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You should definitely get fitted for shoes.  Proper running shoes will make a world of difference. 

As for the pain in your chest, I’d slow down and not push yourself to do that full .8 miles at once.  Try doing .25 mile, walking .25, and repeating until your comfortable and gradually keep increasing the running portion,  The problem with new runners generally is that their lungs are developed to handle it – so lungs tire faster than your legs! 

Any sort of strength training will help with weight loss.  There are tons of videos on comcast on demand, netflix, and even youtube that can teach you how to do this if you need pointers.  In the beginning, your own body weight will be sufficient in a lot of the exercises (push ups especially!) 

Good luck! 

ETA: If you go to a running store to get fitted for shoes, ask for advice on your gait.  You may not be running in proper form, which could also be causing some of the discomfort. 

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Honey Beekeeper
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Yes you need to be fitted for proper shoes.  That is your main problem.

How has your diet been?  Diet is the majority of losing weight, exercise is more for being healthy overall.  Have you tried intervals like in Couch to 5k?  I’ve heard a lot of people have success with that.

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Honey Beekeeper

Have you heard of Couch to 5k? It helps you learn how to run/jog in intervals, and you slowly gain strength and speed so that you can surpass your 0.8 mile. I did Couch to 5k, and I was not a runner when I started, but the program made me realize that I can run.

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As for increasing your pace you can try doing intervals which will help. So instead of concentrating on running a whole mile, run fast for a short distance, walk until you’ve recovered and are breathing easily again, and then repeat. Since you are running outsite its nice to pick something to just run to for your sprint, so if you see a sign a little distance away run fast to that sign, etc… The only way to get faster is to run faster but you don’t want to run fast the whole time.

Hope that helps!

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Honey bee
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Definitely get fitted for shoes and try intervals!  I would also recommend adding weights/pilates/toning into your routine.  

Running doesn’t happen overnight, especially if you’ve never really done it.  I’ve run for years and I average around an 11 minute mile.  Some of us are just not born to be fast runners 😉

ETA: I would also try tracking your calories and such via My Fitness Pal or the like if that’s possible given your history.  You may not be getting enough “fuel” for your workouts, which may be why you can’t improve/go for longer.


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@TopazWedding:  If you’ve just started running I highly recommend the Couch to 5k progam. Don’t try to run a mile your first shot, you could hurt yourself especially if you have bad feet. Trust me, I tried to do that same thing with plantar fasciitis in my left foot and I ended up hurting my knee. Go slow. The Couch to 5K method works kind of like this:

You slowly build up your strengh and lung capacity or you risk injury. You’d be surprised at all the little places your legs hurt after a run, especially if you’ve never done so

EDIT: Ah! Everyone mentioned it as I was typing!

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@TopazWedding:  As for losing weight I would agree you need to work on the diet seperately. Running is not necessarily a great way to lose weight depending on what kind of running you are doing. Long distance running is actually training your body to store energy more efficiently so it can keep up the energy for your enitre run.Also if you are running please make sure you are eating enough carbs otherwise you are always going to feel tired during and after the runs.

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Always remember to maintain a pace you can talk comfortably at. It may seem like you are going too slow, but you’re not. (If your heartrate gets too high, you just burn sugar, not fat. Plus, you won’t panic and therefore be able to breathe easily)

Bear in mind the following:

– you’re not competing with anyone. Don’t worry or stress about it

– set achievable goals, e.g. 1 mile for a couple of weeks, then 1.5 for another couple, then 2 etc. Nb. I don’t know what couch to 5K is, but if this bears any resemblance, then all good!

– Remember, what you eat will make a big difference. Yes, food is enjoyable, but it is fuel.

– Vary your pace. If you need to slow down, that’s fine! If you feel energised to speed up for a minute, go with it

– Figure out what works for you. I can’t run unless I’m wholly distracted. I have to listen to music, audiobooks, or watch tv when I’m running. If I’m left to my own thoughts, all I think about is running, which isn’t fun.

– Likewise, I HATE running with people as I panic. I can’t switch off and I worry about speed. Friends of mine HAVE to run with people – it keeps them motivated.

– Please, PLEASE, read ‘Born to Run’ by Chris McDougal. It’s amazing and will change the way you run forever. (I promise)

– Enjoy it! (You’ll be able after reading the book, promise)

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It has taken me YEARS, like 10 years to get to where I am now (can run 10 miles without dying, but I’m still working hard). I run about 25 miles a week but it’s a slow steady process to get there. I would suggest getting fitted for shoes. Also some orthotics are made for running versus everyday stuff. I also suggest a good pair of running socks, they give me extra cushioning in the arch and have a higher back to prevent blisters, they cost me about $12 at Sports Authority. Don’t “push through” the pain. Pain is your body’s way of alerting you that something isn’t right. Your heart rate may be getting too high or your lungs aren’t accustomed to that hard of work. If you have access to a neart rate monitor check it out. I bought mine from Polar for $180 but they have plenty in the $50 range. There is no shame in taking a break form your job to walk for a few minutes, plus interval training has been proven to offer faster results in a lot of cases. It takes time, don’t give up, but don’t torture yourself or you may end up hating it.

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Remember food is a HUUUGE part of it.

If you eat big portions try to cut down (as a rough guideline a portion is about the size of your fist) (I think)

also try to fill up on meat and veggies before you go to your starch.

A lot of the things I want to get rid of (love handles, little pooch under my belly button) are way more diet related than exercies!

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