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    I've tried it. It's okay. Not something I care to do a lot though.

    I've tried it. It's amazing! I love it!

    I've tried it. I hate it.

    I have never tried it, nor will I ever. It's just as nasty as smoking.

    I haven't tried it, but I might.

    I'm definitely going to try it now!

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    I have an e-cig and I love it. I used to smoke kind of a lot, and I switched to my e-cig because I was tired of smelling like smoke and the tons of carcinogens in cigarettes. 

    I have no problem with being addicted to nicotine. It’s no different to me than caffeine. Yes, caffeine and nicotine are stimulants and come with their own set of potential issues, but as of right now I’m not concerned. 

    Side note: the variety of flavors of e-liquid is amazing. Right now I’m using caramel apple.

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    I have loads of friends who have either successfully quit or cut down using e-cigs. I think they are great, and I don’t mind if people smoke them in the house, unlike cigarettes. They don’t contain all of the nasty poisons, toxins and carcinogens. Much better for you!

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    alpinebride:  There’s some you can buy that are 0mg nicotine. They supposedly don’t have any nicotine content. That’s what I want to get. 

    I thought I’d do the same, but I’d actually recommend at least getting a low nicotine one. the thing is, vaping helps, but it’s just not the same. if you take away too many of the aspects you enjoy about smoking, you won’t want to use it. 

    I am a social smoker — I’m only tempted when I’ve been drinking and never at any other time. I honestly think I’m not addicted to the nicotine. BUT I found that those nights of binge smoking, if I don’t get some kind of “reward” when I’m vaping, as the night goes on and I get more tipsy, I get tempted to bum real cigarettes off of my friends. 

    but the thing is, it is really helpful. it takes care of the ritual that I love doing with my friends. it really has helped me cut way back.

    downside: last weekend something went wrong with my e-cig and it started getting kind of slurpy (like when you try to drink one last drop of your drink through a straw).  sometimes I’d get a little droplet of the juice on my tongue, and it was super annoying. I gave up that night and started bumming cigarettes.  also, my in-law uses one and he is really bad about remembering to keep it filled and/or charged up. when that happens he buys a pack of cigs. so you have to be vigilant and take really good care of this stuff or you might be tempted to slip. 

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    EDIT: I meant, don’t start with 0mg nicotine. taper down to it if you want to quit. 

    good luck! 

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    Fiance and I were visiting a few friends in California a couple of weeks ago, and one of our friends bought an e-cig while we were there. I tried it (I don’t smoke now, but I did for about a year in college) and I thought it was AWFUL. The aftertaste was so weird and not appealing at all. Granted, I hate regular cigarettes now too, so I’m probably not the best person to ask. Fiance and our friend smoked it all week and they seemed to enjoy it.

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    I quit smoking using an electronic cigarette.  Usually I would never recommend a, mostly, nonsmoker to use one, but if you really want to try it, definitely go for 0 nic.  As a PP stated, it isn’t as satisfying as a cigarette.  I mean cigarettes have a gazillion other addictive chemicals in them, so while you are getting the major one through an electronic cigarette, you still aren’t getting all of the others and withdrawl still happens.  I’d imagine that wouldn’t truly be the case for you.  

    I always suggest going with a higher end unit than a Blu or something equivalent.  Those work for some people, but the high end units give you a much easier draw than those.  With the Blu, I felt like I was going to pop my lungs trying to get a hit off of one.  

    However, I have asthma and when I was first using my vaporizer while still smoking, to cut back, I did have an asthma attack from a peppermint liquid.  When my boyfriend used certain flavors I also felt chest tightness and would get headaches from them.  So, it still might be wise to use it in a different room.  

    There are also PG and VG.  I am sensitive to PG, so I have to use a 50/50 or lower so I don’t get major headaches.  

    As far as smell goes, there is definitely a smell still.  Pretty much whatever the liquid smells like is what it will smell like to everyone else.  Even unflavored liquids still have a slight smell, granted not as strong as flavored liquids.  

    I vape like I would smoke.  I wouldn’t smoke in Wal-mart, so I don’t vape in Wal-mart.  I wouldn’t smoke in front of non-smokers, so I don’t vape infront of them etc. etc. etc.  The vaping world is under such stress right now, so I do my best to keep it curtious and not hurt the industry more.  

    If you have a phyiscal Brick and Mortar store around you, I would recommend going and checking them out (not a kiosk at the mall though, their prices tend to be grossly high and they tend to sell knock offs).  Vaping isn’t exactly cheap, but for how you may use it, you could probably stretch farther than most people who are truly quitting smoking.  

    I don’t have any 0 nic liquid or I’d be happy to share since I have an overflow of stuff I don’t use, but I am always happy to help with recommendations of equipment and other such things.  

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    I also recommend going to a real store, not online or a kiosk. the cigarettes are weirdly complicated (at first) and I had a million questions that I couldn’t find the answer to online. they also usually let you try a bunch of flavors, which is highly recommended. I tried 10 flavors and hated almost all of them. I disliked anything sweet, so I settled on two: coffee and mild tobacco (which really tastes like a cigarette, IMO). even after using it for a while, I decided the coffee is too sweet for me, so I’ll probably only use the tobacco flavored one from now on. 

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    the guy at my store did not recommend the kind that look like real cigs. at first I was disappointed about that. but the explanation is that they’re more of a PITA: the actual vaping is not as good of an experience, and the liquid and battery don’t last as long (so you might need to carry several with you). also, there is more stuff to dispose of, so it’s way more expensive and bad for the environment. 

    my reusable one is about the size of a cigar. honestly, I don’t mind that size. that didn’t kill the experience for me or anything. 

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    Egos are great.  Do you know what kind of tank you got, like an EVOD or a protank, to put the liquid in?  They also make cartomizers, like what is in the blu to refill, for your Ego battery.  I believe the most common brand for those is SmokTek.

    I have a few Egos, a few with variable volage so you can adjust to make the flavors how you want them.  I use an Itaste VV3, but I don’t think that would be necessary for your needs.  

    The only ones I have used that were similar to the size and shape of a cigarette are the Blu brand, but I have heard great things about the Volt and the e-roll.  I almost considered one, but I decided to just go with the bigger ones since I work at home and size isn’t an issue for me.  The volts come in pretty colors haha.  I am not sure if we are allowed to link to other sites?  But I can point you in the direction of those, but a quick search on google should bring them up.

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    Psychological addiction can be just as powerful as physical addiction. I wouldn’t start using either types of cigarettes for fear of that.

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    I think it’s great for people who are trying to quit smoking.  All the smokers at my work have goten into these things and I think it’s fabulous as we are talking about long time smokers.  They aren’t as stinky as cigs, they don’t cause all the litter, don’t cause problems with smell and air polution, presumably it’s healthier, etc.

    I wouldn’t try one because I don’t smoke to begin with adn I don’t see why I’d expose myself to something that’s mostly untested so far. 

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