain will be so tough that you’ll never forget it. Better yet, save yourself the heartbreak and just STAY AWAY from boyfriends. They’re no good…just enjoy being a teenager and having amazing friends. Keep your group of guy friends, you’re lucky to have them. Oh and the group of girls that you’re so proud of being friends with since elementary? You’re going to be friends with them for a long time so forget about all the petty stuff and just be glad you have such great girls. & you’re right…they will be your future bridesmaids ;). Never lose your passion for singing & don’t be afraid to sing some solos at your choir concerts! You’ll meet your future husband in 2 years. Take things slow and STOP trying to grow up so fast. You’re gonna miss school like crazy..enjoy it while you’re in the moment.

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Helper bee
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Happiness is a choice.  

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Buzzing bee
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i would say to my 15yo self ‘Its been almost two years now, please start eating, and stop putting weights in your shoes to fool the doctors about your weight they will catch on. Please stop sneaking razors and blades into your room, cutting yourself isnt worth it. Please stop having sex with that horrible guy who will later on force you to transfer schools and leave all your friends.

Please stop doing everything you are doing and be a 15year old kid.

Please reach out and talk to someone and tell them whats going on at home. Its not your fault. Please pick up the phone and call your sisters, the cops, hell even grandma and tell her whats happening with mum.

One day you will meet someone who will accept your flaws, your stretch marks, scars and broken past. He will be understanding and patient. And you will start your life again. One day mum will apologise and she will be sober and off drugs it will take a while but you will be able to start a relationship with her again.

Oh and please save. Moving out at 16 and paying for school, rent and groceries suck’


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Busy bee
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DON’T let go of the good guy. The new guy does not treat you well and he never will.

Go to nursing school but get your RN instead of LPN. It’s harder to go back later.

It doesn’t matter if people like or approve of you, especially at the age of fifteen.

Don’t be so hard on yourself.

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Buzzing bee
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  • You’re a size 00. Stop trying to lose weight. 


  • You look like you’re 21. This isn’t a free pass to be a whore and lie about your age, and sleep with guys way older than you.


  • You’re mentally ill. You should probably accept this now, instead of ignoring it until you’re 20.


  • Don’t drop acid, that was a bad idea.


  • Stop being a bully. You’re not better than anyone else. You’re a mean person, and you don’t know what kind of damage you’re doing to others.


  • Get better study habits. Your laziness will make your first 3 years of university really hard, because you never learned how to study.
  • You’re not an adult! Listen to your mother.


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Bumble bee
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Don’t give up karate because you’ll only have to start from scratch when you decide to take it up again.

You won’t marry your current boyfriend, but that’s OK because he’ll help shape you into the woman you’ll become and you won’t regret your time together.

It’s OK to be proud of being clever – ignore the shit other kids give you for it.

Start volunteering the moment you get to uni because you’ll get even more out of it than you give back to the charity.

Your best friend is in love with you, and everyone else but you can see it.  He is the one you’ll marry, and he will be so worth the wait.

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Bumble bee
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Trust your instincts.  You’re right; high school IS a huge waste of time.  Life gets much better afterwards.

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Blushing bee

It really doesn’t matter what these high school girls think of you, in a couple of years you will graduate, not give a toss what they think and be mad at yourself you let them bring you down so much your grades suffered and you didn’t get into the University you wanted. They honesty don’t matter. 

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Busy bee

1. Be more involved in extra-curricular activities. I was anti getting involved in anything.
2. Put more effort into your school work ..there are these things called SCHOLARSHIPS.
3. For the love of God, stop caking on all of that bronzer and eyeliner.
5. The seniors really aren’t that big and scary.

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Stop over-plucking your eyebrows. You look like a complete berk!

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@pokie45:  oh my fuck, i was an awful teenager. hahaha. thank goodness i can laugh at it now.

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Busy bee

Follow YOUR heart, YOUR dreams. Quit living your life for others’ opinions and to make them happy; they are shallow, judgmental people who want you to fit their mold at the detriment of your own wellbeing. Beeeeeeeeeeeee YOURSELF.

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