(Closed) What are your thoughts on How I Met Your Mother series finale? SPOILERS!!

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    I was disappointed she died… So sad. And i agree. The kids didnt seem too upset. 

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    I missed it, but the last season was too different for it to keep my attention.  I still don’t know who the mother is/was.

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    I hope everyone on the forum has already watched it, because the massive spoiler is visable without clicking on the thread.

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    I thought it was a good ending too! The series finale episode was such a roller coaster. I always had a feeling Ted and Robin were going to end up together and I’m glad they did. And Barney having a baby was perfect IMO.

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    I was expecting the mother to die, but I didn’t like how quickly the story moved from her being sick to him talking casually with his kids about dating Robin. I felt like that transition took away from the whole season we spent meeting the mother and getting to know her, not to mention all those seasons we spent awaiting her arrival. Though at the same time, I know it would have been unrealistic (and very sad) to show him grieving her loss and then slowly moving on. I guess the daughter was right and this really was the story of how he fell in love with Robin, not how he met their mother.

    I was definitely hooked throughout the episode and loved seeing so much about their lives in the future. I also found it funny how the actors who played Ted’s kids basically knew the end of the story from the beginning, as they would have filmed the scenes nearly a decade ago!

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    I am very very disappointed. I agree with the reviewer Alan Sepinwall (best tv critic!) who said that the creators of the show had decided to kill the Mother off years ago, and they felt a need to stick to it, rather than evolving from that idea once they realized what a wonderful character they had in Tracey (the Mother).

    He wrote, “So instead of a bumpy final few years being redeemed by a finale that at least resulted in our hero winding up with a woman we all liked, and who seemed a perfect match for him, we have a finale that turns the title and narrative framework of the show into a case of Bays and Thomas following the letter of the law rather than the spirit, without the slightest bit of recognition that Ted and Robin had become toxic for each other by this season.”

    The whole review is here: http://www.hitfix.com/whats-alan-watching/series-finale-review-how-i-met-your-mother-last-forever-how-they-conned-us-all/2

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    Jabberwocky:  Damn it being in the UK not seen this yet and as you quite rightly pointed out the spoiler was visable without opening the thread. 

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    Not having watched it or been invested in it these past few years, I thought it was a horrible and cheap ending… Almost Seinfeld-esque in how bad it was. 

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    I was really disappointed. Granted, I had called the mother dying and ted marrying robin years ago, reaffirmed by the teary future-Farhampton “who doesn’t go to their daughter’s wedding” scene.

    Agreeing with PPs, the glossing over of her death was terrible, as was the children being super ready to have robin as a surrogate only 6 years later.  

    what the hell did she die from?  we totally got more information about her exboyfriend’s death than we did about hers.  it seemed insensitive.

    and if i had found out that my dad had been in love with my aunt since forever, i would be weirded out.  just saying.

    who is barney’s baby momma?  how did he get custody?

    since when is ted’s daughter penelope, not leia?  I have seriously been calling them luke and leia for like 7 years.  and what is the son’s name?

    ugh.  i cried because it was the series ending, but I have been angry since it aired.  i wanted closure for these characters, and whiel it was partially gotten, it is in no way complete.  the ending felt forced and hurried, lacking the finesse the series has taken in the past.

    remember when marshall’s dad died?  where was the same sadness, the same hope for the future?

    it just feels cheap, and i, as a viewer, feel cheated.

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    steph_lady:  I totally agree with you. I just didn’t get how after all this time and all this investment in finding the mother, they could get rid of her so quickly and at all. I thought she was an amazing character…exactly the person Ted should have ended up with. I have never thought Ted and Robin were good together. They are too different and too unwilling to change what they wanted out of life for each other (which is a good thing). It’s like they brought in the mother so Ted could get the family he wanted, and now that she’s out of the picture, he can go back to his “real” love. Seriously? HIMYM is better than that. 

    I wasn’t thrown off by the divorce, but I do think it was ridiculous to have an entire season at their wedding to then have them get divorced 20 minutes later. 

    I actually like Barney has a parent, but I don’t like how it was just thrown in there. I weirdly expected #31 to be Robin for some reason. I think Barney and Robin are a better fit than she and Ted will ever be. 

    Also..I really, really liked the mother/Tracy! Sad she wasn’t deemed important enough for Ted to end up with forever. 

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    KatiePi:  yes to it all!  I have been ranting all morning about how many episodes were devoted to that damn wedding.  the alan sebinwall article referenced by a PP really sums it up, explaining where the robin plotline came from and how they kinda shot themselves in the foot with it.

    really didn’t like that tracy/themother ended up being so disposable….especially after 9 seasons of ted dating and tossing so many women/relationships.  

    i actually wanted 31 to be Patrice….tying back to the whole barney engagment prank, and the pure opposite of robin.  i would have loved that.

    ugh.  this has been my favorite show for the last 7 years, SO and I watch it regularly, quote it all the time, we even have fan art in our home about it.  and i am so disappointed, and like, weirdly offended by the ending?  i hate having an existential television crisis.



    in total honesty, I wanted an ending as fulfilling and heartwrenching as “Six Feet Under.”  I know, i know, truly high expectations for a network show, but I wanted to believe that they approached their scripts like novelists…sigh.

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    I hated it.  They should have stopped it at “and that’s how I met your mother” and left Robin out of it.  This whole fate and everything leading up to the mother was just bullshit to me once they threw Robin back into it.  Why play on fate so hard when they were just going to throw it out the window and have him end up with Robin.

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    If they had abandoned the whole wedding thing in season 9 and stretched the finale episodes into one whole season, MAYBE I’d be okay with it. But you have to let the death of the title character digest in fans’ heads for a while. Instead of literally going from “She was sick” to “She’s been gone for 6 years” – really Ted? You don’t want to mourn her at all? Better yet, you don’t want to allow the audience to mourn her and therefore have some sort of connection to what you’re feeling at all?

    On the other hand, no I’m not okay with Ted/Robin ending up together in any sense no matter the pacing of the show. We were shown countless times that Ted and Robin are completely incapable of holding a healthy relationship together. Any time they got back together all hell broke loose and they were miserable. Then they go back to being friends and they “work” suddenly. They are not meant to be together and I’m tired of the handwavey Disney soooo romaaaaaantic bullshit.

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    As much as I hated Robin, I wanted them to end up together.  I couldn’t believe she actually went through with marrying Barney.

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