(Closed) What are you getting your loved ones for the holidays?

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TheGridMonster:  Never too early!  I’ve started saving since I don’t want to spend too much but I want to get nice gifts.  

For the hubs: probably a beard trimmer, a nice jacket from LL Bean or a really nice lined flannel/fleece shirt.

For my mom: either a necklace that she’s been wanting, a new purse (which she needs) or a new tote to carry her work stuff.

Everyone else, love y’all but probably just a card, we’re not particularly close to extended family.

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TheGridMonster:  No clue what I’m getting anybody for X-mas yet. I do know my boyfriend wants some new video game so I’ll probably get that for him.

Also, Canon T5i is supposed to be amazing as far as DLSR cameras go. (Check out Amazon).

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We are going cheap this year. We ran into two major home repairs, and then Darling Husband had to go get into a car accident. We are trying not to spend more than $30 per person.

DH; headphones and concert tickets for both of us.
My Dad; flavored popcorn. Seriously he was more excited about that last year than the expensive GPS we got for him the year before.
My Mom and MIL; Making home made sugar scrubs.
FIL; Bottle of wine from somewhere local
SIL &BIL; Bottle of whisky
Nephew and Nieces; Book for Nephew, purse for older niece and DVD for the family. Younger niece will only be about 2 and a half months, so we may get diapers or similar for her “gift.”
My brother; canvas dope kit bag

We tend not to get gifts for random other people, but I might make additional sugar scrubs if I have the time for some people. Sadly, most of our group of friends aren’t “Christmas people.”

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Never too early to start gathering ideas…I posted a similar thread a couple weeks ago, but just based on gifts for your SOs 🙂

My DH’s birthday is on December 24th, so I got him a trip to Arizona.  I will be joining him, along with my Mother-In-Law because my Brother-In-Law moved there last year, so it’ll be a nice little get together.  Darling Husband has been wanting to go skydiving, and my BIL/SIL skydive several times a week, so I’ll be sending him off with them and I’ll stay firmly planted on the ground.

For Christmas, I got him this wooden world map off etsy, a new bottle of cologne, and will get him some other essentials for the stocking – socks, boxers, gift cards, coffee, gift cards, etc.

Mom – Her birthday is also in December, so my sister and I will probably do a trip to Vegas or somewhere warm for her as a combined gift, a gift card for a massage, and little things for the stockings.  Last year we sent her to New York because she’s always wanted to go.

Mother-In-Law – No idea…she’s moving the week before Christmas, and completely downsizing, so I’m not sure what she’ll want/need.  She still hasn’t used her spa gift cards from last Christmas.

Sister – She’s the hardest to shop for…no clue yet.  She’s been looking for a stainless steel knife block, but I’m having a hard time finding one.

And that’s about all I have to shop for!  Sweet 🙂

TheGridMonster:  As for DSLRs, I have a Sony one, which works for me great and I’ve even won awards with it, however I got snickered at for not having a Canon or other “fancy” camera.  However I do know that Canon makes a great DSLR…hopefully someone else can give you more details!

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TheGridMonster:  I don’t think its too early considering that its not even past thanksgiving yet and stores are already advertising for christmas, but anyway lol

Darling Husband and I went to Ireland and Italy and bought A LOT of CHristmas a few gifts from there

My SIL, Brother-In-Law and Mother-In-Law are all getting beautiful Italian leather wallets. 

My mother loves frogs, like obsessed, I think she has over 50 knickacks of frogs. I bought her a really pretty frog on a lily pad kissing a flower. 

I bought my sister a necklace from Origami Owl. (Friggin expensive since everything has to be purchased seperately!)

The only people left is my Father-In-Law and my other SIL (DH has 2 sisters) oh and our nieces and nephew, but they are so easy…TOYS!!! Lol, you can never go wrong with toys!


oh and I had to add this because i forgot (I am horrible lol) <br />DH – no idea. but Darling Husband mentioned that we shouldn’t do gifts this year. If I do a gift, I was thinking of doing a cooking class for Pizza, he loves pizza and he loves gifts that include both of us (like tickets to a show or doing some sort of excursion)

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TheGridMonster:  My holiday budget is way different from yours, but thankfully, it works for both FI’s and my families, as everyone tends to average $25-50 per gift. So, here’s what I’ve got (and thought about getting) so far:

  • Fiance: We actually don’t usually exchange gifts (even with our small per-item budgets, the holidays add up, so we opt to go in together on something we both want/need around the holidays)…that said, I stumbled across a set of holiday moose mugs (like in the Christmas Vacation movie– which Fiance is a HUGE FAN of) and bought them for him, so I’ve already cheated on our “no gifts” policy.
  • Brother: haven’t decided yet. He lives across the country and I’ll have to be able to ship it to him. I’m leaning towards doing a “movie night” gift and include some popcorn, movie theatre candies, and either a couple new movies or a gift certificate and a note that it is to be used to add to his movie collection (he is a HUGE movie buff, so it may be hard to buy find a movie to buy him that he doesn’t already own)
  • Sister: She’s in vet school, so she wants more good-quality scrubs. Easy-peasy.
  • Mom & Dad: They’re retiring and downsizing, so they don’t want any more “stuff”…I’ll focus on edible and “useable” things…fragrant bubble baths for mom and K-cups for my dad (lol…this is pretty much every birthday/fathers day/christmas for him since my mom refuses to buy them for him. He looks forward to restocking his Keurig coffee supply)
  • FI’s little brother: Found an awesome building set. Kid loves building & Legos and will love this. yay!
  • Future In-Laws: no idea! Hopefully Fiance will know!

As a side note, how sure are you that your in-laws actually WANT new phones? My parents also have old-school flip phones and complain every time they have to get new ones because they don’t want to have to pay for a data plan and the old-school phone selection is getting smaller and smaller.


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TheGridMonster:  Um I am almost done with my christmas shopping :-0 lol so its never too early for me!!! My family is huge into gifts and 2 of my siblings are really rich so I have to start early bc it takes me forever to figure out WTF to buy them lol

Mom- Glass water bottle, giant frame pic of wedding picture, photo album of weddin pics ( thank you living social) and Stich Fix ( kind of like birch box for clothes)

Dad- He just got an iphone and works outside so I got him the etip glove from nothface, northface hat, and ill probably get him some books to read he loves reading

Brother and SIL- getting them a custom cheese plat thingy from etsy, putting it in a basket with nice cheeses and a nice bottle of wine and Ill probably get them each scarves or somethinhg. They are loaded and really hard to shop for lol, its lame but oh well

Sister and BIL- got them a custome wine cork holder monogram frame thing, will be getting them his and her birch box each for 3 mo  

Little Bro: Nutribullet, and he wanted this ridiculous hat i had to hunt down and order from canada lol

Darling Husband: He needs a new wallet so he will get that an probably a sweater. We are doing gifts small for each other bc we are planning vaca in april

My Father-In-Law: Darling Husband will handle

Future Mother-In-Law: Photo book, and probably a gift card for yoga studio ( she comes to my classes, I teach)

Nephew: Ninja turtle something or other lol, he has a 4th bday coming up in Jan so nothing crazy

Nephew: Giftcard for honest co ( hes <3 months, and they have all of his brothers clothes/toys and stuff) mom loves honest co

SIL : birchbox subscription ( she used to be a hairdresseer so I think she will like it)

Brother-In-Law: Darling Husband will handle

Brother-In-Law: got him some underarmout clothes ( he works out A TON)

BILs girlfriend (we are close, theyve been together nearly as long as me and DH) MK purse I got on sale 🙂

GMA: photo book of wedding ( LS deal)

GPA: A book on world peace ( he is very interested in war, peace, world conflicts- WWII vet)

DHGMA: photobook of wedding lol




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Oh this is a great thread. Thanks for all the ideas ladies! <br /><br />SO: A new desktop computer… Some kind of gaming thing which I have no clue about but hopefully his brother can help me figure out what to get haha. <br /><br />Father: I think he’ll probably get a new desktop computer too. He still has an old word processor that’s been on it’s last legs for ages now. 

Mother: Shopping spree/Mother-Daughter Spa day. We haven’t had one in ages and she never buys anything new for herself so I think I’ll take her shopping. 

Son: Toys, books, and maybe a wii depending on some black friday deals we get. Although honestly that may be more for the SO and him combo instead haha. 

Future Father-In-Law: Box of nice cigars and the Beers Around The World six pack from World Market (Can I just say how obsessed I am with World Market? If I didn’t have any techies I would buy all of my christmas list from here. I love it!)<br /><br />FMIL: Putting together a dark chocolate gift basket with all of her favorite dark chocolates and maybe some of the tiny dark chocolate + liquor bottles. 

Future Brother-In-Law: Steam gift card (Asked for)<br /><br />FSIL: Something pretty and kitschy that works with her home decor colors from World Market and probably the chocolate liquors as well. 

SO’s two nieces: I have no idea. They’re about 2 and 6 mo and we live states away from them so I have no idea what to send. I was thinking a gift card or cash would be the most logical but I don’t want it to seem like I didn’t take any time thinking about it. May do the gift card but also buy one or two of my favorite toys from when I was little to cover the bases. 

Everyone else -huge extended family- I have no clue! Maybe a sugar scrub. Even though I did that last year it was a big hit. 


As for camera’s I had a Nikon D7100 and I adored it. I haven’t ever found one that I think is better thus far. Easy to figure out for beginners with all of the perks for the pro types. 

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TheGridMonster:  For your neice try etsy for jewlery! You can get something small and cute and CHEAP and even personalize it

Or she’s thirteen, a pair of UGGS or a small coach purse would easily suffice haha

When I am stumped I just trry to get some thing normal but customized it makes personal lol

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j.gar89:  for your Neices- if the parents are into the organic stuff maybe check out honest company- you can do all sorts for ‘bundles’ like diapers or even just organic baby products. We got my SIL diaper bundles when my nephew was born and they love it diapers get delivered right to the house

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Fiance:We’re just doing stockings this year since were trying to save so I got him a book about his favourite soccer team (Arsenal), Arsenal dress socks, body wash, his fave candies and pepperoni sticks and a shirt.

Dad: He just wants a Canadian Tire g/c. I’ll try to get him some Elvis paraphenalia(sp?) to go with it.

Mom: My sister and I split the cost of a pretty expensive pair of boots for her.

Sister: Makeup pallet from Sephora

FMIL/FFIL: A chromecast tv thing to let them watch whatever is on their computer on the tv using wifi. They’re also into tribal looking masks so I’ll find them a cool one.

FSIL/FBIL: $100 for the Keg

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