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Are you weighing in the morning or right after your meal? Always weigh first thing in the morning. And it might be better for you to only weigh every few days if this still flucutuates a lot. 

Also be sure you are eating enough! 1200 might not be enough for you, your body might be more in a starvation mode and then hanging onto all of that chinese food and wine. There are all sorts of online calculators that factor in height, weight, and exercise to see how many calories you need to lose weight.  

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rule number one, NEVER weigh yourself after chinese food.. full of sodium and will likely cause your weight to go up bc of water retention. in the beginning, I think you should stick to weighing yourself once a week, at the same time of day in order to get a really consistent picture of where you are. do you keep track of your food in a journal?

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Stick with the smaller portions and start substituting healthy snacks. 

I’d definitely add in some exercising– but make sure you’re eating enough. 1200 calories isn’t enough for some people! If you don’t eat enough your body will go into “starvation mode” and store most of the calories. 

I’ve tried eating healthy and all that jazz but for me to lose weight, I have to exercise.  (Eating healthy certainly helps, but the weight won’t move unless I go to the gym or add in some long walks.)

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I would measure your weight first thing in the morning after using the br, and before you shower. That should yeild more consistent results.

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Yep, the sodium. I can gain as much as 5 lbs after eating out at a restaurant, Chinese, food, etc. 

Just remember that it isn’t a “gain”- it’s a temproary retention of water. It takes 3500 calories = a pound. This means unless you ate 3500 calories ABOVE your maintenance calories (for you, probably around 1800 calories a day) you did not actually GAIN apound of fat. 

If you are counting calories accurately (using a food scale, couting everything you eat) then just trust that fluctuations of 1-5 lbs throughout the week happen. Focus on the longterm trend. If you are at a healthy weight it can take MONTHS to lose just a few pounds. This is good- you don’t want to lose too quickly or your body catabolizes muscle and other lean tissue. Better to lose slow and steadily, healthily, to maximize fat loss and ensure sustainable weight loss πŸ™‚

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Definitely do not weight yourself that often. I probably would wait to do that every 2 weeks. The real indication of weight loss should be how your clothes fit. They should be looser and more comfortable. Also, honestly, it’s fine to indulge a little here and there, but make sure that even your “normal” dinners are super healthy. A bunch of chinese food and wine shouldn’t be considered “normal” ever, it should be considered as indulging. 

My tips for you are the following, hope they help! 

1) Make sure you drink 8 glasses of water a day

2) Try green tea – it has shown to boost metabolism and has wonderful other properties

3) Significantly reduce carbs. Don’t cut them out completely, you need them for fuel. But lean meats, eggs, some low-fat dairy, nuts and tons of greens should be 90% of your diet.

4) Have a big salad with lunch and dinner. The salad should be mostly leafy greens, maybe a tiny bit of cheese/dressing, and some kind of nut (walnuts, almonds, pecans all taste great). The fiber will keep you full longer. I love fruit thrown in with my salad, too.

5) Exercise, exercise, exercise. Try doing strength training and cardio instead of just one or the other.

6) Minimize sugar and alcohol. They will go straight to your belly.


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A great diet/healthy food I’d reccommend is yogurt! No yogplait or whatever it’s called. Nothing full of artificial flavorings and grossness. Brown cow is my absolute favorite. Yogurt is great because it keeps your digestive tract moving and it keeps you full! The sweetness also acts as a good dessert sub-in.


Also, there have been studies showing that full-fat yogurt is just as good for weight loss as low/non-fat. Something about the fat helping you burn more because of all the good stuff in yogurt. So thats another plus, it can help you get some really good fat into you instead of all the bad stuff.


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Eat clean and burn more than you take in. 60 minutes (at least) of cardio 5x a week. DO NOT WEIGH YOURSELF DAILY. Your weight will fluctuate with sodium intake, hormones.. etc. Keep it to once a week.. and remember 2lbs a week is GREAT PROGRESS. 


I’ve been through this.. I stopped weighing myself every day and it makes a huge difference and does not discourage me. Don’t worry about the numbers.. and also, take pictures every week so you can see your progress. Put the pictures away and look back on them every couple weeks and see how far you’ve come πŸ™‚  goodluck!

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This blogger post is one of my favorites on the subject.


I don’t weigh myself daily or even weekly anymore. Checking my weight daily was too stressfull and was not helping me lose weight. I do measure myself, weight is so fluxuating and you are not on the bigger loser setting out to lose 5 lbs a week.

Food is very tricky. Just because you had a salad does not mean its less calories or better for you than a different meal. Check labels of everything. Record your food.

If its not working, change something. πŸ™‚


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also look into vitamins! I take one regular vitamin a day and one B-complex.  I figure they can’t hurt!

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@Captain013:  Thanks for that link– I love this tip: “A half-hour walk does not equal a brownie. And a 10k does not equal a burger and fries.”  I am so guilty of that!

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