What are your current life struggles?

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I am humbled by some of your struggles.  Mine are fairly simple.  I was having a struggle with a new boss at work, and I just gave notice ladycweek.  I start a new job, with a good sized raise, af the end of the month.

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I started a new job and absolutely hate it. I got offerered a job at a place I loved working at as a temp for less money, and I feel like everyone is looking down on me for taking it. It’s been a long struggle, and everyone who was in my shoes keeps saying stick it out until XYZ, but I’m tired of being miserable.

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I am feeling better than I was, but I have had undiagnosed health issues for a bit. Really general symptoms, lots of fatigue. I’m now sort of afraid to do too much. I also have a reduced energy threshold even when feeling okay. 

Job hunting! My manager keeps going to the higher ups to get me in trouble. I called her out on my totally bull yearly review and then we spent 30 minutes with her crying. I left for two weeks and she pulled stunts three separate times. I’m done, management is aware and sides with me but fails to do anything severe enough to curb the behavior. To be fair, it may just make her worse. I think she is mentally ill, actually. Legitimately. I don’t know if it’s something simple like anxiety or depression or something bigger, but it’s really bizarre behavior.

I’m job hunting! I am stressed about it and terrified. I automatically assume anyone who calls me back is going to be a crappy place towork, which I am trying to get over. We will see! I have gotten three calls for interviews so far, none for the jobs I really want. 

I need more money! I work over 40 hours every week but still struggle to pay bills. I don’t have enough leftover to cover car emergencies, pet emergencies, etc. 

My health insurance changed and now my name brand prescription coverage went to $100 for a two month supply. I’m now not taking enough medication to be as effective as needed. I went to hr and she panicked, and then told me with a wave of visible relief to get generic. I told her they don’t make it and she panicked again. Thanks, hr. All our plans are the same. 

I’m fat. I am at least 15 pounds above where I want to be and I feel embarrassed to be seen. I feel guilty every time I eat. This week was shark week and I have low iron so I have been devouring anything iron rich thisweek, so my diet is off track. I need to get back on! I have to keep turning people down to hang out because they want to go out to eat which is bad for my wallet and waistline. I tried to organize a dog walk but they nailed for breakfast. Sigh.


I’m also just kind of generally sad and anxious, mostly from work. Boo!!!!!

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I have a work related injury that damaged my spine and without the proper medication (and even with sometimes) I will limp all through my walk. Sometimes it’s so bad that I’d have to bring a cane. I was out of medication for a week recently, needed a refill, plus workers comp replied slowly, and i was in so much pain I could have barely walked even with the cane! I remembered being in this much pain when it first started 6 months ago. 

I can’t be seen doing any of my hobbies or activities I used to do, sitting playing the piano, sleeping laying down ( I’d have to twist and turn just to get my body right where there’s no severe pain in my back and neck and as a result I would have many many sleepless nights), can’t shower thoroughly how I used to ( would need my mother to help reach the places I can’t), go to the mall and shop (can only walk less than a mile now), can’t do chores around the house (standing in one spot too long hurts), or go to church and sit for and hour without my back hurting. Many many other things I can’t do anymore since then. 

Some days I can handle it no problem! Others. Meh. Going to the doctor, spending money I don’t have is such a pain too. I’ve been going deeper into debt ever since my injury in Sept. And the settlement I will be getting will go straight to my debt so ill be left with nothing. my Fiance will have to pay out of pocket for EVERYTHING for my wedding :((( I wanted to use a good portion of that money for my wedding. Now I can’t.

I thank God for everything!! For healing me even though it is taking a while, slowly, but I’m healing  :). I’m getting healed not just physically, emotionally and spiritually too. I fell into deep deep depression, not being able to help my mom pay the bills. Lost both my jobs because of this injury. But God always makes a way. He knew what was going to happen so He gave my Fiance a promotion in time (twice) to help me with my needs and his and still have money to save for the wedding! What a mighty God we serve!!

God has given me a great man to help me through my struggles. My Fiance loves me so much he refused to let this injury take a hold of our lives so he proposed to me and is marrying me anyway regardless of my condition. He has been so faithful and amazing through it all (no matter how many times I postponed the wedding). When I thought I was so close to losing myself he was there to encourage me and help me get back to. I am so grateful. :)) so although I’m still injured I know my Fiance will be there every step of the way to get me healed. Plus the others who support me and are praying for me.


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Wow… I honestly just wanted half of what I wrote…. I vented too much eekk sorry

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Waiting for surgery for my lap for endometriosis 😯 tick tock lol

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Been in my current job for 1 year plus, not the best job but bearable as my line manager is supportive and we work well as a team. However he is leaving in soon! He vouched for this person named Mr S to take over his place which we all know that he is a rather mean person and his wife(same company) is a crazy one. Omgggg

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Just had an operation, fiance having an operation next week, moving to a new town (packing etc), planning the wedding without family (any I had are passed), grieving my mother, mental illness pretty BAD at the moment (to be expected given stresses), on the cusp of quitting my job and having no income from regular pay. 

BUT writing all that made me think about how fortunate I am and how insignificant my struggles are compared to some others – “there are people out there who would kill for your bad days”.  

Hang in there ladies xx

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vintagekitten:  I’m really sorry to read about your mom’s illnes. Don’t be afraid about TTC – well do, I guess! Having a baby is a big deal – but not because of your mom. i’ve no doubt it would give her to much happiness and hope for your future if she was able to share even a tiny bit of your pregnancy or even your babies birth.

The thing also about having a loved one with an illness is its hard no matter what. If you actively TTC or not, it’s gonna be hard. But you know what? You somehow, somewhere find the strength. 

hugs to you xx

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Well mainly at the moment is returning to study. I just started an income tax course with a premier tax accountant/agent firm and university starts back next week (which I just realised/remembered a couple of days ago)! So that is causing a lot of anxiety (I have anxiety disorder as well as Bipolar and Major Depression), with all that I have to do for them on top of the other things I have to do!

Intermingled with that is the anxiety about tax course/university exam clashes and how to sort that mess out when it occurs. Whether I should talk to my tax course instructor and/or the University about it now or not, and how to do so.

Then there is the anxiety & stress about dealing with the employment agency I regularly see. The appointments are usually a waste of time, not to mention they are always half an hour to an hour late. So I want to stop seeing them with university starting and having already started the tax course. There is a big problem with that though. Besides my case manager (or as often as not, another case manager or employee there) I go see the Health Officer on a regular basis for general stuff, originally started with the eating. Now we are working on procrastination and working through modules. I also talk to her about other stuff if I feel the need. She is very helpful and pretty much always on time. I don’t want to have to stop seeing her but I think I may have to if I stop going to the employment agency for job seeking help.

With all that’s going on it’s a struggle to go to work on Fridays (I volunteer as a receptionist) and be cheerful and friendly on the phone as well as with anyone who comes in.

I also have struggled with junk food and junk food addiction for several years. I have been working on it, eating a piece of fruit every day, but the past few days I have consumed more and more junk. The anxiety and worries make me reach for my ‘go to’ in times of difficulty – junk food!

It feels good to type it all out, I just wish typing it out would get rid of the anxiety, worries & stress of it all!

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I am fighting my rapist who has now turned into a stalker. He served his time and now basically is making my life hell. I got word he is working at my last job and its just a matter of time before he figures out where I am currently. I have to  meet with HR basically pleading for them to not hire him and notify me of any application. Im terrified he will ruin my life that I love so much this time. Im forced to wait until he makes a move that violates a court order but i feel its just a matter time. I had felt so much relief after he got charged but knowing that he is digging around has me beyond frightened that I have to pack up again run far away. I can already see his next move and it worries me that i have to rethink everything I do and where I go. Im debating just transferring to another location to get ahead of him to get closer to my military sibling For safety. it means leaving a great job and amazing relationship which is tough as this last year was hell catching my ex cheating and calling off a wedding. 

Life just sucks right now. 

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happybunny177:  I’m going to update mine. On top of what was going on, I threw out my hips and back at work during the weekend from patients pulling on me instead of using handrails and siderails like they are supposed to, my cat keeps ripping out his stitches from surgery (and yes he’s been medicated and wearing a cone at all times but he’s talented) so I had to take him the the vet tonight as an emergency visit, and my scheduler at work got even more ridiculous. I had requested two days off in March months ago, and the new schedule got put out and I found it she scheduled me on both of the nights for 12 hour shifts despite my putting down I’m unavailable. I asked her about it and her response was, “people haven’t been using the computer system properly to request off so I just ignoe the requests. If you want days off request vacation instead of putting unavailable” Ugh, I’m sorry that no one else uses the computer scheduling system correct, but I did. And it’s not vacation, it’s two separate days I asked off for medical appointments. And finding people to trade shifts at my job is nearly impossible and scheduler won’t bother to help with it. Some days I wish it was socially acceptable to smack the woman… Gr. I’m sure I sound like a Debbie downer big time but it’s been a tough week.

To top it off, those patients who have been pulling on me hurting my back all weekend, I found out they were putting on an act with the nurses. They admitted to therapy they don’t try as hard with the nurses as they do with the therapists.. Ugh I’m just frustrated with the world tonight. Hopefully it gets better soon! 

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Beegritte:  Thank you Beegritte! My shrink agrees with you 🙂 I’m going to visit my mom next week so maybe we can chat about this stuff then. Your kind words resonate, thanks for taking the time! 🙂 

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All my worries right now are pregnancy / baby related! I’m 36 weeks pregnant, but my blood pressure has been slowly rising the past couple weeks. It’s borderline right now, and if it continues to rise, I’ll have to be induced aroung 38-39 weeks. On the bright side, my urine test came back negative for protein, so at least it’s not preeclampsia.

Also, my Mother-In-Law, who lives about 1.5 hours away, has decided she’s going to take off from work for when our baby is born. She’s leaving it open ended with her employer to when she plans to come back – I guess she’s got at least 1 month of vacation saved up. I have the sinking feeling that she plans on staying at our house – our tiny house where the only place she can sleep is our couch, which also happens to be the only comfortable seat in our house that I can breastfeed on. I’m concerned that when she says she wants to help, she’s talking about taking care of our baby rather than helping us around our house so we can take care of our baby. She seems to think she’s going to be driving our child around enough that she needs her own car seat for him, and that he’ll be staying over at her place enough that she’ll need a crib for him to sleep in; I could understand this if she actually lived close enough for daily visits, but we’re not going to be driving 1.5 hours to visit her until our son is older, and he’s definitely not staying over night without us until he’s over a year old! I just get this feeling she’s going to be smothering us and making us more stressed out with her presence rather then helping us out; every time she’s in town and stays with one of her sons, they get so stressed out and moody that it’s almost a celebration when she leaves! I know she means well, but she has boundary issues. Thankfully, Darling Husband is on the same page as me and trying to talk to his mom about her unrealistic expectations – she wanted to be there during the birth, but at our hospital, only one support person is allowed in the room and that’s definitely going to be DH! I’m hoping we get everything straightened out without hurting her feelings too much, and still getting the family bonding time we need with our new baby – just the 3 of us! And writing all this, I’m realizing that I’m more stressed out about my Mother-In-Law than about the actual labor and delivery of my baby

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