(Closed) What all does your husband/SO do in their sleep?

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    Nothing but sleep that I'm aware of





    Steals covers

    other (please describe)

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    My DH sweats when he sleeps! Its so weird too, whether he’s on the couch sans-blankets or in bed he will sweat like crazy as soon as he’s asleep. He will almost always cuddle with me when we go to bed and I will have to push him off after 15 minutes or so because of the sweat. The other night he woke up and his pillow was soaking wet from it, he thought I spilled water on him!

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    @greenidlady:  speaks… kicks… goes to the kitchen and comes back… 

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    Mine snores RIGHT in my ear and loud. However, I can sleep through anything so we’re ok. He actually has it way worse having to share a bed with ME!


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    All of the above except the kicking. He talks in his sleep a lot and grabs my hand/side/hip multiple times in the night. He always passes out pretty quickly and I’ll lay down with him and watch tv but as soon as I move to take a sip of water or get up to pee he’s grabbing at me and asking if I’m ok. It’s kinda cute.

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    DH snores and farts alot in his sleep. I snore too but only when on my back. Hubby always wakes me up when I snore he claims it wakes him up. Which surprises me that he can hear me over his own stuff. I swear one of these nights I’m gonna record him snoreing to prove to him he does all these things at night. Also if I get out of bed at night to say use the bathroom he will be spread eagle on the bed. And sometimes Ill wake up with his arm and leg over me and I’m pushed all the way to the edge of the bed. 

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    Mine talks! It’s HILARIOUS! I sometimes have trouble falling asleep and have all my life. Now I don’t mind because I get to hear his conversations in his sleep, hahaha. It’s not as funny when he wakes me up in the middle of the night!

    He snuggles a lot in his sleep, too. He’s fun to sleep with.

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    He snores when he sleeps on his back, although lately I’ve been snoring myself because my allergies are acting up. He’s also really bad about stealing covers but I don’t mind that so much now because it’s like 90 degrees in our bedroom. 

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    Husband loves to throw elbows in his sleep. I was sleeping peacefully on my own side of the bead, and WAM I got an elbow right to the left eye. It hurt so bad it woke HIM up! I started crying, he told me to shut up (he doesn’t know what he says in his sleep).


    He steals pillows, and throws them away. He has taken the pillow right from under my sleeping head and thrown it across the room. He doesn’t want it, I’m just not allowed to have it.


    He murmers, and chatters, not often, but it is funny when he does.

    Edit: He is also a snuggle rapist. He doesn’t care where you are, who you are, as long as you are sleeping in his vicinity he will snuggle you, resistance is futile. (He has woken up snuggling his friends while camping. He is lucky that I think it is funny)

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    My Fiance kicks! He sleeps on his stomach and he kicks the bed three times during a certain period of sleep. He will do this repeat of kicks every 1-2 minutes. Drives me nuts if I am awake!!

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    Snores, but only when his allergies are acting up or he’s on his back for too long.  On more than one occassion, he’s tried to…. while completely asleep.  Usually I’m awake enough to tell him to back off (or not…. but I make sure he wakes up all the way first).  I don’t think he’s ever farted while sleeping, but he frequently “trumpets” his arrival into the day? (his words, not mine!)


    I’ll apparently talk if you talk to me first.  DH has had many a conversation with me while I was fast asleep, and I never remember them.  Apparently I’m even upfront about how I’m asleep and not going to remember!  Oh, and I’m a total blanket hog, so we just keep 2 on the bed at all times.

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    @greenidlady:  Fi snores and moves around a lot.  Although I think the most weird thing he does while asleep is initiate sex. He has a tendency to randomly get frisky in the middle of the night.

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    Haha some of these are hilarious! My SO squeezes his hands REALLY hard so I have to be careful about where they are. I can’t talk much though because I steal covers and lay either diagonally or spread eagle forcing him into a tiny area. 

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    he rubs his feet together…it’s really weird. 

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    @SamanthaBolero:  I do that too! But right before I fall asleep, kind of like a self-soothing thing? LOL I don’t know…I’m weird.


    Fiance talks in his sleep and he acts out his dreams a lot. This means that sometimes it’s talking but many times it’s movement.

    One funny time, I woke up to him sleeping on his side with his back to me. He had his leg lifted and was kicking with all his strength. He was make grunting sounds while kicking. Eventually it got so bad and since I could see his face, I thought maybe he was having a seizure so I touched his shoulder and he woke up.

    He looked at me for a second and said “I had to kick that bear in the balls” and promptly went straight back to sleep LOL!

    The next morning he told me that a bear was attacking his cousin and he had to kick it in the balls until it stopped. Too funny…

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