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    I've tried it. It's okay. Not something I care to do a lot though. : (8 votes)
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    I've tried it. It's amazing! I love it! : (21 votes)
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    I've tried it. I hate it. : (2 votes)
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    I have never tried it, nor will I ever. It's just as nasty as smoking. : (58 votes)
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    I haven't tried it, but I might. : (3 votes)
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    Not interested. Nicotine is deadly no matter how you inhale it. Two of my husband’s co-workers became heavily dependant on their e-cigs. They were trying to quit and it backfired majorly.

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    I don’t smoke but as a non smoker I can tell you the vapor DOES have a smell to it, it’s not the same smell as a cigarette obviously, but there is an odor to it that makes me nauseated personally.

    Not to mention a lot of places are outlawing the use of ecigs indoors as well, so you might end up in the same situation as you are now

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    I’m a huge supporter of e cigs but they aren’t as satisfying as regular cigarettes, imo. I’m like you – I enjoy the 10 min break of smoking but don’t do it regularly. The e cigs aren’t something that you sit and puff on (recommended that you have just a couple draws instead of several) so it didn’t really work for me because what I liked more than the nicotine rush was the motion of smoking.

    However, I also work in healthcare and I recommend these things to my patients who are trying to quit all the time. I do not care if my patient gets hooked on water vapor and nicotine, which has debatable evidence as a carcinogen. Even if nicotine is carcinogenic, at least e cigs don’t have 70 different carcinogens like regular cigs. Did this information ultimately make me switch from the occasional cigarette? Nope, but give it a try. It is really odorless and all that but you also might find the concentrated nicotine to be pretty strong, which is the other major complaint I hear about them.

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    Way better than regular cigarettes… I tried them and really liked them… but then I was never much of an addict and when mine broke I didn’t care enough to buy a new one. 

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    my fiancé and I tried them about a year ago and we’ve completely quit smoking since. I’m a huge advocate for vaping. The vapor doesn’t linger the way smoke does and it’s gone in seconds. There may be a bit of smell left behind for a few minutes, and it really just smells like whatever you’re vaping. So if it’s strawberries your vaping, then the room might smell ever so slightly of strawberries for a couple minutes. You may have to go to a specialty vape shop for the no nic.  Good Luck & Happy Vaping!

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    I have a coworker who smokes a lot.  She tried vaping back about a year ago and she is back to smoking close to a pack a day.

    I had heard that vaping still has all the bad stuff in it like tar and arsenic but I can’t remember where I heard that.

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    My mom was a lifetime smoker and used the Blu (Blue?) e-cigs to wean her off and she’s been without any nicotine for over a year now. I think it’s cool that you can choose the % of nicotine you want, and you can step down gradually. A lot of smokers gain weight when they quit because they are used to always having something in their mouths, so they eat instead of smoking. Off on a tangent, sorry…

    I like the flavored ones; I’ve tried some of my friends before. I’ve smoked cigarettes in the past, and it is very different feeling. With a cigarette I think you “feel” the inhale more where with these it’s more like “smoking air.” Smokers might miss that sensation? I don’t know.. I don’t smoke anymore.

    Anyways, I think it’s a better option than smoking a cigarette. It doesn’t make you smell gross either and I find that the flavored ones (coffee and vanilla especially) that my mom has actually smell pretty good.

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    I guess it is a better option for those who are smokers and trying to wean off of cigs. Darling Husband uses one occasionally, even though his vice of choice is dip instead of cigarettes. IMO, anything cigarette like that you puff on just isn’t good for you and I don’t like the way it looks or the message it gives people.

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    alpinebride:  after smoking cigarettes for years on & off, I switched to ecigs about 4 months ago and used them as a step-down to quit smoking entirely.

    I absolutely had to steel my resolve because I really found Vaping to be VERY ENJOYABLE. They really took the edge off and I went into my switch with the mentality that they were pacifiers to quit smoking. It was a dangerously thin line, and I can easily see how they are not intended to be a smoking cessation device, but an entirely different “smoking” experience. I was allergic to the patches I was prescribed, and nicotine gum made me so nauseous I could barely stand. For me, the ecig was a lifesaver in finally quitting smoking. 

    For anyone who doesn’t smoke cigarettes now, it would be absolutely foolishly INSANE to pick up an ecig, mistakenly thinking they are harmless social fun. Even the flavored ones with no nicotine content…makes no sense…why pick up a potential habit that has NO healthy benefit whatsoever? 

    I have to agree that while the ecigs do emit a slight odor, it is so short lived, evaporates so very quickly and with no residue, I cannot seriously accept anyones claim that it is socially offensive. 

    So, I had to answer the poll, I LOVE THEM!!! If I could have one 24/7 I’d do it, but, I also don’t believe they’re without their own set of traps. 

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    I like vaping. But I have certain rules about how I choose to do it. 

    You see I like smoking. I know it is a filthy, unhealthy habit but there you go. Having said this, I’m always happy to consider ways to cut down consumption of traditional cigarettes and vaping helps. 

    What I won’t do – and which several “vapourous” friends do – is constantly suck on an e-cig. Neither will I use one in circumstances where ordinary cigarettes are banned. So I treat vaping in the same way as I would smoking. You go outside. If there’s no outside smoking area then you don’t vape any more than you would smoke.

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    I think vaping is a miracle for smokers who cannot or will not quit using other methods. I think it is in the process of saving lives. Nicotine, while certainly addictive, is no more harmful than caffeine. Nicotine, beyond the addiction factor, has never been the dangerous part of a cigarette.

    There have been thousands of compounds identified in cigarette smoke. E-cig vapor is made up of propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin and nicotine. Flavorings are all FDA approved but are totally optional if they are a source of concern to someone.

    Propylene glycol is in toothpaste, shampoo, foods, lotions, deoderant, and other things we touch on a daily basis. It’s also used in hospital air systems as a sanitizing agent, and it’s a major component in asthma inhalers and nebulizers.

    No matter how much vapor might look like smoke to some, it is not smoke and cannot be correctly called smoke. There is no smoke without combustion. Kinda like how water looks like vodka, but certainly isn’t vodka.

    There is a ton of misinformation out there right now about vaping. Whether it’s a group with an anti-smoking agenda calling it dangerous or a government that wants its share of the revenue or someone who simply has seen too many ignorant news pieces on vaping, people tend to think of it as a fad or simply as a new way of smoking. It’s an industry that has doubled in size every year. I hope that sales of electronic cigarette products eventually overtake the sales of traditional cigarettes. It will do a real service to so many people’s health.


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    alpinebride:  I just say I have to relate. I’ve smoked maybe 2 cigarettes in my life, but now I always want to have another one because of the motions of smoking. I wish they would develop some kind of healthy smoke because I would be all over that. Even a hookah I know is bad so I don’t do either anymore, and I don’t want to invest in an e-cig.

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    Too late to edit my comment, but I wanted to add that if you are a social or very light smoker who is not addicted to nicotine or a non-smoker, I do not think that e-cigs are for you. I think they are a wonderful alternative for those who are putting themselves at risk and should not be treated as a novelty item.

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