(Closed) What are your go-to healthy meals and snacks during pregnancy?

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I don’t worry about the weight gain too much.  Now that the nausea gets better, I definitely try to eat healthier, but I’m also very happy that I’m finally starting to enjoy food again. So if I want something, I’ll have it.  That being said, I’m not actually constantly hungry or have lots of cravings. I mostly crave things I can’t eat anyway (raw fish!).

I pack fruit every day and try to eat veggies, too. I drink milk and eat cheese and hard boiled eggs.  Cooked fish and most meats are still impossible, so I’ll have lentils for lunch. Other than that, I snack on pretzles, granola bars, and sometimes nuts. I never cared much for apples, but now, I happily eat one a day. They are so easy to pack and take with you. I’m glad I suddenly like them!

For healthy meals, I make pasta with veggie sauces, cream of vegetable soups, and salads. I bought quinoa and plan to make some soon.

What worked for me in the beginning, especially with nausea, I can’t do anymore. That would be yoghurt, avocado, fresh tomatoes on a sandwich, sandwiches in general. I ate them all the time when I was nauseous, so now they remind me of being sick. Which is pretty sad, because they are healthy, easy choices.

Tomorrow, I’ll try a smoothie with pineapple, banana, and spinach and see how that goes.

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@loveknows:  Moderation is key. Based on your pants size, I assume you’re not overweight to begin with, therefore at least some weight gain is pretty much guaranteed. I’ve heard a decent rule of thumb is to eat around 300 additional calories per day, not double what you normally eat. Some days, you’re going to feel like all you want is a giant cheeseburger, so go ahead, but try to balance with fruit/veggies/lean protein on other days if your stomach can handle it (I don’t know if you’re experiencing morning sickness).

My healthy go-to snacks are: oatmeal, carrots, veggies & hummus, cherries, baked potatoes, string cheese, greek yogurt, super crunchy cereal (my fav is peanut butter Puffins), etc. Not necessarily diet foods, but you’re not supposed to be dieting. Most of those items satisfy my snack attacks 🙂

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I think a better strategy, particularly in the first trimester, is to eat smaller meals around the clock–because you are hungry all the time (for good reason!) and eating helps to stave off nausea (unless you’re lucky like me and it all gets shot to hell in the 10th week). So I didn’t really “do” snacks in the traditional sense, but I’d always have cut fruit and vegetables with hummus or something to munch on. I’d make a big salad and eat it over the course of the day (keep the dressing separate so it doesn’t get all soggy). I bought packets of miso soup and might have that in the afternoons or something; make kale chips to much on instead of potato chips, etc. etc.


But–and I understand your concerns about your body and everything because I had them too–in the end, I’d try to refocus your energy on being healthy, not maintaining your figure because the reality is, you. are. pregnant. Your figure is going to change and it’s natural for it to change. To that end, you are going to gain weight. I repeat: you are going to gain weight. If you DON’T gain weight*, any OBGYN is going to be concerned because that’s a sign of something going wrong with the pregnancy.

For my part, I decided that it was all a matter of attitude because in the end, your body will do what it does. I didn’t want stretch marks; I have them. My husband calls my monstrous edema-affected feet “memory foam feet.” My boobs are udders. And yes, I’m 33 weeks and about 20 pounds heavier than before. I really wanted to maintain my exercise routine and looked up to one friend who ran into her 9th month, but the truth is, with diminished breath capacity and general fatigue and aforementioned udder-breasts that threatened to slap me in the face with every jaunt, exercise wasn’t fun anymore. So I’m back to walking about an hour a day and that’s good enough. I decided I could fight the inevitable and be miserable, or I could adopt a “do the best as you can and shrug it off”-type attitude. In other words, do your best, but don’t go crazy. Pregnancy is a change and your body will change because of it. And the body is stressed throughout the process, so be nice to it and to yourself. 

*–the exceptions to this are no weight gain (or weight loss, even) in the first trimester, which can happen due to morning sickness and women who are obese–and even in the latter case, they are still usually advised to gain a little weight, just less than those who started in the normal weight range for their height.

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I have a bottle of water with me at all times.  For breakfast I have oats with yoghurt, cinnamon and some honey.  Snacks are fruit and veg galore.  Once every couple of weeks I have red meat, at least once a week I have fish/seafood, chicken or pork a couple of times, pulses once a week, and vegetarian on the other days.  I drink a glass of milk before bed time every night as well.

I boil a pack of eggs and keep them in the fridge for a savoury snack no more than once a day, otherwise I raid our over-packed fruit and veg drawer.  I am loving watermelon, peaches, oranges and plums at the moment. 

Of course I treat myself once in a while.  A bag of cheetos or a small slice of cake once a week.

I weigh myself twice a week because I’m worried about gaining because of health reason.  Up to now I fluctuate up and down a kilo and am 11 weeks gone, so am really happy with myself. 


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