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    Here’s ours. 

    Mortgage – $1400

    Strata – $260

    Cell phones – $120

    Cable/Internet – $83

    Electricity – $26

    Auto Payments – $750 – (Me 175, him 525)

    Auto insurance – $305

    Gas – $500 (budgeted)

    Groceries – $680 (budgeted)

    Restaurants – $300 (budgeted)

    RRSP – $500

    Clothing – $250 (budgeted)

    Personal care – $100 (budgeted)

    Allowances – $400 (200 each in cash for any purchase we see fit)

    We typically spend about $5000/month.  We save an additional $4500 for long/short term savings, extra mortgage contributions or larger one time time purchases/vacations.  Combined income about $160,000 gross, $98,000 net. after taxes, deductions and work pensions being taken off.




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    That’s a really interesting question. For the 3 of us, here’s what we have:

    House payment: $2210

    Electric bill- $230 last month

    Food and personal care products- about $1100

    Gas- $600

    Car payments: $570

    Satellite tv: $90

    Phone/internet (cellular): $300

    Car Insurance: $120

    Medical co-pays and medications: $300

    Pet supplies: $50

    TOTAL: $5570

    EDIT: Does not include life/health/dental/vision insurance premiums, retirement contributions, pre-set investment amounts, or automatic savings account contributions

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    Less than $2500

    • House payment- $450
    • Cell phone- Mine is $80, his is $45 (he has prepaid)
    • Groceries- $250-300
    • TV/Internet/Home phone- $160
    • Power/Water- $115
    • Car insurance- I don’t know, my parents are still paying for that because I don’t have a job. 
    • Car payment- $200 a month, but my parents also still pay for that because I don’t have a job.
    • Gas- I budget $100 a month for my gas, but unless it’s around the holidays, I only fill up twice a month, so it’s usually more like $70 for my gas. FH drops $70 every time he fills up, so he budgets $200. He also gets crap gas mileage. 
    • $300 for whatever else.

    Ours is usually about $1470 a month, usually a little less. I didn’t factor in the car payment in my average because I’m not paying it right now. 

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    Rent: $855 (includes gas/water/gardener)

    car payment $350

    auto gas $150

    car insurance (2cars) $126

    electric $70 winter/ $300 summer (we live on the desert!)

    cells $100

    net/cable $78

    grocery (including toilet paper/shampoo/dog food) $600

    clothes/dates/eating out $500

    student loan minimum payment $175

    netflix $7.00

    nextissue (magazine subscription) $15

    misc $200

    Savings $500

    ETA ***not including my pension, insurance, and  roth ira that is taken out of my paycheck before I even see It!

    **approx $3,600 a month



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    This doesn’t include our pension, union dues, or various insurances:

    • Rent – 880
    • Food – $400, give or take $50
    • Car Payment – $310
    • Gas/vanpool – $300 
    • Car insurance – $200
    • Utilities – $100
    • Various bills – $100
    • Student loans – $400
    • Cable/Internet/Hulu – $50
    • Fun money – $500
    • Savings – $700
    • Tithe – $430

    So that’s almost $4000 a month. We make about $4200 combined after taxes/insurance/etc, so it’s not too bad.  We live in a very cheap area of LA, so we pay about $1000 less in rent than most of our friends.  We need to make about $600 more before we have a baby though!  Good thing we are building our savings! 

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    Rent : $1600

    Contents Insurance: $40

    Health Insuance : $180

    Cable TV: $90

    Dog Insurance: $40

    Car Insurance: $40

    Landline and Internet: $60

    Mobile Phones (mine and OH): $170

    Electricity: $100

    Food: $500

    Petrol: $150

    So around $300


    Then I guess fun money like eating out, going to the movies, shopping etc…


    We make around $8000 after tax so we save a fair bit per month…

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    Not including food, about $1400. 

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    Rent: $1100

    Electricity/Gas- $70 winter/ $30 summer (we don’t have a/c only use gas heater Dec-February unless March is cold)

    Internet- $35

    Gym/Training- $250

    Hulu- $8 I think

    School (jc): ~$150

    Gas/Toll- $325

    Car/renters insurance- $75

    Groceries/ Housewares- $400

    Pet Supplies- $20

    Fun money – $550

    Total:  $2983

    SO and I both make over $2000 a month. Our “fun money” is spent individually- we don’t monitor eachother as all of our money is separate, we split rent 50/50 and alternate paying for different meals/bills- except I’m the only one with a car… Oh.. he takes the bus… so it’s over $3000, not sure how much the bus costs, but I don’t really consider that as an expense- just subtract it from his pay.

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    Coming back to this because I forgot to add in Mr. LK’s commuting costs of $400/month. Seriously, where are my HCOL ladies? I feel so alone. haha

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    I am in an interesting situation because a lot of it is subsidised. I don’t count my pension and health, because they are national systems, not personal. I am estimating in USD, but with the recent changes the Yen had dropped a lot, so a month ago you can add about 5%

    I pay about $370 per month for rent. This is a one bedroom apartment and subsidised (about 50%)

    transport $200. This excludes getting to and from work, as work pays

    student loan $300

    University (I am doing grad school part time and paying my way) $350

    Utilities About $200

    Phone and Ipad (essential with a 1 1/2 hour each way train commute!): $130

    Food (very expensive in Japan) at least $300

    Total (for one): $1850

    If I didn’t have my subsidies it would be more like 2500ish


    I also factor in the cost of flying home to New Zealand every couple of years and immigration costs, but won’t include those here, because they aren’t typical.

    ETA: About $500 savings on top of that, and a couple of hundred fun money, and more than I should on travel money ๐Ÿ˜‰

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    Can I ask- where do all you guys live that cable/net/etc…..runs under $100/month?

    We have tried everything- every combo/discount/hotspotting for internet- we CANNOT come in under 150 and we don’t even have all the channels LOL-

    please tell me how you do this?

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    Well under $1,000. I live at home rent free, which is my parents’ way of helping me through grad school. Car insurance is $90, gas is about $100. Food is about $100 too, since I buy my own. Other small bills like phone, etc. add up to about $150. I also need to pay down student loans, but don’t have a specific bill for that right now since I’m enrolled in a grad program full time as of Monday. 

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    Rent: $700
    Electric: $30
    Gas: $50
    Cell Phones: $160
    Internet: $50
    Groceries/Joint purchases acct: $500 is what we both contribute though we don’t spend this entire amount monthly so it accumulates
    Gym: $20
    Hulu/Netflix: $18 I think?
    Car Insurance for two vehicles: $77
    Gas for vehicles: ~$300

    Though we don’t split the gas and our car insurances- we pay for both of those individually because his insurance is higher and I have a much much longer commute so more gas.  He also pays for his own car payment though I’m not sure what that is offhand and his student loan.  I am able to save more than him bc of this.  And after we get married our finances will probably remain mostly unmerged though we have discussed combining them down the line once his loans are paid off.

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    how do you spend $300 a month in food for 2 people?! 


    We spend close to $150 every week! We don’t buy organic or expensive items either. 

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