(Closed) What are some funny things your parents have told you about THEIR childhood?

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Not really funny, more sad …. My dad fell into a cactus as a boy scout, poor lil guy.

Also, my mom stepped on and killed a chick by accident on her grandma’s farm 🙁

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My mom was able to hold her breath until she turned blue……she used to do this when she wasn’t getting her way.  One day the entire family was getting ready to go to her grandmother’s house and she didn’t want to go.  Everyone was waiting for her in the car but she just stood in the front yard and held her breath.  My grandfather had had enough so he went and got the hose and soaked her.  She then had to get into the car, soaking wet, and go to grandma’s house.


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Dr_dazzle : My uncle was in first grade and sitting on the curb, throwing rocks at passing cars. Well, one of those cars happened to be a police car who stopped and called out to my dad, who happened to be walking by, asking if he knew my uncle and where he lived. My dad’s response: “Officer, I’ve never seen that boy in my life.” Hahaha

This is terrible, but kinda funny in a sick way. My dad got a new BB gun and was out shooting it in the yard (he was maybe 10 or 11). He ended up (accidentally, I think) shooting the neighbor’s dog and killing it. Not really knowing what to do, he dragged the dog’s carcass into the garage and left it there. My grandpa got home, found the dog, and dragged my dad (literally) by his collar to tell the neighbor and to apologize. So, he knocked on the door and the neighbor lady answered and my dad began his story and she interrupted him with an “Oh, thank God. I hated that dog. I was going to drop him off at the pound next week.” My grandpa was floored. He expected it to be a teachable moment, but ended up getting thanked for his son accidentally killing their dog.

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in elementary school,my dad used to skip school and go sit on the search light at the top of the bluffs. when he was at school, he would refuse to come inside when recess was over because he wasn’t done playing.

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My parents met when they were like 13. They also knew my moms future first husband at that age. They all lived in the same neighborhood.  There was a kid they knew named one eyed pete (he had one glass eye). Pete was in love with my mom who was just his friend. The brother of my moms first husband decided to start some trouble and told Pete that my dad was making moves on my mom and talking bad about Pete. Pete confronted my dad and a “fight” breaks out. I say a “fight” because it really consisted of my dad punching Pete in his one good eye and knocking him on his ass. My grandma (moms mom) whopped my dad, dragged him home, and he got another whopping there. Lol

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This is my grandpa. When he was about 5 he moved from Idaho to Beverly Hills on sunset blvd. this was back when everything was open and there were ranches. He woul spend his days hiking and horseback riding. Eventually, he started looking at his neighbor’s pool with envy. He plucked up the courage to walk over there and knocked on the front door while standing straight and tall. A little girl around his age answered. Intending to ask for use of the pool he said “I need to speak to your father. Is he in?” To which the little girl said “my father is a movie director and only speaks with famous people!” and promptly shut the door In his face. Kind of adorable!


My dad didn’t want braces because he played soccer, so he ripped them off with pliers.

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oh Lord my mom would kill me if she knew I was posting this on the internet ….

When she was in elementary school and my Gram would pack her lunch, my mom would eat everything “backwards.” For example, if my Gram packed a sandwich, an apple, and a pudding, my mom would eat the pudding and the apple and leave the sandwich.

So my Gram started numbering her lunch – #1 for the sandwich, #2 for the apple, #3 for the pudding (so she wasn’t eating her junk food/dessert first and wasting the good stuff).

One day my Gram forgot to # the lunch. So my mom didn’t eat. LMAO

My dad …. oh man what a trouble maker. He got caught stealing silly putty from the drug store across the street, his sister hooked his eye lid with a fishing hook while playing one day, he jumped into the opened drawers of a dresser and the thing fell on him and split his head open …. I could go on and on.

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My mom told me that for reyes magos (Mexican version. Of Christmas ) she git a bag of onions lol. Of course she saud she was sad at the time but but laughs at it now. Also that when my aunt went through a break up and was crying my mom would laugh at her. ( I know it sounds horrible but I just imagined the kim k thing where she was crying and her sisters were laughing at her lol)

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these stories are fun to read 🙂 

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