(Closed) What are some sterotypes about where you live?

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@sara_tiara:  Leave my city alone, you Tim Hortons-drinking, polar bear hugger!

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I live in Nebraska. Things I hear: We drive a horse and buggy, Everyone is obsessed with the Cornhuskers, There is Omaha and then there is the rest of Nebraska.

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Worker bee

Southern California. We’re all airhead, vegetarian stoners who surf, drive hybrids and call everyone “bro” or “dude”. 


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We all surf and are all tanned. I am as white as a ghost and will not go in the water out of some kind of phobia… I don’t know…its polluted…you can get sucked in…just no…

I have to admit that saying “uh” and “like” is hard not to catch. I have caught myself doing this multiple times.

I had once called support when my computer crashed. The rep was Indian since I guess the company has their call centers over seas. He said I “sounded like California” and started gushing about his The Hills DVD collection.

He actually started to sing, “Califorrrniiaaa….Californiiaaa….”

Ugh…. just tell me how to fix my computer!!!

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Everyone wears western gear all the time and has horses. Not unless you are into the rodeo scene folks, or like horses or country music πŸ˜‰

Everyone is here illegally. So not true We’re a border state, we get illegals, but we have plenty of legal citizens too πŸ™‚

Everyone agrees with the insane laws being made by our governor (the ones that make the news) Most people I know think those laws are insane.

Cactus are everywhere and people eat them on a daily basis. There are lots of places without cactus, and while I have eaten prickly pear candy and had a prickly pear margarita, the margarita is the only one I’d try again, and not on a daily basis :p They do say you can eat cactus if you are lost in the desert, but I don’t really know for sure… 

Phoenix is the only major city, and all other places aren’t ‘real’ cities. Tucson and Flagstaff both have Universities and Yuma and Tucson both have military bases. So ner! :p

It is one giant desert. We have mountains, and forests too!

There is no water anywhere. We have streams! we have a couple of lakes too! Yes, we have to conserve water, it is a desert, but it’s out there πŸ™‚

The critters are poisonous. Rattlesnakes are the biggest issue, and those can be found in other states. Scorpions aren’t bad, I’ve been stung before and lived to tell πŸ˜‰ Black widow spiders are found elsewhere too.


Everytime I’ve gone somewhere on a trip I’ve found the negative stereotypes I’ve heard of to be wrong, or at least exaggerated. It’s funny how people get a preconceived notion about a place and nothing will sway them until they experience it themselves.  My BF’s friends thought I’d be stuck up/uptight because I’m from America (he’s Aussie) because a lot of them had pre-set ideas about Americans.  I was the first one they had met, and to their surprise, they loved me πŸ™‚ (Which was a great relief!)


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@sara_tiara:  Rich ppl?! I must be in the wrong section… oh yeah wait I’m in Brampton hihihi

@KristenGotMarried:  “Leave my city alone, you Tim Hortons-drinking, polar bear hugger!” LMAO!!!

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The Canada ones a pretty much dead on lol. I’ve gotten asked if there are beavers everywhere here (I’ve seen one, when I was 12). If I have a dog sled, and if I know someone who lives in toronto, calgary, ext. And if we have snow all year round…..

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I live in Minnesota.  Tons of people like to think that we have a year-round blanket of snow and that it’s 10 degrees, even in July!  One of my friends’ college roommates was convinced that we rode horses to work/school everyday. 

I was raised in Wisconsin.  For the most part, I think Wisconsinites are seen as fat, beer-drinking, cheese-eating, dim-witted, Packer backers.  TV and movies don’t do much to dispell these stereotypes.  Don’t get me wrong, I do love the PackCool , but there’s so much more to Wisconsin than that!  

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I live on the Gold Coast Australia. The stereotype where I live is that you are a hot blonde surfy babe! I am not at all that! Also that we all walk around in gold bikinis and heels feeding parking meters.

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Not sure what stereotypes Maryland has. It’s pretty diverse in that you ‘ve got ALL types of people and land-types here (mountainous to urban, to rural farmlands, waterfront towns, and mansions). We’re like a mini USA crammed into one small area!

Oh, there’s one that we’re all rich snobs, eat crabcakes 24/7, we’re all bad drivers (that one I can somewhat attest to, we have some pretty BAD drivers around where I’ve traveled/lived), and all play lacrosse.

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New York: everyone is rude, rich, cranky, snobby, famous, speaks with an accent, out of touch, etc.

In reality, many of these stereotypes are true among a percentage of the population. Certainly, though, the people I am surrounded by are neither rich nor cranky nor heavily-accented. Most of the people I know are very down-to-earth, pleasant people. But maybe that’s just actors πŸ™‚

And OP, I know just what you mean about Alabama stereotypes, as my best friend is from AL and she’s heard it all. Although the accents can be a bit thick at times, when I visit her in Huntsville, it feels more urban and sophisticated than many northern places I’ve been πŸ™‚

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The particular suburb of Chicago I grew up in is known for being stuck-up rich people but also very smart with a good school system, and well it’s kind of tru but kind of not.  I currently live in Northwest Indiana  and the general perception (especially from my friends in IL, but also my friends in IN!) is that Indiana is backwoods, middle of nowhere, full of hillbillies etc. etc. which I guess I think it kind of is but it kind of isn’t!  I would think most stereotypes are like that~

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