(Closed) What are your pet peeves?

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– Things sitting NEXT to where they should be. For example.. dirty dishes NEXT to an empty sink… dirty laundry on the floor NEXT to a laundry basket. It drives me crazy!

– When someone says, “hey, pass me the [item]”, and as you’re holding the item they take their sweet time to take it.

– When my computer crashes RIGHT in the middle of typing out something huge [and not saved].



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People who don’t know the difference between Their/There/They’re or It’s/Its and so on.  Makes me so angry.

@jenilynevette:  ditto on the things next to where they belong.


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Name dropping ?

and for me.its excessive noise (loud cars/ music , loud people etc )

dog owners who let their dogs off a leash or don’t pick up their crappy

and when the headlights of a car are on while its parked

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The Politician’s Apology – I’m sorry if/that you were offended. That’s not an apology at all and really smug and condescending.

Opinion as fact. Just no.

ESPN. I love sports, but the commentators and writers on there have gotten really ridiculous with their open biases and lack of even a pretense at journalistic integrity. 

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Mine are:

– blatantly incorrect grammar

– clicking noises made by people’s bodies (picking at your nails, cracking knuckles, etc.)

– when people say “I could care less” instead of “I couldn’t care less”

– the non-apology apology

– when people call each other baby or babe

– when sports stars and celebrities thank god for their accomplishments; it implies they think that god will put all his effort into making them win while ignoring terrorism, starvation, genocide, etc.

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— People tapping things (students do this constantly and it sets me on edge)

— People on the street who don’t understand foot traffic: for example, stepping out of a store and STOPPING in the middle of the sidewalk, when people are walking!!!!! I can feel my blood pressure rising right now, just thinking about it.

— People who don’t signal when driving, or who Jump a queue by driving in the turn lane and then trying to get into the lane at the last minute. Sometimes I’ve had to actually tell myself “It’s NOT worth an accident to not let them in…”

— car alarms (HATE)

–oddly, though I’m a former editor, I don’t get annoyed by bad grammar EXCEPT by this new one: “mines,” as in “That one is yours; mines is red.” OMG I banned the word in my classroom at my former school. I thought it was an ESL thing until I heard native speaking adults saying it. I was starting to wonder if it had actually crept into the common lexicon, like “aksed” instead of “asked.” Luckily I moved.

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For me annoying things are…

  • Someone slurping their beverage
  • Gum smacking
  • No tipping
  • No Manners
  • Mom’s baby talk to their 3 year + olds


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