(Closed) What are the craziest “requests” people made for your wedding?

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  • Wedding: September 2011

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@An Alaskan Bride: i am super glad i am not the only one that had to do that.  our original date was oct 1st which mean i would have no groom Future Father-In-Law or groomsmen! ours wasnt moose season tho…that would be way better…..because i think moose are cute!

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My aunt who is in her 50’s…late 50’s…wanted to be a Sr. Bridesmaid. I politely told her that wouldn’t be happening.


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@posh_princess: I know what #3 is like.  Future Mother-In-Law does not like our color (red) so at first she kept ignoring it and kept talking about how nice green would be and did I pick a color yet until FH had a word with her about it. 
Also, I SAID “I want calla lillies for my bouquet”.  FMIL must have HEARD “I want a calla lily themed wedding”. Everything she showed me from then on (she has a wedding folder on her PC with favor, flower, and stationary ideas) was all calla lillies (and green).

She is usually very good about it when I tell her that this is not what I want, though.  It has gotten a lot better since the color drama.

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  • Wedding: January 2011

My dad said my wedding would be boring if him and I didn’t have a fun dance. 

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  • Wedding: May 2012

The only crazy request I have gotten was from my Future Mother-In-Law.  The first time I saw her after getting engaged she asked me what type of dresses I liked.  I showed her some of my favorites and she immediately got upset and said “ugh..I HATE strapless dresses!  Try to wear something with straps.”  Ummm hello! The wedding world is filled with at least 95% strapless dresses.  I was looking forward to annoying her, but I actually fell in love with a dress with straps, and when I showed her the picture the only thing she said was “oh! It has straps!”

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My girls are having blue and purple bouquets while I will have a blue purple and white bouquet. My Maid/Matron of Honor (my sister) is requesting that she have white in hers too since shes the Maid/Matron of Honor.

I am having my makeup profesdionally done while my girls are doing their own light makeup. My mom insists on having her makeup done just as much as mine since she is “just as important as me”.


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@agerard23: “oh! It has straps!” that’s funny. Too bad you won’t get to annoy her though.

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@Tswife4ever: My Maid/Matron of Honor wanted me to change my entire color scheme idea because she wanted purple and pink flowers. I quickly had to tell her no, not going to happen. lol

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  • Wedding: June 2011

My mom said that she wanted someone to stand at the back of the ceremony to tell people with crying children to leave as well as ask my Maid/Matron of Honor if she would have more fun at the wedding if she hired a babysitter.  I told her she was absolutely out of her mind.  She also said that if my Fiance and the GM’s wore chucks that it would ruin the whole wedding.  I think there is a something inside mothers’ brains that goes crazy when they find out their daugther is getting married.

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  • Wedding: July 2011

Our biggest thing was guest list and my Future Mother-In-Law.  My Future Mother-In-Law sent me a guest list with 80 people she wanted to invite (99% of which my Fiance does not know).  Considering the total amount of guests we are inviting is 75 people, this was a crazy request. 

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Wow!! The requests I’ve been receiving are..

  • I wanted the groomsmen in suits – they requested suits with vests
  • Mom told me that my hair needs to be in an updo
  • Mom wanted the gilled ribeye to be roasted (“everyone can grill a ribeye at home – nobody roasts it at home”)  Luckily the venue wouldn’t let us switch b/c Fiance loved the grilled
  • Aunts/family friends want the DJ to come out and teach everyone dances (Cha Cha slide, etc) when I didn’t want those songs played at all!

(My mom is great – she is helping me SO much with the wedding (time and monetarily) but she has her opinions 🙂  Just roll with the punches….)

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  • Wedding: June 2012

We are only a month into the planning and REALLY wanted to elope with just our daughters but then my mother started doing the martyr act. You know the one where she acts like she is juuuust fine about us eloping and no, it’s perfectly okay if we do it with just the girls which SHE suggested. Underneath that, she is pouting and I can see it. So, Fiance and I said that we would have parents only there. Turns out that his mother told him that his brother “gypped her out of watching him get married” and she didn’t care if she was just at the ceremony she wanted to be there. I can understand her feelings given the fact that Brother-In-Law had his wedding in his living room and invited only HER parents. What a jerk move.

My mother has said that birdcage veils only work with really casual wedding gowns.

My daughter, who is the best man wants to wear this jacket, which is fine:

after which my Fiance says if she gets to wear something that fancy, I want a top hat and cane! I agreed but reserved the right to refuse if he looks like an idiot in one. It totally suits his personality though.

Fiance wants me to wear nice flats underneath my dress. I want to wear blinged out running shoes.

I think that Fiance wants a nice, elegant wedding which is great but I want fun additions to it that are totally ME like the fun running shoes under the dress or cool photo props like balloons. I will get what I want 😉

Other than that we are good so far…

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  • Wedding: November 2011

My mom wants my bridesmaid to fly in for the shower and she was getting really irritating about it. Bridesmaid or Best Man lives in Scotland shower is in Chicago. I politely then asked her if she was going to foot her $2000 flight and expenses to that my Bridesmaid or Best Man could write down that I received a lovely toaster, salad spinner…etc from aunt sue/aunt linda…etc. Because I would love to see my friend and this would be so generous for my mom to pay for her travel. I think my mom got the hint….

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  • Wedding: July 2011

– My mom wants to invited everyone from out of town to the reherseal dinner (80% of the 120 are not from DFW… and where Future In-Laws are looking is 30-60 a head with a max of much less people) when she wants to pick up the tab for that she can go right ahead

– FH wanted to use “Violent Love” as our last dance… um no

– Future Mother-In-Law wanted to invite 3rd cousins once removed because they’re local or something

– My mom also wants us to have live singers for the ceremony because my parents had one at theirs.

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  • Wedding: August 2011

My grandpa wanted to envite “Aunt Klara.”  This “aunt” is my deceased grandma’s 2nd or 3rd cousin (or something like that) and lives in Germany.  None of us have ever met her but have recently found her through an ancestry website.  My parents thuoght the wedding would be a great opportunity to establish a connection with her.  (shoot me please).  Well, parents are paying for a portion of the wedding so I couldn’t say no.  So now this woman is comming and bringing her daughter as a date.  Meanwhile we’ve cut our own co-workers from the guestlist to cut the budget.

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We haven’t had anything too ridiculous… only one more week, so any requests are getting laughed at and ignored at this point.

My grandparents asked if we could move the ceremony back 2 hours from our original plan because they’re going on a vacation that they booked and apparently didn’t know the date they were leaving on the trip when we got engaged and announced our wedding date (um… like 7 months ago?)  I’m still really confused on the whole thing.

Anyway, we ended up compromising and moving it back an hour, but we couldn’t do any more.  It was just too early, so they’ll have to deal with it, I guess.  I feel bad because they’re my grandparents, but it’s also not my problem they’re going on a vacation on the same day as my wedding.

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