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Busy bee

Haha! I hate when people talk about the “flavor” of a candle, too!!!

I don’t think I have that many pet peeves, I’m just an irritable person, so it depends on the day!

I think one of the worst, though, is ignorant people in the grocery store.

You know the ones….they bring their friends to Walmart, where they walk s l l o o o w w   down all the aisles, laughing and being loud and obnoxious. Then they get in line and have their friends run back and forth picking up “forgotten” items. Ugh! I like to do my shopping fast, and they just put a damper on the whole day!

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Bumble bee
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When I still had roommates, my biggest pet peeve was when they would leave dirty dishes in the sink! Ahhhh it drove me nuts! I couldn’t comprehend why they couldn’t rinse the dish off and put it in the dishwasher that is 2 feet away…it is NOT hard! It was even worse when a pot or pan was dirty and left in the sink…and then you needed to use it! I always ended up breaking down and cleaning everything for them…begrudgingly…

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Sugar bee
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Oh I have a ton!!!

1. ditto on the fake ppl

2. ppl who drive like s**t

3. irresponsible ppl

4. women who wear designer clothes but they’re kids look like crap

5. ppl who talk s**t but can’t back it up

6. liars

7. cigarette smoke

8. ppl who steal

9. know it alls

10. nosey ppl

11. immaturity on ppl who shouldn’t be….(grow the heck up)

12. ppl who wear socks with sandals

13. ppl who wear shorts with sweatshirts….(no!! no!! no!!)

14. ppl who try and tell you how you feel…(are you me..then shut up!)

15. deadbeat moms

16. deadbeat dads

17. child abusers

18. child molesters (they should all be put on an island somewhere)

I too could go on and on and on….lol

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Buzzing bee
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Hm, I’m trying to think of my most hated pet peeves & I’d have to say that people who don’t drive inside the line (like swirving all the time, or staying more on one side of the road than in the middle) drive me CRAZY!!

& people who don’t email/call/txt you back when YOU KNOW they’ve seen it & obviously they’re ignoring you at the time because they don’t want to deal with you.

& LOUD, obnoxious girls…& people who have to tell their whole life story on FB
(like we really care about what you’re doing all day, EVERY freakin day)

I have tons more! Just can’t think of it at the moment!

I also hate when my Fiance says ruined like…”RURNT”…it’s pronounced RUINED!

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Buzzing bee
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Amen sister!! It drives me f’in CRAZY! I’m right there with you girl!

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Bee Keeper
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What a great post and a lot of mine are similar to others – yet there are still those people out there!

1. Fake people

2. Bad grammer

– the ones I hate the most:

– I seen – it’s I have seen or I saw!

– You did good – It’s you did WELL or you did a good job (this is everywhere in the media right now and so I know it’s not going any where but it got drilled into me as a kid and now it makes me cringe every time I hear it!)

3. Ignorant people

4. A dirty bathroom/kitchen

– can’t stand dishes in the sink crumbs on the floor or a dirty toilet – ewwwww!

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Busy bee
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I hate when people either don’t know or refuse to acknowledge the difference between “their,” “there,” and “they’re,” or “its” and “it’s,” or generally do not write in a readable manner.  Using “utilize” when you should use “use” or confusing “lay” and “lie” is understandable.  Not understanding basic contractions, and I spot at least two in this thread already, sends the signal to everyone else that you are stupid, and it drives me up the walls.  It’s a third grade skill, people.

I also hate line cutters, who are rampant in my law school at lunch where there are limited quantities of food.

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Sugar bee
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19. ppl who keep having kids even tho they’re struggling to take care of the first one

20. jealous ppl who try to rain on your parade…um no I keep a hater umbrella at all times! ha ha

21. ppl who swear they’re being hated on when they don’t have s–t to be hated on for….like are you for real right now?

22. women who swear their man is so great…when I know for a fact that he beats on you, is drug & alcohol addict, is a lousy father, is all talk and no action, is a cheater, is a thief, and all around treats you like trash…..honey if you think thats great then you deserve that.

23. ditto on the no emailing, texting. calling back thing….I get beyond irritated when that happens to me.

24. ppl who work in customer service whose attitudes suck a**…..its called customer service!! its what your suppose to do…..duh!

25. ppl who work in a store but dont know where anything is…um and you work because????

26. telemarketers

27. ppl who sell my number to telemarketers

I’m coming back….just let me think of some more….

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Sugar bee
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oh girl yes!! I know a few!! lol

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Honey bee
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… I honestly don’t have that many pet peeves compared to the rest of you! Mostly just whistling and people who stop in the middle of the aisle at a store. Oh and people who try way too hard- too cool, too hip, too unique, too whatever. I’ve known enough people who were genuinely off-beat that people who try just get on my nerves. Everything else doesn’t affect me that much.

Edit: and children. I don’t like them at all.

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