What are your Grooming and Accessory Musts?

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I am a designer shoe/bag/clothing whore embarassed and my Darling Husband is the same way..we actually collect shoes together…I guess we’re a match made in heaven! yell

I’m also obsessed with my nails..I have a bio gel overlay and get them refilled every month.

Additionally obsessed with pretty eyebrows and lashes so I got my brows microbladed and lash extensions monthly. 

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TwilightRarity :  I do not much.  To work I only wear tinted moisturiser.  A good day for me is if ive tweezered my over enthusiastic upper lip.

Where do I hand back my girl card?

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TwilightRarity :  this is too cute, lol

I stay ready so I don’t have to get ready. Nails and toes are perpetually done. My wardrobe is very well-curated, so almost anything I grab out of the closet through one bloodshot eye at 6am will look lovely and polished. I overcompensate for my gigantic feet by treating myself to a pair of fierce stilettos whenever possible. I don’t put on a “face” but I beat my eybrows clear to the gods every single time I leave the house (I had an allergic reaction to microblading, smh). I don’t have the patience (or the requisite attention to detail) to accessorize so I wear the same jewelry every day: a diamond stud and a gold stud in each ear, a ring on each hand and two cultural gold bracelets. My hair, I take great care of, but don’t exert a lot of effort in the actual styling. I wear a lot of buns and twists and so on. I’d like to improve that this year. 

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I looove doing my hair and makeup in the mornings. I don’t do all that much, but it makes me feel 10000% better and ready for the day so it’s well worth the 15-20 min! For hair, some quick loose curls/waves and a half-up/half-down style. For makeup, a crapload of mascara, a little blush to make me look somewhat alive, and my beloved Dior lip glow.

I love a fresh mani too! But they’re not nearly on point as yours always are lol. I only get a Shellac mani once a month or so.

As for accessories, I feel naked without little studs and my wedding set. Don’t care about anything else.

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Hair makes a big difference for me. I have learned to give myself a good blowout, which I do every other day when I wash my hair. In the summer I’ll let it air dry and go au naturel (wavy) more often, but in the winter it’s pretty much always a blow out since my hair takes forever to dry. Plus I feel much sleeker and more put together.

My makeup is minimal these days but makes me feel fresh and ready to face the world: BB cream, concealer, mascara, some brow pencil, blush, tinted balm. For jewelry, I wear diamond stud earrings and my e-ring daily and not usually much more.

I’m not into clothing trends or designer fashion, but I do make an effort to look put together and professional — lots of J Crew/Banana Republic in my closet. I’m not really into fancy shoes/bags – I like simple black handbags, a good ankle boot in fall/winter, and some chunky-heeled sandals in summer. I’m big on classic staple pieces – maybe I’ve read too many of those “wardrobe essentials” articles. 

I do love the way I feel after a mani/pedi but it’s not in the budget right now to keep up regularly, so I often default to neatly filed unpolished nails. 

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Having my eyebrows threaded and tinted. I feel like they make my whole face look better, even without any other makeup

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I am definitely not a nail girl. I have gotten my nails done twice in my life. I’m also not really a hair girl. I am very fussy as to what shampoo and products I use but I am very low maintenance when it comes to my hair.

But I love makeup! I usually don’t do a full face everyday, but I enjoy it. I also love skincare products, I have so many! And I’m obsessed with eyebrows.

As far as accessories, I have a ton of shoes!

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Bumble bee

The older I become my beauty-musts also changes over time.  When I was in my 20s-early 30s I absolutely would not leave the door without my eyeliner, foundation, lip gloss, and having styled my long hair in some way.  But these days I am more focused on taking care of my skin (I am constantly moisturizing all day since my skin is so dry), making sure I get enough sleep, staying hydrated, being mindful of my diet (plays such a huge factor in skin complexion/overall glow), and taking care of my hair (the older you get the more hair you lose).  By doing this, I’ve found I can easily walk out the door with only tinted lip balm on and nobody can tell I’m not wearing any foundation.  Also, it makes the days I do have to apply heavier make-up much easier since my skin takes on the makeup so much better.  Before I did any of this, it would take me 3xs as long to get ready in the morning since my face was like a brillo pad and any makeup I put on really highlighted every crease & wrinkle and made me look much older and “aged.”  

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I’m pretty low maintenance but try to keep neat. I only get manis done a couple times a year but keep my nails neat. I have long pin straight hair that is super low maintenance so I just comb it out and leave it down.

I wear minimal makeup. I always curl my eye lashes and use a couple coats of mascara because mine are short and you guessed it, pin straight. I put a lip tint on since my lips are naturally a dull color.

I’m not into shoes/purses/clothes.

The only area I’m pretty fussy with is getting rid of unwanted hair (had laser hair removal done on legs and under arms), having very good skin (drink loads of water, use quality skin products).

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Helper bee

I style my hair almost every day (down, loose curls/waves). I’ll give myself a blowout every 3-4 days and then keep up the style until my next wash. I put a shea butter mask on my hair for 2-3 hours before I wash it. I also get a keratin treatment every 6 months or so. 

I love makeup and skincare. At the very least, I’ll typically wear a tinted moisturizer, blush, mascara, tinted lipbalm, and I fill in my brows. I have a skincare routine for AM and PM that has made such a huge difference in my skin, so I try to stick to it every day even though it’s bit involved. I have to apply body lotion after every single shower, or else I turn into an alligator. I was shocked when I learned not everyone put on lotion after they shower.

I hate having body hair and remove it on a regular basis using several different methods. I’m obsessed with my epilator, even though it hurts to holy hell.

I do a gel manicure every 3-4 weeks on my hands, every 2 months or so on my toes. I do this on my own at home, to save $$.

Not big into jewelry, I have a dainty gold bar necklace that I wear daily, and I usually wear diamond stud earrings. I had the same purse for 7 years and only recently bought a new one because it was starting to fall apart. I buy new clothes probably every 2-3 months, spending on average about $200 each time. I like places like Nordstrom Rack, where I can get high-quality pieces that will last a long time on a budget. But to be honest, I mostly live in yoga pants/leggings when I’m not at work.

I’m also a Virgo and actually brought shoe polish with me to work today to touch up my booties, so your comment about your husband made me laugh.

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Nails and brows for me. I get Gels every 3 weeks like clockwork. I get twitchy when it’s close to my fill and they look grown out. Also Brows are every 4 weeks, I pay way more than I should. But my brow girl does them perfectly every time and I love them. I’m pretty obsessed. My daughter goes to her now as well, now that she wants her brows done.

I’m also a complete clothes and shoes horse. I don’t really care about purses, but my shoes and clothes I horde like crazy. I’ll abuse the crap out of my daily Michael Kors purse. But my shoes are checked every day when I get home, checked for scuffs or dirt, cleaned and then popped back in their clear storage box.

I was raised that it’s always quality over quantity so it’s better to have one really well made and well cut white blouse of good fabric then to have 5 cheap ones that don’t fit properly. If it doesn’t fit properly to get it tailored. Tailoring takes an outfit from good to great. 

Edited to add: I’m 100% not low maintenance. I can quite happily leave the house without makeup. But My skin is thoroughly washed and moisturized and I’ve got good quality as much as possible. I have a huge horde of hair care products, make up, skin care. 

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The interesting thing with me is that I’m pretty simple and I love having a lot of good quality basics, like jeans, tank tops, t shirts, sweaters, etc. My family makes fun of me because I wear a lot of neutral tones, but honestly, there’s nothing better than having that one amazing wardrobe staple that a bunch of other outfits can be planned around. For example, I love to always have a nice, cozy neutral-toned sweater. I’m a quality over quantity girl for sure. I like staples.

I am a shoe horse, though, and some of my shoes and accessories (like purses) do add the pop of color my wardrobe sometimes doesn’t provide. I have these little seafoam green flats that I can’t wait to wear when it gets warmer out, and a baby blue crossbody purse that I found randomly at a TJ Maxx but get so many compliments on. I used to be really into scarves but I’ve got so many now that I’ve kind of lost interest. 

Overall I would generally describe myself as low maintenance, but I like nice things. Like, I don’t elaborately style my hair every day but I do like to use good quality products on it. I don’t always spend hours getting ready, but I always look nice and put together. I’m lucky that I have really good skin, and nice features like long eyelashes and good eyebrows that don’t require much maintenance, so I think that definitely makes a difference. 

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TwilightRarity :  my musts include brushing my hair, contact lenses, brushed teeth and wearing clean, matching clothes.  Sometimes I do myself up nicer with a little jewelry but it’s not a necessity and can be hazardous where I work. Lol, I’m such a bore, but it does save time in the morning!

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I’m definitely wouldn’t class myself as low maintenance, I don’t do any regular beauty appointments but I like everything with my routine or clothes to be just so.  I rarely ever have my hair undone or skip make up.  I don’t have confidence issues and can nip to the shop barefaced but I like to spend time thinking about my outfit and making sure my makeup look goes with it etc.

I’m the kind of person who by 3pm I’m already thinking about what I will wear the following day. 

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