(Closed) What are your thoughts on telling people you are TTC?

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Prettysmile40:  I don’t think we’ll be telling any immediate family, I don’t need them bugging us.  depending on how it goes, there are a couple of friends I may confide in.  I have one friend who I know had a hard time getting pregnant and had a couple of MCs, I know she’d be a source of support if I needed her and I also know I could trust her to keep quiet.

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pinkshoes:  literally what I came here to say. It’s none of their business and not telling isn’t lying. 

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We didn’t tell anyone at first.  At about the 6month mark, I was really stressing over it and told my mom just so I’d have someone to talk to.  A few months later, we told a couple of our closest friends because I was having a difficult time and needed them to understand why I may have been acting differently.  Then at Thanksgiving, I ended up telling Mother-In-Law & SILs because DH’s aunt kept bringing up “how we needed to hurry up and have babies” over and over and I kind of snapped at her about it. 

I have two coworkers that know, because we are friendly and my facial expressions can’t lie about how I’m feeling. 

It’s been a year and a half of TTC for us, and I don’t really mind telling people at this point.  I find that it keeps people from asking me about it constantly, and my closest girlfriends are there for support when I’m feeling sad/depressed about it.  

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We told our parents, but mostly towards the one-year mark our “telling” was really just me biting people’s heads off for asking really inappropriate questions and irritating me with telling me what i “should” be doing, when we were freaking TRYING to, goddammit…probably not the best way to go about it though, lol.

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Prettysmile40:  We are not telling anyone (with the exception of my bff) despite enormous pressure. We’ve been married a year now and are in our early 30s so EV.ER.Y.ONE is asking about a baby. We’re starting to try this fall. I think it’s sweet that our families and friends are so excited for us, but I’m like a deer in the headlights every time someone brings it up. I got grilled a recent family gathering and I was struggling pretty hard stay nice. “When are you having a baby? Are you having trouble? Do you not want any? You should have at least one. You shouldn’t wait forever, you know.” I just kept saying “when it happens, it happens”. I get irritated about it because I’ve been told it may be difficult for me and this could be a long journey for us. I don’t understand why people, family or not, feel entitled to know our reproductive plans!?

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I wasn’t planning on telling anyone, but we ended up telling DH’s parents. They were both feeling kinda sad from “losing” their son to marriage, so he thought it might cheer them up to know that they might be grandparents sometime soon. Plus, I was kinda suspecting that his mom would be pushing us to give her her first grandchild ASAP. Knowing that we were trying kept her from making too many comments, though she still posted something on Facebook about watching for children soon Thankfully, we’ve told her she can’t post anything on Facebook after we told her we’re pregnant. I’m waiting till I actually start showing to officially announce it.

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Why announce you’re having sex? Not my cup of tea. And having people ask for updates or volunteering unsolicited advice,  would drive me up the wall.

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It no one’s business and honestly I don’t need to know that much info about my friends. I’ve had a few people announce that they are trying to get pregnant- I think it’s so weird. It’s like annoucing hey we are having scheduled sex! Tell people when you are actually pregnant.

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My future SIL told the fam… I thought that was strange. I don’t want kids for a few years, but really don’t  see the point in telling people.

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Didn’t tell anyone, none of their business. That’s what anonymous TTC boards are for!

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Prettysmile40:  I’m the same as you, only one friend knows that we’re trying. Usually when asked I give vague answers, ‘Whenever it happens, it happens’, ‘we’re not trying, but we’re not preventing’, ‘maybe within the next year’, ‘we’re just enjoying being married right now’.

My answer varies slightly based on who asks me and my mood at the time. But, like you, I already feel pressured 4 cycles in, and I don’t want to be more stressed out.

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We never intended to tell anyone we’re trying. Then I got my BFP and we told only our parents. Shortly after that, I lost the pregnancy. So they know we’re trying.

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I told the bee. That’s it. 

If anyone IRL asks me about status updates, I would flip. 

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We hope to start TTC in the next few months, and have decided that I will notr drink during that time. I am OK with this, as I don’t drink too much these days and know it is better in the long run while TTC. DH’s sister and SIL both drank while they were TTC, and have kids with special needs. Yes, we know that may not be correlated, but you just never know. We love those kids, and would love any child we have!

Anyway, as a result of not drinking… many people will know, especially his family. They are drinkers. Even if it’s to get together at someone’s house for a couple hours, drinks will be made upon walking in the door. So, it will be hard to hide that from then. I sometimes do decline any drinks, but if I do it all the time – they’ll figure it out.

At that rate, I may as well tell my parents – as my mom has been anxious to be a Grandma for YEARS now. This may give her some piece of mind in the subject. But at the same time, I want to surprise the, since it would be their first grandchild (unless my sis pops one out before me, but she’s not married yet).

I would probably avoid telling friends unless I needed to.

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Personally, I find it strange that people announce that sort of thing, it’s basically telling your friends and family “hey- we’re having lot’s and lot’s of unprotected sex, isn’t that exciting?!”

Ditto. Plus, I just don’t think it is anyone’s business. I think people in general these days overshare everything way too much. Plus, the more people you tell, the more people will be asking “Why aren’t you pregnant yet? You still trying?” etc.

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