(Closed) What are your limits..Am I paranoid?

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Buzzing bee
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I have two daughters and didn’t let them walk until they were 11.  I also only let them walk when all the other kids did and never alone. 

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How far of a walk would it be?  I’m going to go with paranoid.  I walked home from school when I was in third grade, so I was ~8 or so.

Edit: I see you updated while I took forever to submit this 😛 If you don’t think your kids are mature enough, then it’s more understandable.  

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I would probably wait until he/she is in high school. Unless we live next to the school during his/her middle school years. 6 or even 8 is too young. I know I walked home since I was in third grade, but not everyone is the same.

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I don’t know.  I walked to and from school in an okay neighborhood where I was knew (again, I said “okay,” not super safe but not the worst either) when I had just turned 7.  My older sisters were on a bus they took to middle school.  I would have loved for someone to walk with me. 

I don’t know what I would do with my kids, I will have to feel it out.  I would probably let them at 8- just teach them to never talk to anyone or approach anyone’s car.

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Buzzing bee

I wouldn’t let them walk home by themselves until they were 12 or 13.

It’s not worth the risk. Do you know how easy it is to pull an 8 year old into a car while you’re driving by? Plus, look at the undercover operations news crews have done, to show parents what kids will typically do if they’re approached by strangers. Even kids who know about “stranger danger” will often just go with the stranger.

I think it’s irresponsible to let such small children walk home together. Parents seem comforted by the presence of other small children, but what good could they do if one of the kids was grabbed? Tell the police the child was taken into a burgundy, late model Buick? Jot down the license plate? They could do nothing.


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Busy bee
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I think middle school (6th grade) is a good age provided that the school is not too far from home. I think it also depends on the individual child’s maturity level and if they will be responsible.

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I walked home starting in 5th grade maybe? Possibly the second half of fourth but I lived maybe a half a mile from school and it was a neighborhood full of children and families with lots of other people who walked home that same direction. I was never “alone” and there were other parents walking home with kids or driving by that would have noticed something happening. But if we don’t live in a suburban area with lots of safe people around there is no way my kids are walking until they are in middle school. It might make me paranoid but I prefer paranoid to hurt or missing kids. 

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Busy bee

Buddy system all the way until they got dropped off in front of the neighbour’s 4 houses away. Before that either I or a girlfriend would pick up a crew on the way there or the way back.  I don’t think you’re being paranoid, you’re just being aware.  Smaller kids are even frightened about bumping into a mob of surly teenagers on the way home, and teaching them basic skills is really important.  Yes, we didn’t have the same kind of supervision in my day, but we also didn’t have as many ‘incidents’ to be concerned about.

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I wasn’t allowed to stark walking home alone until I was in the 5th grade. And even then I wasn’t really alone. I had to have a friend with me. She lived in the same neighborhood as me. I could walk to her and other friends houses that were pretty far for a kid when I was in 3rd though. But that was still in our neighborhood. I think 6 and 8 are a little young without older kids with them. My sisters were walking with me as I started walking home and they were in 1st or 2nd.

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well, we live in memphis, tn (need i say more?). i would nevaaaaaaaaaarrrr let my son walk home from school but private schools are the only option here for us. creeps are everywhere no matter the neighborhood. maybe yall should just get a mom each school day to walk home with them….?? i don’t know this idea is so foreign to me cause we just don’t/can’t do that here. i wouldn’t risk it.

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We too live in a small town and i wouldnt let our little guy at age 6 or 8 walk home by himself either. Like you said its not the locals to worry about its the creeps passing through town.

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I usually walked home at that age BUT:

– We had other kids to walk with so we were in group, often with older kids too.

– We lived only about a block away from the school, and knew almost everyone on the block. So if we ever had a problem, we could have literally ran to any house. (the houses are really close together in my hometown).

– Also, my Dad would walk me to school or pick me up alot in the later elementary years. I don’t think it had much to do with safety or them worrying, just that my dad worked funny hours so it gave us a few minutes we could spend talking together in the morning away from my mom and sister.

When I was in 6th grade though, I had to walk home about a mile sometimes. But again, small town, walked with friends, etc.


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@Katnisseverdeen:  If we move house I would not allow my child until they left primary school (age 11).  I may follow from a short distance when they reach 8 .  We have just moved to a house which is literally across the road and 1 building down from the school so I guess I could watch from the balcony, but not until they are at least 8.

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Sugar bee

Nope. My daughter is only 1, but the school she’ll go to is just down the street. She could walk, but she won’t. Better safe than sorry.

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I think you are being sensible! It is sadly true that an 8 year old could be bundled into an SUV. I’d accompany them! You are being a good mother 🙂

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