(Closed) What are your gym pet peeves?

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Busy bee

we have a small gym in our apartment, whilst there are no time restrictions, i think its fair that between 20 – 30 mins is a good allowance for busy periods especially when it’s clear others want to use the machines… one girl (in full make up, JEANS and FLIP FLOPS) was on the treadmill for 1hr 10 just walking. slower than a tortoise. More than once. 

I get everyone has different health concerns and abilities but seriously, maybe its just me thinking that’s rude!

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Helper bee
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Yes, not wiping down the machines is high on the list.

Making loud noises when you’re working out. One guy sounds like he is in a very intense intimate situation. It totally grosses me out.

When someone keeps passing gas. I know we loosen everything up when we’re doing all of that moving around, but I need you to go take care of that. Lol

When people are laughing and conversing very loudly more than they are working out. It is not social hour.

When someone is just sitting at the machines when I need them.

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Busy bee
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Wet towels on the floor in the shower area.  There’s a place for those towels right over there.

Definitely not wiping off sweat from the machines.  Ewwww!

Talking to me while I am working out.  I need all the breath I can get.

Asking to borrow anything in my gym bag.  It’s MY gym bag for a reason.



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Busy bee
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Ohhh!  Good one.

1.  Talking on your phone — LOUDLY!

2.  Sneezing or couging without covering your mouth — and double foul when you sneeze on a machine and then walk away! 

3.  Loudly breathing and moaning when you are doing your sets… 

4.  Working “in” with me – when there are other machines that do the same thing.  

5.  Not wiping your sweat — 

6.  Not washing your gym clothes — BO is kicking!

7.  Sitting on machines and texting — not working out — just sitting there texting!  O_o

8.  Looking at me — why are you staring?!?

9.  Talking to me when I’m clearly in the middle of my set — 

10.  Not wracking your weights 

11.  Slamming down the weights… 

I can go on an on… 

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Busy bee

When the person next to me on the treadmill is obviously glancing at my monitor to see how fast I am going. Maybe I am paranoid, but I always think they are judging me. 

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Worker bee

the biggest pet peeve I have is when I sit down at a weight machine and a guy comes and says he needs to use it. Like right as I sit down… And he watched me walk over and sit. It’s happened with a few different men, and makes me feel dissed. I fume for the rest of the day

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My latest annoyance:

When I’m working out in front of the mirror but maybe like 15 feet away, but clearly using the mirror to check my form. And then someone comes and stands IN FRONT OF ME to look at themselves in the mirror. This happened two days ago and I just said loudly, “ARE YOU SERIOUS RIGHT NOW DUDE” and he turned around to look at me and shuffled away.

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Bee Keeper
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People who stand around leaning on machines they are not using talking to their friends. 

People who bring speakers and play their own music instead of using headphones. 

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Bumble bee

I love my current gym,  nobody does anything at all that annoys me. At the gym I previously went to though,  it was not putting weights away. Not because I’m not physically capable of doing it myself,  but because if there’s a barbell loaded with weights but no-one near it, I have no idea if someone’s finished and walked away,  or if they’re still using it but have gone to fill up their drink bottle or go to the loo. I didn’t want to be the person who takes over a barbell that someone else is using,  so I would spend a lot of time standing around wondering if someone was coming back.

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Blushing bee
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I HATE when people stare!

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Buzzing bee

When people change the channel on the TV without asking if anyone minds that they change the channel. 

Like no I havent been walking here for 45 minutes watching this episode of SVU, totally fine for you to change it before I see the end so you can watch Real Housewives of whatever garbage. 

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Sugar bee

Everything about the gym annoys me. I just want to go in and do my thing in silence without people looking at me or talking to me. It isn’t a bar. POOF! Be gone be gone be gone!!

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Helper bee

Ugh, I hate when people just sit at machines and aren’t doing anything except playing on their phones.

I also dislike creepy guys who walk from machine to machine and don’t actually do anything.

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