(Closed) What are your thoughts on How I Met Your Mother series finale? SPOILERS!!

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    I hated it. It got rid of all of the character development that had occurred over the past 9 years. time and time again we’re told ted and robin are no good for each other, and we’re supposed to buy that last 2 minutes? Barney’s AMAZING development thrown away just so Robin can be free for Ted? Lily turning into someone who only pops out babies and talks about her hubs (like what is SHE up to when she’s not preggo? still art? teaching? WHAT?). It just felt like we were back in season 2, and that the last 7 seasons weren’t really necessary. I feel like they may have had some grand plan way back in 2006, but it didn’t work with who the characters turned out to be in 2014.  I will say I was one of the people who ADORED Robin and Barney, I thought they brought out the best in each other, I was ok with the divorce. I was ok with the mother dying. I was not ok with the last 2 minutes (basically everything after Ted said “and that’s how I met your mother”). They should have ended it there.

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    Baybeejulia:  They wrote the ending a long time ago, and got boxed in.

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    I was definitely mad that he ended up with Robin. They should have forgotten about the footage they shot 7 years ago and done what made sense for the characters now. They spent several seasons showing how Ted and Robin do not work together, they wanted us to believe that they weren’t right for each other, and then at the end they put them back together.  They did an amazing job showing how perfect Ted and Tracy were for each other.  You really believed that they were meant to be.  But if at the end of the story the point is that Ted was in love with Robin the whole time, it completely cheapens the journey and his relationship with the mother.

    My Fiance and I have been watching this show together for years. After the finale I was like, “If I die, you cannot go after any of your exes.” He agreed and then we talked about how we’re Marshall and Lily anyway, and we’re destine to grow old together. When the true romance of a show called “How I Met Your Mother” where the premise is that someone’s whole life is a journey toward meeting their true love is the romance between the “sidekick” couple, the show did something wrong.<br />

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    Oh my gosh!  I can’t believe how hated it was!  I finally watched it last night and I LOVED IT.  I was bawling, and after it was over I couldn’t stop crying, and I think my husband was concerned.  

    I had no idea that the mother would die, and only afterwards put together that scene from earlier this season when Ted and the mother are talking about how they know all each others’ stories, and how they knew she was dying then so they were trying to wrap up their lives/conversations or something.  

    I do wish it was longer, more episodes to explore the several years, but it almost reminded me of Up! in the montage feel of it.  Like fast forwarding through the joys and a couple sorrows until she dies, and then what happens.  

    Now I feel compelled to rewatch the entire series…

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    Swizzle:  beachbride1216:  Totally agree with you–I loved it. After first watching it, I was on  the fence, but after thinking about it over night, I really loved it. I think the story is that Tracy was the perfect woman for him to marry and have children with. As much as you can be, a soul mate (which I don’t believe in). And if she lived, they would have lived happily ever after. After the whole locket conversation he was 100% over Robin. (And the reason they weren’t right for each other was timing. They werent at the right place to be good for each other)

    But as he is telling the story, 6 years after Tracy’s death, of course that is going to color how he descrribes Aunt Robin. The kids would have know just how much in love with Tracy that Ted was. But 6 years later, seeing him with Aunt Robin and hearing the “how i met your mother” story, they realized (and accepted) that the place that he is in now, he loves Robin. They wouldnt have worked then, but now they do.

    It makes me think of my Darling Husband and I. We met when I was 38. But ironically, we may have crossed paths a couple of times before that (his childhood bff went to my small college (and I knew him) and dh visited him). But if we had met even 1 month before we did, we wouldnt have worked out. Neither one of us was ready. That’s they way I think of Ted and Robin, it took them decades to finally be ready for each other. Doesnt mean Tracy was meaningless–Ted needed to go through that to be the man he is today. 

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    I’m not sure how I feel about it, I always wanted the mother to BE Robin and was disapointed when they put the “Aunt Robin” line in. I haven’t watched all seasons though, just the first few episodes and a few episodes here and there on FX. But honestly it all makes sense, whether I like it or not, I have to say the show makes sense. Yeah as viewers we had about a minute to digest the mothers death even though I knew it was coming for awhile now but in the kids and Teds mind, it had been 6 years. Ted LOVED The Mother, by the flashforwards and stuff, you can clearly see that. I like it to an extent, but it makes sense.

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    KatiePi:  +1  I hope there’s an alternate universe somewhere where all the good and decent people who are the collateral damage of “twu wub!” in so many TV shows and books and movies (the “twu wub” is, naturally, usually neither healthy nor functional nor realistic) get treated decently and not as cast-offs. 

    I hate this type of plot turn and ab/use of a good and decent character.

    starlitgirl:  <br />aggie2010:  +1 too.

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    i thought it was great. they had a limited amount of time… tv endings must be so hard because they can never please anyone. i, for one, woulda been like… womp womp. if we just met her and they got married and had kids and it was over. so no matter what they did, people would have been disappointed.

    i liked it because it showed, as swizzle said, it’s about the journey! life is hard! there are bumps in the road. things don’t always go the way you imagine. friends drift. things change. people who didn’t seem good for you a decade ago might be just what you need. all in all, they did what they could with what they have and i, for one, thought it was a beautiful ending.

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    HATED it.  I much prefer the alternate ending created by a fan on Pink is the New Blog. 

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