(Closed) What are your pet peeves as a wedding guest

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  • poll: Biggest pet peeve
    Venue too hot/too cold : (3 votes)
    4 %
    not enough food (quantity) : (20 votes)
    24 %
    not enough food (variety) : (2 votes)
    2 %
    ceremony too long : (8 votes)
    9 %
    reception too long : (2 votes)
    2 %
    alcohol served : (1 votes)
    1 %
    alcohol NOT served : (9 votes)
    11 %
    wedding not on a Sat evening (so weekday or weekend morning/afternoon) : (3 votes)
    4 %
    things running late : (14 votes)
    16 %
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    Bumble Beekeeper
    • Wedding: July 2010

    No place to sit would be awful, but anything can be tolerable to some extent if there is enough food.

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    Bee Keeper
    • Wedding: May 2010

    time gap (im talking hours) between ceremony and reception with nothing to do in between

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    Bumble bee
    • Wedding: October 2011 - Tre Bella, Mesa, AZ

    I gotta say… I sat through a ceremony with wedding party members walking alone, one-step-step-together VERY SLOWLY and the actual ceremony was even longer; I think it took an hour or longer all together. I know it sounds awful because we are there for the couple, but after sitting through that, a never-ending ceremony trumps any other annoying things I’ve experienced.
    Although being the only friend in a clique not in the wedding party and being seated next to a crazy lady (and not getting a +1 on the invite) comes in close second.

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    • Wedding: January 1993

    Oops, I hit other, I thought I could select multiple. I would have said not enough food, things running behind, and poor music/dj – or just no real excitment or socializing.

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    • Wedding: August 2011

    I have two big pet peeves

    1. when the reception is too short.  I’ve come to party and celebrate your marriage.  Let me have the opportunity to do that by providing enough time to eat, drink, mingle, dance and have a good time.

    2. when the bride and groom don’t enteract with their guests.  It feels very cold and uninviting to me.

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    Sugar bee

    Being invited to a wedding alone where i know absolutely no one.

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    Bee Keeper

    Having a cash bar and NOT informing guests has got to be one of the biggest. Having a cash bar is fine but guests sitting around asking to borrow a couple of bucks from each other or leaving to use the ATM because no one told them isn’t cool.

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    Buzzing bee
    • Wedding: September 2011

    I think it’s either no alcohol (I don’t mind paying or waiting until the after party though), not enough food, or other.  For other, I think it’s generally inconsiderate things where you’re showing that your guests aren’t really a priority… like a friend of mine went to a wedding where her fiance was a groomsmen and they had a wedding party only table, and she got stuck with a bunch of people she didn’t know.  Or I’ve seen stories on here where couples only had food or alcohol for the wedding party and not everyone else.

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    Sugar Beekeeper
    • Wedding: October 2011

    General dislikes that may cause me to not have a great time:

    • Venue Temperature: I’d much prefer it to be chillier so I can add a layer than scorching hot. I’m generally unhappy when I sweat.
    • No alcohol: No, I’m not an alcoholic. Far from it actually but I honestly have a much better time if given the option to drink. If you want to see me on the dance floor, you’re going to have to provide me with some liquid courage. 
    • Church ceremonies: As an atheist, churches are just not my thing. I’ll respect the couple by going and putting on a happy place but deep down, I’m uncomfortable. 
    • Open seating: As a guest, I’d rather be told where to park it over having to fend for myself. Unless I’m rolling with a posse of an even 8, it could almost be like the first day of Junior High in the dreaded cafeteria. 
    • Crappy food: I’m not saying you have to serve surf and turf but please atleast try to take into account your guests tastes when you select your food. You’re a vegetarian, that’s great, but I can guarantee that not everyone on your guest list is as well. Offer a chicken dish. No-ones forcing you to eat it. 
    • Gap between the ceremony and reception (w/o a cocktail hour): They suck. Unless you’re offering some kind of entertainment while you and your bridal party scurry off to take pictures for 3+ hours, your guests are probably not going to be overjoyed with the wait. 
    • Excessive toasts: Guests want to eat and dance. A few toasts are to be expected but when everyone from great uncle Jim to the brides childhood soccer coach get up to say a few words, it becomes excessive. 

    Disclaimer: I don’t mean to offend anyone, just answering truthfully. 

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    Sugar bee


    Or I’ve seen stories on here where couples only had food or alcohol for the wedding party and not everyone else


    Youre kidding me??Surprised

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    Bee Keeper
    • Wedding: June 2011

    My biggest: no vegetarian food. (or expecting us to make do with the cheese and crackers/carrot and celery sticks platter).

    @UpstateCait: I’m a vegetarian who served meat and seafood at the wedding (the bacon-wrapped scallops and beef tenderloin were very popular!). That said, if you’re a vegetarian for moral/ethical reasons, it doesn’t really seem reasonable to spend money supporting an industry you find morally abhorrent.  Surely it won’t kill anyone to eat veggie lasagna or whatever for one night?

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    • Wedding: June 2011

    @Oneeleven: Yeah, I’ve never seen that myself, but if I did, i would be FLABBERGASTED.

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    Honey bee
    • Wedding: May 2011

    I think no place to sit falls under rude not a pet peeve. But I think it’s the worst on the list so that’s what I voted for.

    I’m fine being a tad hungry if I can at least freakin sit down.

    Running late is also rude. Not like 5 minutes but anything over 10 I think is extremely rude. If you’ve told people to be there at a specific time for a specific formal event you need to start on time.

    My pet peeve would probably be anything too eleaborate. I personally think it’s a waste and trying too hard and would kinda annoy me.

    The other stuff–food, rowdiness, length, a lot of alcohol, boring, off day, etc.–would probably just encourage me to leave a little earlier than I might normally, but wouldn’t really bug me much unless it was SUPER extreme.

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    Busy bee
    • Wedding: November 2011

    when the bride &/or groom is related but wont have “time” to take a picture with family! seriously! How can you not take a picture with your first cousin or brother. idk. anyone else??

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