(Closed) what are your food allergies? how do you get around them?

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I’m allergic to bananas too! Such a random thing to be allergic to, I was surprised to read that that’s your allergy too. There really are a lot of foods that have bananas in them, especially desserts. I stay away from all smoothies that I don’t make myself, but other than that it doesn’t really affect my life that much. I rarely order dessert at restaurants and that’s where bananas tend to be hidden, in my experience.

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I’m allergic to tree nuts (pistacios and almonds specifically).  Its an easy allergy to control because I just check the label.  They do tend to sneak in desserts every once and a while so I double check those.  

The other day I ordered “espresso mousse” at a restaurant, no nuts listed, and it came out with lots of almonds on top.  I had to send it back but just explained I was allergic to nuts.  :


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I’m allergic to MSG…… and I’m Asian.  I know…

It takes large quantities of it for me to get an allergic reaction (hives), but I’m still allergic nonetheless.

I just try to avoid drinking a lot of soups/broths that contain it.  I can usually taste when it’s in a food.

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I don’t have an allergy, but I am lactose intolerant.  It’s a little easier than an allergy because if I have just a tiny bit of dairy I’ll still be okay.  But I still have to be careful when eating out or at events.  It can be hard to tell if a thick or creamy looking sauce is made with dairy or something else.  Usually I just avoid anything that looks creamy just to be safe.  I’ve developed this recently and am still getting used to it, I never realized how much I love cheesey things until I couldn’t have them anymore 😛

My SO and many of his family members are allergic to walnuts.  I bake a lot and those are so common in cookies, muffins, etc.  I’ve gotten good at learning which nuts can be substituted in different things. 

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I’m allergic to corn. It’s a really annoying allergy because it isn’t common, and corn is in everything! It took a long time to identify the allergy, partly because most “regular” doctors didn’t believe I could be allergic to corn. I got scratch testing done last year though, and sure enough, I’m allergic. However, my reactions are very sporadic. I can have a whole bag of popcorn one day and be fine, and a week later have tomato soup made with a vegetable oil containing corn and react (I get hives around my mouth). So it doesn’t seem to have to do with either how much I have or how often I have it. So mostly, I just keep eating it and hope it doesn’t get worse. i do tend to avoid fresh corn and a lot of popcorn. While I was pregnant, I avoided things like corn chips as well. I haven’t reacted for about a year.

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I’m intolerant to gluten, dairy, yeast and sensitive to fructose. I pretty much just stick to basic, non processed foods and read labels all the time. I watch fruit and sugars. I cook 99% of the time at home. If we’re going out, we generally know where we can go. Sushi is usually my go to. 

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Im lactose intolerant. i was as a baby. grew out of it but then came back after i was on a cocktail of pills 4 years ago. i can tolerate some butter. and a few squares of choc. cheese is the worst. i struggle when out doesnt bother me at home i mainly struggle on holiday.x

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Well I have celiac ( diagnosed about a year ago) so gulten…huge struggle as all of my fav food all have gluten, I get around it by cooking a lot at home now. 

I am also deathly allergic to carrots…Weird I know. This one is easy to get around though as long as I don’t eat it I am fine. 

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My little sister is severely allergic to tree nuts (all of them).  One lick of a nut will make her throat close up and will start the throwing up.  Luckily, the throwing up usually happens first which is actually *good*, because the more she get out, the smaller her reaction will be.

She deals with it by asking about nuts on menus, but STILL every year, she has 1-2 incidences where people in restaurants are SO clueless, they’ll tell her something doesn’t have nuts when it does.  Which she finds out after the first bite.  It really only happens in restaurants, because she’ll read ingredients lists for bought goods and people at parties usually know if they put nuts in something or not.

She has an epi-pen AND she’ll guzzle children’s benadryl when she gets nuts in restaurant food.  Then, sometimes she has to go to the ER anyway, if her throat starts sweeling and causes breathing problems.

It sucks.  =)

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I’m allergic to fake banana oil which is more used for fragrances than food which I avoid by not eating banana flavored candy ect. I’m also allergic to fish. I avoid it by basically not eating any seafood which sucks because I like seafood. I have found that partially mushed up garbanzo beans makes a pretty good tuna sustitute, so at least I can still have ‘tuna’ melts.

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I’m allergic to spinach, when I was a baby my mom fed me some spinach baby food & I had to be rushed to the hospital. After I got older I never really tried it out again to see if maybe I outgrew it because I’m so afraid of it happening again. Apparently I swelled up really bad & so did my throat making it hard for me to breathe + I got a horrible case of the “runs” lol.


 I ate some veggie chips a few times containing spinach & I seemed to be ok but I’m weary of fresh/puree spinach. If I see too many unknown green leaves I always make sure to ask what it is. Also pistachios make my lips feel weird, it makes them feel all numb & tingly so I guess I have some kind of reaction to them.


I’ve also had stomach issues since I was a baby so most foods give me a stomach ache or make me feel gassy/bloated. I’ve gone to specialist after specialist, always with a different diagnosis & the med/regimen they give me doesn’t provide much relief for long. After my mom was diagnosed with IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) + reading all the symptoms I’m pretty sure that’s what I also have + some other uncomfortable combinations associated with it.

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I was sick for a very long time and it turns out that I cannot eat fruit. Less of an allergy and more of an intolerance. I hated my life for about 6 months and then I felt so much better and my tummy healed that I will never eat a whole fruit again. Strangely enough I can eat melons. The only juice I drink is watermelon and carrot.

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I’m allergic to gluten and my doctor current has me eliminating dairy to see if I’m lactose intolerant too 🙁

I cook everything I eat and pretty much eat the same 8 things, but just in different combinations 🙂

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