(Closed) What are your FAVORITE & LEAST favorite dog breeds?

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 Love all dogs also, but border collies like my boy here are my favourite breed!! He has so much energy, he’s always happy and wants to snuggle even though he’s huge haha! He’s going to be at our wedding 🙂

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We have a Redtick Coonhound and a Dachshund. I love wiener dogs and my Fiance loves coonhounds so we compromised and got both! I would say that Dachshunds and Corgis are my favorite breeds, I just love those short legs and big personalities! As far as least favorite goes, I’m really not a huge fan of any of the smaller yippy dogs like Chihuahuas or any dog that can be described as a poofball (ie. Pomeranians and the like). 

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I adore pretty much all dogs, they’re impossible not to love unless one particular dog is a pain in the butt, but I don’t really hold that against the breed itself. I suppose my absolute favorite dogs however are Chihuahuas and Pit bulls. I’m determined to have both someday once I move into my own place. I feel like both of them get an unfair bad rep, when they’re personalities are so sweet.


I suppose if I had to choose a least favorite it would be a Pug or an English Bulldog (which is difficult to say since my mom’s friend owns three pugs and they’re soooo adorable), but I know if I were on the market for a new dog those would be the last on my list. They’re snuffling about and breathing problems would be difficult to care for, plus they’re a bit on the boxier, heavier side which makes it difficult to cuddle.

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I have always loved Cocker Spaniels, so those are my favorite. I’d settle for one of those or a King Cav Spaniel too. I also love Huskies.

I’m not a HUGE fan of big dog breeds, more the medium size dogs. So, most of them are on my list… but wouldn’t be opposed to one as long as I had the space for them to run around. I know a Husky isn’t a medium size dog, but that’s an exception!

However, Fiance is allergic to most animals… so no pets in the future for me. I had a cat, but found him a new home when Fiance and I moved in together. But, I told him that once he (FI) dies… I’m getting another cat and naming it after him! I miss my cat so much, but he went to a very good home so that makes me feel better.

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Disclaimer: We bought our dog from a reputable breeder because it is a relatively rare breed that we fell in love with. We couldn’t find any rescues for this particular breed, and I was very intent on having a dog that does not shed (or doesn’t shed like a typical dog-all dogs shed). Yes, we paid a couple thousand for him, but the fact is that he was still going to be sold to someone else if we hadn’t purchased him. We have never “reserved” puppies from a breeder that are yet to be born, and while I would have loved a shelter dog, we just have too many allergies and space issues to have gone that route this time. If the stars align in the future, then we may be able to do a rescue, as I’ve always wanted. But the judgement of pure bred owners who get their dogs from reputable breeders on here gets me a little upset.

That being said, our little man is a Coton de Tulear, and we love him to death! I love the breed, as they are smaller, but not yappy at all (my Darling Husband wouldn’t allow a yappy dog) and very fun and clownish. He fits our lifestyle perfectly, which is why I did all the research on the breed to make sure he would be a perfect fit. Additionally, I LOVE Corgis, Pugs, English Bulldogs, Pitts, Beagles, German Shepherds, basically most dogs.

I don’t really like super small/yappy dogs, or the huge dogs like Newfoundlands. I don’t hate any breed, and as far as really big dogs, I just couldn’t live with one, although that doesn’t mean I don’t like them when someone else has them.

My least least favorite thing about dogs in general is the drool. I don’t have a problem being around a drooly dog, but I don’t really pet them or want them to come near me because I don’t want that on my hands/clothes. Again, don’t hate the dog or anything, I just don’t like being around them too much.

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Favorites: pits or pit mix, boxers, and huskies. We have a pit/lab that is amazing. He somehow trained himself, can play gently with little puppies and then turn around and wrestle a husky or mastiff. Our roommate just got a pit mix puppy and she’s a sweetheart though I do question her intelligence. Our other boy is a lab/pointer and still in the hyperactive puppy stage. I expect him to grow out of it in about 9 years.


Least favorite: droolers, untrained or trained to fight dogs, or yapping dogs (even though I have a little yapper dog that is annoying most of the time).

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I’m a professional groomer so my opinion comes from a bit of a different perspective but I’m a lover of show quality Poodles and Cavalier King Charles spaniels.

(I’m big on adopt from a shelter or buy from a show breeder. Show quality dogs guarentee you a level of predictablity on temperance, needs, and health which you dont get from a mixed breed (when buying a mixed you dont get to pick and choose the qualities they inherit). Thus if youre a reasonable person you can pick a dog that will not only fit your life now but one for 15 years from now)


I love:

Wellbred poodles have great temperaments, intelligence, beauty, and great bite inhibition (good with children). As a groomer I also love that they can pull off so many styles, even beyond the traditional poodle styles, there are so many options! (My opinion only applies to wellbred poodles. There are way more “kijiji special” types out there that may be nice but also may be really really mean. And nothing it prettier than well balanced dog of any breeding. My dog often gets complimented on how she looks like shes floating when she moves.)

Cavaliers are so chill and happy. I think they are the perfect low maintance dog for most family lifestyles. Turstworthy around children, dont really need much more than the occassional grooming and some loving.


I do not like:

Huskies/Malamutes/most Spitz type breeds. Noisey, destructive, low bite inhbition. Great for marathon runners, and extremely active people with no plans to have children. Way to many incidents of them attacking children, or mauling groomers, ect even in very responsible households for me to ever have one.

Please dont hate me for not liking huskies or malamutes…  Just my personal opinion and feelings based on what i have seen and heard about…

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I don’t have a fave or least fave as it really is dependent on the dogs temperament and how their owners have trained and socialised them. In saying that, I have and. English staffordshire and I find small yappy dogs the least friendly and loveable. 

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I have a soft-spot for any mixed-breed and little-known breed dog.

This might be because I have a tendency to find the unique animals in need of homes (or they find me) but I absolutely adore my Rhodesian Ridgeback mix and Belgian Malinois.  It’s not to say I love my purebred lab (from a rescue) any less – I just love my other pups’ uniquenesses and the ability to educate people when they ask since both of them are strikingly handsome boys.

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Favorite by far is Siberian Husky! LOVE our sibe! They have the coolest personalities, they howl and talk (sometimes talk back) and are so loving, pack-oriented and funny not to mention insanely gorgeous with their markings and steele blue eyes! He also gets along amazing with our Maine coon cat so they definitely can be in a home with other small pets as long as supervised and raised with them! All of the spitz breeds are high on my list: Malamutes, American Eskimos, Samoyeds, Shiba-Inus.

I also love pretty much all medium to large breeds. Bernese Mountain Dogs, Rotties, Labs, Dobermans, Vizslas.

I think Corgis are adorable!

Not too fond of hounds, pugs, beagles because of the stinky/oily coats. My aunt has two bassets and although sweet, stink to high heaven! Luckily with our husky, he always smells good (huskies don’t produce much doggy smell) so I’ll take the mountains of fur anyday!

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Ohh fun thread


Favorite: Goldens, labs, doodles, king charles spaniels, corgi(though i would never get one because of their insane amount of hair), Vizsla, and German shorthair pointers. I generally like dogs with a stong will to please.


Least favorite: Pit bulls, beagles(we had one for 10 years and Fiance and I promised to never get another beagle again), chow chows, jack russells, pugs, bulldogs, poms, shar pei and hound dogs in general. 

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gingerkitty:  LOL I could just copy and paste your entire post. Absolute favorite dogs of all time are Goldens – they have such a wonderful temperment. Same goes for labs, doodles, etc. Love Vizslas – my best friend had one growing up! King Charles Spaniels are totally chill and very sweet.

I do not care for pitbulls or just about any kind of dog with “bull” in it (attacked as a child by a family member’s dog who later attacked his owner); beagles and other hounds are suuuper noisy (but cute and my Darling Husband would love a beagle but I’ve said no way). I also don’t care for boxers – too jumpy and slobbery for my tastes.

Dogs are the best!

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TheSpecial:  We have wonderful taste in dogs then!! Vizslas are so sweet and beautiful. I have a golden and he is the best dog ever. (obligatory pic below) I cant imagine a better dog. He is my black hole of love. If our situation didnt allow for a big dog or when my Fiance and I are much older and cant handle a large breed dog, King charles will be our small dog choice. 

And I agree with you on the beagle. They cant help but to bark its hardwired. Ours didnt bark obsessively but when he would play he just had to bay. And you cant have them off leash, the breeds motto should be “nose down, ears off”. They are also piglets, ours would eat himself to death if given the chance. Even at 10 years old he would EAT my leather shoes. We would never get one again. 

And yea I have had a few bad experiences with pits as well. Two seperate occasions our dogs have had to go to the vet after run ins with pits. Our poor beagle was on his back and a pit grabbed him and collapsed his rib cage. Both occasions the owners swore that their dog has never done something like this before. So Im not trusting of those dogs at all.  Boxers are soooo slobbery and too clownish for me. Cute but for short periods. 


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Veterinarian here!

Favourite:  Huskies, Malamutes.  Yes they can be destructive, but in 99% of cases that is because people have gotten one not appreciating how active they need to be to burn off all that energy, and so the poor things are just bored crazy and hyperactive all the time.  With good training and a suitable owner they are absolutely stunning animals who make great companions, and from a medical point of view, huskies in particular have very few breed-associated health conditions that they are prone to.  I also adore Rotties!

Least favourite: Shih Tzus/Lhasa Apsos/Tibetan Terriers.  Small, yappy, usually spoiled little things.  These are the breeds who I find bite more than any others, ane do offence to anyone, but it is usually because the owners have been treating the dog like a baby and don’t do any proper trainign with them, so their response to anything they don’t like is just to bite.  Also in the least favourite though through no fault of their own is the Bulldog.  They are just a man-made disaster, and personally I feel it is cruel to breed them, they just have so many serious health problems because of the way they are shaped.

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I love all animals, especially dogs and parrots. I loved my Dobermans and Rotties, but it was a little black poodle named Onyx that stole my heart.  My least favorite are GSD because I got attacked by one as a tiny kid. But I’m sure I have at least one pic in my gallery of me cuddling my neighbors beautiful girl GSD.

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