(Closed) What are the simplest things your SO does for you to show his love?

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I got my wisdom teeth out a few days ago, and he’s been taking such good care of me! The first couple days he set his celphone alarm to go off to remind him to remind ME every time I should take a pain medication, he’s made me a milkshake for dinner every night! :), and stocked up on mushy foods like soup, pudding, and mac&cheese, AND fun DVD’s for me to lounge in front of! He even made me pancakes and scrambled eggs–and he never cooks! lol

He’s also taking care of so much wedding/practical stuff while I’m laid up–ordered our personalized stamps, took the invitation envelopes to the printer, ordered welcome bags, sent out an e-vite to our upcoming engagement party, mailed a flower girl package to our little flower girl, and even sent my sister and my cousin belated graduation gifts (which I meant to do before the wisdom tooth procedure, and he noticed that I forgot.)


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And figured out how to splice music for our first dance, which is going to be a medley of salsa, swing, tango, and waltz Smile

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I work two jobs, and I often fall asleep when we’re watching TV. He just lets me sleep, and wakes me up when he’s going to bed. I really appreciate it. He also washes dishes a lot more then I do. I don’t know if it’s so he has clean coffee cups, or if it’s so I don’t need to do it. But, either way, I appreciate it more then he knows.

Also, when we’re in bed at night, normally I’ll snuggle into him for a while, and then roll over. I don’t know if he’s awake when he does it, or what, but, he’ll always rolls over and cuddle me… I love it. <3


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Since we are a long distance couple for the time being, we are constantly keeping in touch throughout the day.  On weekday mornings he’ll usually e-mail me at work just to say “I Love You.”  When I go up to his place on Friday nights, he always has dinner ready for me.  In the morning, he’ll put his arms around me.  He knows me very well and knows my likes and dislikes.  He’s a great guy!

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My fiance opens my car door everytime we get in the car; he tells me I’m not allowed to leave the house because I’m too beautiful/sexy (even when I have on sweats and a headscarf going to the gym); he cooks for me; he makes me dresses (sewn from scratch!); and he sends me random texts during the day to tell me he loves me. He makes me happy 🙂

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He cuts my grass because he knows I hate doing yardwork.

He comes up behind me and hugs and kisses me while I am cooking or doing the dishes. Still makes my heart flutter after all this time.

But my favorite is when he kisses me on the forehead. Swoon!

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Busy bee

I’m a Future Mother-In-Law here, but every month on the 22nd, my  husband wishes me “Happy Anniversary.”  Either by text, with a hand-written note, or in person.  This has gone on for over 32 years!  I’ve only been able to best him three or four times!  He’s definitely a keeper!

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He leaves flowers(somtimes from our garden) and notes on my car  (he leaves before I do in the morning) Sends me emails telling how much he misses me when I am at work. Will just come up for no reason grab me around the waist give me a big kiss and then go back and do what ever he was doing. And never lets a day go by with out him telling me that he loves..

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He sends me flowers randomly, sends me emails at work saying “good morning beautiful, hope you have a good day”, he drives whenever we go somewhere, sings love songs on my voicemail, makes my lunch for me for work, kisses me before leaving for work every morning, takes pictures of me sleeping and keeps them as his wallpaper on his phone (he thinks I am beautiful when I am sleeping)

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He tucks me in because I always go to bed earlier than he does.

He rubs my feet after a long day at work.

He trades his meal with me at a restaurant if I like his better. 🙂

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Such a cute thread!

Like nature girl, my Boyfriend or Best Friend goes to bed (usually) way later then me. He will drop whatever he is doing to come snuggle with me for a while, then tuck me in/goodnight kisses.

He will give me back rubs.

Always pays for me when we go out for meals or the movies (sometimes I have to INSIST to pay for myself!)

Goes way out of his way to drive to my work to have lunch with me on my break.

And of course,the endless compliments <3

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This is such a sweet thread.  I don’t know if I can list all the sweet things in one email but here are the highlights.  This is perfect timing as I’m embarrassed to say lately I’ve focused on little negative things.  


* he mows my lawn, does all the weed whacking and pays for all mower and lawn equipment at my house

* he cooks for me and asks what I would like and makes special trips to purchase the ingredients

* He buys me things that I like to keep at his house (like coffee…he doesn’t like coffee but he bought a french press and coffee)

* he calls me the “light of his life”

* when we watch TV or movies at home, he holds my hand and/or touches my leg

* he took me to Key West this year for my birthday and bought me 2 beautiful dresses

He truly is a god-send in my life!

Now – I just want the proposal.  LOL!

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