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Bumble bee
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Wow!  350 for rent???????????  Our mortgage is 1500

Electricity is around 100 or so a month

Car insurance 90/month

Cell phone 180/month

Cable/internet 165

Sewage/trash/garbage -70 per quarter

water – UGH I don’t even know

life insurance 100/month

Heat is outrageous not looking forward to it – apx 500 month

we have no car payments

lots of credit card bills – we are now going to try really hard to pay them down

loan 100 month

I don’t think this is a good thing cuz I am so sure there is more!  HOw we do it I don’t even know!


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Honey bee

A rough estimate and I’m probably forgetting some stuff. This doesn’t include the money we are spending fixing up our house, car repairs, presecriptions, etc.

Mortgage,homeowner ins., property tax: $1500

Electric, gas, water, tv/internet: $300-$500 depending on the season

Car payments: $530

Car insurance: $150

Cell phones: $150

Student loans: $300

Gas: $200

Goceries: $400-$500

Credit Card: $100


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Buzzing bee
  • Utilities (water/electric/trash) – ~ $100-250 depending on month
  • Rent – $765
  • Car and renters insurance – $112
  • Cable/internet – $120
  • DH’s car – $330
  • DH’s cell – $80
  • Our Student loans – have combined minimum payment of $300 but usually pay about $500
  • Groceries – ~$250-300 
  • Gas – ~120


My car is paid off and my employer pays for my cell. We’re paying way above the minimums on DH’s car and our student loans to try and get those paid off faster. 

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These are guesstimates for the most part:

Rent:  1865.00 (1765.00 plus $100.00 pet rent)

Cable/Internet/Phone: 180

Cell Phones:  160

Electricity:  not sure (depends on month–lately it has been running $60ish)

Gas: not sure

Water: should be around 20ish but has been in the 80s because of a broken pipe.

Car payment:  280.00

Gasoline:  not sure–I pay 80 but I am not sure how much Fiance pays

Credit Cards:  a lot 800ish

Food: 800-1000–we go out a lot so this should be a lot less

I think we need to reevaluate our spending.  Yikes!  Orange County is expensive though.

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Bumble bee
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350 rent??!! dang girl! I live in the bay Area, one of the most expensive places to live…but I’m blessed i live in a 4 br with a huge backyard for $500 a month cause it belongs to my parents. They live in Fl. off the top of my head we spend about $2600 a month in bills,

we always eat in, he is a GENIUS with grocery shopping and cooking and we spend like $125-150 a month on groceries for 3 people. And we eat very very healthy. we have no debt and pay off our credit cards monthly. i own my car and pay $632 in tuition for my son and $130 for his extra curricular stuff. we only let our selves spend $150 a month on our “allowance” but we are so intent on saving money we dont ever spend it.

I LOVE sticking to my budget and seeing our savings grow and grow, cant WAIT to have a house of my own!! My plan is to put his entire paycheck into savings and live off my paycheck and buy a house cash in 2 years.

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Busy bee
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I live in my moms attic (shes renting as well from her landlord so we chip in)

$500 a month for rent

$340 for the car payment

$90 for car insurance

$130 for phone bill

$50 for one credit card

$50 for another credit card

$53 for my dental 

$53 for his dental

This does not include food or gas. Luckily our car is gas efficient. IT better be paying $340 a month!!! 

We are also paying for vet bills and copays for doctors. 

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Honey bee
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Mortgage – $700 every two weeks (pays off faster than twice a month!)
Cell phones – $40 (his) $75ish (mine)/month
TV/Internet – $120/month
Property Tax $200/month
Water/Sewer/garbage removal – $75/month
Electricity – $60-$80/month
Gas – $40-150/month depending on season
Car is paid off, and gas is about $40 a week, so $160/month
House/car/travel insurance $190/month
Credit cards is whatever we’ve spent that month – no interest
Groceries – $300/month
Eating out – I don’t wanna know!

And I think that’s it!! We don’t have any loans, credit card debt, etc. so that helps a lot!

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Bee Keeper
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I’m not going to go through all our specifics, but obviously since we now live in house, instead of our apt; our electricity, mortgage & gas have gone up

But one of the most shocking bills has been our water! I miss the days when we were in an apartment and our water bill was like $20 bucks, now its like $150, for water!!! That’s what you get having to water your lawn & fill up the pool as the water evaporates in this Texas summer heat!  

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Bee Keeper
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  • Power bill for apt- $30 (we only pay gas)
  • Tv  – $8 (only antena but we have netflix) 
  • Internet/Phone – $30 
  • Groceries/food/clothes  – $500
  • Car payment  – $0
  • Car insurance – $50
  • Rent – $1050 
  • home/condo mortgage payment (we rent our house out) – $800
  • Gas for home – $50
  • Meds: $7
  • association fees for our condo – $135
  • college loans – $700
  • cell phone bills – $130
  • gas – $150
  • CTA-public transportation – $80
  • Napster – $8
  • Darling Husband computer games – $40
  • Gym membership – $18
  • Work benefits (health/dental/403b) – $400

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