What are you attracted to?

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Bumble bee

Intelligence here too. Also someone with  integrity, who is dependable, calm, respectful, fun. Compassionate, and honest. 


Looks are totally seconday. I do appreciate humour, creativity and risk-taking.

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Busy bee

mg8301 :  I am super attracted to overall goodness. I am not into classic “bad boys” or even “bad boys with a good heart” types. I love the guy that is transparent that he is always trying to do the right things for the kind reason.

I am also attracted to animal lovers. 


Superficially, I am attracted to large, nice hands??? It’s weird, but small hands and toe thumbs are not my thing.

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Busy bee

Hardworking people who are skilled at something are so sexy. My husband is sexiest to me when he’s talking about the surgeries he performed that day. But in addition to being hardworking and skilled, they cannot take themselves too seriously. They need to be able to laugh and joke about dumb as fuck shit. My attraction to any good qualities will be immediately cancelled out by displays of cockiness and arrogance. 

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Worker bee

Kindness! Above all, people who are kind and genuine. But the trifacta would be kind, funny and passionate (about things – someone who has passions).

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Kindness, confidence without ego / being macho, intelligence, bleeding heart liberals, sweetness. And someone a little scruffy with some smile lines around the eyes. My husband checks all the boxes ❤️❤️❤️

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I love an educated man who can discuss anything from politics to evolutionary biology. And ambition is big for me; I like a man who knows what he wants and how to get it. 

As far as physical traits go, height is really about it. A guy doesn’t even register to me as dateable unless he’s 6’3″ or taller. I don’t actively decide not to date shorter men, I’ve just never found myself attracted to one. 

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mg8301 :  My best friend got interviewed by Matt Yglesias on The Weeds a week or so ago! I don’t listen to podcasts so I hadn’t heard of him until she posted about it.

Intelligence and a quick wit for me. In college I used to be attracted to short, built guys, and dark hair with light eyes, but after college I broadened my horizons. I also used to mostly date engineers. Paul Rudd is my celebrity crush.

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Blushing bee

Creativity. As someone who’s defined by their creativity someone else being equally creative is massively attractive to me. Also kindness and compassion. 

And finally beards. 

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Buzzing Beekeeper
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Intelligence (my husband is crazy brilliant) and kindness. But I can’t stand guys are are obnoxious about how smart they are (or think they are). My husband is hands down the smartest person I know but he would never try to make anyone feel dumb, doesn’t show off his intelligence, and never thinks he’s the smartest person in the room/is always looking for someone who knows more than him to learn from. 

A good sense of humor, doesn’t take himself too seriously. 

My husband also has killer blue eyes that I love ❤️ and there is a particular body type that I seem to prefer – tall/skinny. Like David Tennant.

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Helper bee
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In the superficial realm, I am most attracted to very tall men. 

In the where-it-matters realm, of course intelligence is near the top, but it is second to a good sense of humor that complements my humor. When I was newly single, before meeting my husband, I went on a date with an interesting, intelligent gent, and our conversation was awesome, but in 90 minutes, over two drinks, we literally did not laugh one time. 

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Success. I am attracted to intelligence and sense of humor as well but I love watching my husband succeed. It doesn’t have to be monetary success and it can be big life things or small day to day things, I just love watching him win 🤷🏼‍♀️

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Well at first… eyes, smile, hair, laugh….

then digging deeper— motivation, sense of humor, loyalty, common sense, respect, intuitive, selfless, outgoing, strong (emotionally).. physically is a plus too 😜, caring, affectionate I mean I could go on and on hahaa

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Give me an intelligent and funny man every single time.  My husband is brilliant and intense and I love his mind.  I also need the person to be kind and I am so proud that my husband is all of those things.

Physically, I love a bald man, like really love a bald man.  Give me Stanley Tucci, Keagan Michael Key, Dwayne Johnson, Jason Statham….you get it, bald.  I also love big noses and deep voices.

Fun thread, OP.

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Bumble bee

Inner qualities- Wit, intelligence. kindness.

Outer qualities- A nice pair of broad shoulders. Smile lines around the eyes and as a PP has said, a rich, deep voice.

I heard a man talking and laughing behind me in a line up in a fancy restaurant a long time ago and I literally went weak at the knees. I forced myself not to turn around as I wanted just to remember that feeling without matching a face to that incredible voice. Oh the things I wanted that voice to say to me….

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