(Closed) what are the best days in your cycle to have sex if your trying?

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@cdenise89:  It depends how long your cycles last.  If your are a 28 day cycle person then, yes, around 13,14 and 15 will be good for you.  It all depends how long your cycle lasts after you are off the pill. 

Also, the best way to track it is by using OPKs and tempimg and to increase your chances, my doctors said, to BD EOD for 2 weeks starting from the day your period stops.


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If you have an iPhone I highly recommend the Fertility Friend app… go through all of the courses and take the quizzes, it’s crazy how much you learn!

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Good question. Untill I started researching it last year, I had no idea how my fertility worked. There is no straight forward answer to your question.

You only ovulate on one day of your cycle, and once that day passes, you are no longer fertile during that cycle. However, it is possible to get pregnant if you have intercourse several days prior to ovulation. On average, women ovulate at around cycle day 15 (that is 15 days after the first day of your last period). If your cycle is “typical,” then having intercourse on days 13-15 would be very good timing to become pregnant. 

However, your cycle is unique to you, and you may ovulate on CD22 or CD11 for all you know! The only way to predict your day of ovulation is to record your fertility symptoms for several months before trying to conceive. That way, when you are ready, you can anticipate your ovulation day and time intercourse to happen several days preceeding ovulation. You’ll have to wait until after you have stopped using the birth control pill to do this. Visit Fertilityfriend.com for a detailed tutorial about monitoring your fertility signs (including basal body temperature and cervical mucus). Fertility Friend also provides a free tool for charting your symptoms and forecasting your ovulation day. 

I know that’s probably a more complicated response than you were hoping for, but I hope it helps you! 

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Read “Taking Charge of Your Fertility” and it will tell you everything.  It depends on your own cycle.

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I second Taking Charge of Your Fertility.

If you are a 28 day cycle person, targeting around days 12-15 would be best.  In my case without birth control I’m never a 28 day cycle…more like 35-40.  I ovulated on day 24 the month I got pregnant, which was typical for me…so it was important to target based on what I lnew about my cycle and not the “standard” 28 days.

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I had 27-day cycles for the first few months off of BCPs and didn’t ovulate until CD17, CD18, and CD20 (which was the cycle I got pregnant).  My luteal phase (time period after you ovulate) was a little on the short side.  If I would have had just assummed I ovulated on CD13 or 14, my chances of getting pregnant would have been pretty slim.  A better way to approach sex if you don’t want to chart is to do it every other day from about CD10 until you get your period.  This way, it would be hard to miss ovulation (sperm can live up to 5 days, but more realistically 2-3 days.  Having  sex every other day ensures there’s always sperm there when you do ovulate).  

The only sure-fire way to know if and when you actually ovulate is taking your basal temp in the morning.  Some people think it’s a pain but I found it was very easy and took all the guess work out of my cycles.  

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I agree with the fertility friend app. It helps you learn when you are ovulating. I ovulate on CD16 or CD17, so if I were to have sex on CD13-CD15 I could still hit my window but it’s better to know when oculation is to occur so that you can better time sex.

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I third reading Taking Charge of Your Fertility.  It’s cheap, easy to understand and much better written than anything on fertility friend.  After you read, you might opt to give charting a try — it’s especially helpful when you go off the pill and your cycles might be really messed up and unpredictable.  For instance, my luteal phase is still only 10-11 days (a short luteal phase is fairly common when you go off the pill), so if I assumed it was an “average length” I would miscalculate when I ovulate by a fairly wide margin. 

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