What are your career goals, and how do you balance with personal goals?

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This thread is a very interesting topic to read. I spent most of my 20’s working retail without any direction. I enjoyed what I did & the friends I made but I wasn’t moving any where. I decided to go back to school in my late 20’s and graduated with a degree in biochemistry/plant science. I was in my early 30s at the time and discovered I had a passion for agriculture particularity in plant pathology. An opportunity came up to continue on for either my masters or PhD but due to certain family situations I chose to get a job instead. Ironically, were I live a BS in biochemistry doesn’t really get you a job in the field automatically unless you have an MS or PhD and even then the market is still pretty tough. Four years post graduation I regret not going for my PhD and staying in academia because I was really happy in that time of my life; I was living to work.

However, that’s not to say I am not happy now, my focus has just changed. I got a job in sales, sort of related to my degree, and I hate it. Ha! It is the most money I’ve ever made for minimal effort so as of right now I am working to live. This job has supported my husband and I’s personal goals of owning and fixing up our home which we love doing. We’ve also been able to travel and pay for our whole wedding in cash because of this job. There have been nice perks even if the job is just a job I hate. 

My job has recently changed ownership and the dynamic has changed quite a bit; covid has made that change even tougher. I might hate my job but my boss who is amazing, supportive, and family orientated made it worth sticking around especially now as my husband and I start a family. Unfortunately, he is leaving and with how things have been I am not sure I want to come back to this job after I give birth to our son in January. So I am at a bit of a crossroads and perhaps an opportunity to start laying the foundation of pursuing my passion even if I am unsure what that looks like right now; the thought terrifies me at 36 & pregnant. I feel like I should have already had this all figured out because I started my “career path” so late in life in comparison to my peers. Sometimes I envy my husband who finished college at 22 and fell into a high demand career pretty much instantly. While some days he is just “working to live” he does enjoy what he does and it quite good at it. Fortunately, because of his job we are going to try the Stay-At-Home Mom gig for a year after the baby’s born and reevaluate. I never imagined that I would stay home and I am not sure staying home will suit me but given my employer current situation I feel very lucky to be able to take this time to figure out my next career move and still raise a family together with my husband. We have tossed around the idea of buying land and homesteading but that’s a few years down the road.

So all that to say I think I’ve learned I am most fulfilled and happy when I live to work and enjoy what I do even if some days are crappy. Doing it “all” as a woman isn’t easy and it’s much more complicated when you don’t start until your “older” but I know it’s possible. I am not sure this was helpful to others but very cathartic for me. Thanks for making this thread OP 🙂 


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I’m an attorney in Big Law. I like it well enough and will probably stick around a couple more years. Not sure what exactly I’ll do next… I want something low stress with amazing colleagues. Don’t really care too much about the details beyond that!

I think you CAN “have it all” — but you have to make choices, be flexible, and sometimes, some days, some things will have to give. My husband has an equally demanding job, so we knew that when we had a baby, we’d have to start making changes in our lives to make things work with our careers and being parents. We ended up moving across the country to be closer to family. We have cleaners. We have grocery and meal deliveries. Our commutes (when we had to commute) were short and we’re 5 min away from LO’s preschool. I’m probably Amazon Prime’s biggest customer. We basically do everything within our power to set ourselves up for success and then hope for the best.

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