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Helper bee

mushface:  One of my pet peeves is when people on public transport (particularly on the train or bus who are in close proximity to you) yawn and don’t cover their mouths! Or when people (again, on public transport) cut their finger nails. 

Geez, I have alot of pet peeves! Lol! And another is when you tell your friend or colleague something and then if that something from that conversation were to arise again at a later time, they prove they never listened to you because they forgot having that conversation with you before! 

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Busy bee
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Chewing/sniffing/loud breathing in general, just ugh. 

People saying “how it looks like” -it’s ‘how it looks’ or ‘what it looks like’! 

And also, people coming into the tiny shop I work at when it’s freezing outside say “oooh it’s nice and warm in here”…leaving the door wide open. 

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Honey bee
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Lateness drives me INSANE! I was raised to staunchly believe:

15 mins early = on time

on time = late

1 minute late plus = why did you even bother showing up?

I work in the medical field and I CAN’T STAND people with poor listening skills. I’m not talking about someone mishearing me, or asking me to repeat the question. I’m talking about having to tell a patient THREE TIMES in a row to remove their shoes, or them being so ‘out-to-lunch’ that I have to call them multiple times for their turn with the doctor. 

I also feel physically ill when people touch/pick their feet around me. I can’t really explain that one.

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Buzzing bee
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People who chew loudly! Arggggg

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Bumble bee
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People who don’t leave after they say goodbye. Will just stand there and tell me about some random thing that does not have to do with anything.. I checked out one lady, said goodbye and thank you, and she’s standing in the door for 30 mins telling me about swimming pools! WHY are you telling me about swimming pools!?

Also, complete negligence for time parameters. I have a client who is ridiculously late to every appointment. I even tell her an hour earlier than her real time and she’s still two hours late. Hello! What planet are you living on??? 

Thank you for letting me get that of my chest!!! Lol

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Busy bee
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When people leave shopping carts in the middle of the parking lot

When people take too many items to the express lane

When self checkout is the only option at the grocery store 

Parking lots that should connect but don’t 

It seems that most of my pet peeves involve grocery shopping!

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Busy bee
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jnd224:  As soon as I saw the title of this thread, my biggest pet peeve popped into my head and you beat me to it…people who leave shopping carts just wherever in the parking lot! It’s RUDE and it’s LAZY. I also agree with people who take too many items to the express lane…they get the death stare.

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Buzzing bee
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I’m totally guilty of doing some of these!

I groom in public places. I can’t sit idle, I have to do something so I’ll stretch, manicure, pluck brows, etc. Anything that I consider important and want to get done before I get home. I also take 15 minutes ti brush my teeth at work.

However, I don’t let people get away if they do certain things that are pretty common on this list. I’m infamous for moving people’s carts… to the other end of the store. It’s so rude to leave it in the middle where people walk. Then I enjoy the panic as their purses and what not are usually in there. 

When people don’t let me get off the elevator first, I will legit body check you. I knocked one youngish girl off her feet just the other day. I have to get OUT before you can get IN. It’s not an entitlement thing, it’s just common sense. 

I can’t stand non confrontational people or people with no interests. I just feel like they’re wasting their lives and I don’t want them near me.

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Busy bee
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Also, people who say “eye-talian” instead of Italian (see my previous thread on this topic).

People who don’t wash their hands after using the bathroom. It happens all the time. And what I hate even more, people who rinse their hands for like 2 seconds without even rubbing their hands together or using soap, why even wash your hands at all?

People who throw trash out their car windows. I want to run them off the road.

People who talk loudly on the phone, for the sole reason to show off. Bitch, please.


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Busy bee

I have so many lol…

-people who constantly fish for compliments on social media

-when you’re trying to shop and the same sales person (or another who already saw one come up to you) bugs you over and over asking if you need help. I get they work off commission but come on I said no already

-when people won’t get off their phones to do something like check out at a store. Unless its an emergency put down the phone for 30 seconds

-People that drive in the left lane. Its for passing! And 9/10 they’re going under the speed limit. 

I’ll stop there


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Helper bee
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A few that popped into my head…

1) Mouth breathers

2) People who don’t merge when construction signs say a lane is closed ahead. They think they are smart passing everyone but everyone just thinks they are assholes. 

3) People who let their children throw tantrums and run around at restaurants. 

4) People who carry around their spit cups when they use smokeless tobacco. I do not want to see a collection of your spit.

5) Loud belching 

6) When someone I just met wants to give me a hug instead of shaking my hand. I just met you. Personal space please.

I’m sure there are more but these are the ones that immediately came to mind.

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Busy bee
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An unmade bed. I have an actual meltdown and cannot function until my bed is made – even if I wasn’t the last one out of it. I have to be crawl into a made bed. I feel some sort of distress when it’s not.

Also, people who don’t clear the time off the microwave or oven. WHY. You are finished using it. Please for the love of god clear it.

And when someone leaves something plugged in that they aren’t using. Like your laptop when it’s off or you’ve unplugged your phone from the charger but left the charger in the wall.

And finally when someone doesn’t pull the shower curtain back to normal when they’re finished showering. Mildew. It won’t dry. Etc.

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