What are the first things you do when you wake up?

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Busy bee

Depends on what I need to do that day. Work days bathroom, brush teeth and then get ready to head out the door roughly 20 mins. Non-work days, I am on my phone or iPad for a little while, turn on the tv for background noise and laze around for at least an hour before I do my getting ready routine.

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Helper bee
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Sometimes I stumble in the bathroom to pee while my husband is showering.  But I have a nervous system disorder and mornings are ridiculously difficult for me as my blood pressure is usually low.  So I usually chug a glass of water before getting out of bed, and I lay there for a good 30 minutes before I get up to brush my teeth, shower, and get ready.  Oh and I’m a pre-packer of my lunch-I hate doing in the mornings!

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Sugar bee
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I have a strict routine that works well. My husband leaves for work usually around 4am or so he’s gone by time I wake up. I set my alarm for 5:30am, snooze it for 15 minutes, play/read on my phone for 15 minutes, and then finally get out of bed at 6am. I turn the shower on, go pee, then shower and get ready by 6:45am. Usually by then my dog has woken up (he’s definitely not a morning person haha) so I walk him, feed him, and leave no later than 7:15am.

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Helper bee
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I get up about 2 -3 hours earlier than my husband, so try to be as quiet as possible! I get up and go to the bathroom and usually lay my workout clothes in there so I don’t have to go find them. I usually find that I workout more often if I leave my clothes out. Then go to the kitchen and grab water and take my pills. After that, I go down to the basement and workout. Depending on the workout or the sweatiness (lol) I either shower or get ready afterwards with brushing my teeth, deoderant, makeup, etc. I pack breakfast and lunch the night before, so the last step is stopping by the fridge to get those and I’m out the door! I eat breakfast when I get to work. Usually this whole thing is getting up by 6:30 and leaving by 8 am.

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coffee and cigarette

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Helper bee

Hit snooze 3-4 times (bad habit I need to break), wander into the kitchen to pour a cup of coffee that I set on auto brew the night before. Pee, hair, makeup, get dressed and have breakfast. All in all it takes about an hour to get out the door, I shower at night. 

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Bumble bee
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On weekdays, I get up right away (don’t even press snooze), feed my cat, and go to the bathroom to get ready for the day. After I’m done in the bathroom (washing my face, brushing my teeth, putting my make-up on, etc.), I stretch/do some crunches, get dressed, start brewing my coffee (which I take with me to work), and then take about 20-30 minutes to eat breakfast while checking my e-mail accounts and Facebook. I give myself 1.5 hours in the morning to get ready because I like having some time to relax before going to work. However, on Friday, I must have turned my alarm off in my sleep, and I only had 30 minutes to get ready…I made it out the door on time, but I didn’t check my e-mail or do anything else unnecessary.

On weekends, I get out of bed, feed my cat, and then eat breakfast on the couch with my computer. Eventually I take a shower and get ready for the day. Right now, I’m still sitting on the couch, and it’s 1:30pm. Whoops!

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Bee Keeper
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weekday: slowly drag myself out of bed, get the french press steeping, try and brush my hair in to a pony tail so it’s not as much of a mess and use a wet facecloth to wipe the sleep out of me eyes, maybe put on a tad of makeup, some clothes, have coffee and a granola bar, pack lunch and snacks (often I do this the night before, just need to take them from the counter/fridge in to my bag), grab yoga gear for after work, go.

weekend: pretend I’m not awake.  Eventually give in to my bladder or the dog, whichever decides it’s morning first (usually around 9am), make coffee, take the dog to pee and feed her breakfast (DH’s job on weekdays), hang out on the internet until DH gets up. (Hi!)

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Helper bee
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my washroom is off my kitchen i get up turn on the kettle, pee, brush teeth, make my coffee 3/4 cup black 1/4 chocolate almond milk for a nice mocha, i drink that while i watch youtube videos and check fb. When im done my coffee i head to the gym then work 🙂

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Buzzing bee

Kiss fi, go back to sleep (he works early in work swing)


Brush teeth, take meds, vitamins 

Pet, walk, feed dogs 

Take a bath and check my email / etcetera on my waterproof tablet before work (or even if I’m off) and a frozen bottle of water 


Every single day.  Fi is off today so he walked the dogs twice so I could get in the bath.  I have stomach issues and anxiety and the water chills me out.

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Helper bee
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Wake up at 6, pee, clean cat litter, make lunch and breakfast while being distracted/playing with the cats, sometimes do small chores, get dressed, pack gym bag and leave around 745. I always try to leave at 730, but even on days when I dont have to pack a lunch I still am rushing out the door closer to 8.

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Stumble out of bed, take a wee, make a coffee, have a cigarette, chill out on my phone for a bit, have another coffee, have another cigarette, do some yoga/pilates, have some breakfast, shower, get dressed, and start my day lol

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Bumble bee
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ilyik :  We have the same routine, haha.

I have an hour and a half commute (my life is a nightmare) so I shower/set out clothes/make lunch the night before. In the morning I go straight to the cat, who is scuh-REAMING for attention, then pee (still petting screaming cat) then get my coffee, which I put in my travel mug. I put on pants, put bagel in toaster, spend ten minutes comforting the cat until she is purring, then grab purse/lunchbox/gym bag and run out the door with coffee and bagel.

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