(Closed) What are your top 3 fears?

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Buzzing bee

1. Not being able to get pregnant. There isn’t a medical reason for me to think I can’t, but I just see so many women struggle with it.

2. Being constrained (like someone holding me down so I can’t move).

3. I’m scared I’ll never get to travel like I really want to.

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Busy Beekeeper
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Oh gosh… that’s a tough one.

  • My number one would be drowning – I’m a very good swimmer and for me the thought of getting stuck under water without being able to breath is the scarriest shit for me. (excuse my French)
  • Tight spaces – I feel paranoid when I’m stuck in a small space where I can’t move
  • Bees and Spiders, I’m absolutely petrified of them, even if I see one small spider in the shower, I will run out butt naked screaming “AHHHHHH” lol 

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Honey bee
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I can only think of one right now and it’s fish.  Once when I was a kid I was swimming in the lake at my dad’s house and I was doing somersaults under water and when I came up there was a fish tangled in my hair flopping around on my head. Now I hate swimming in lakes/oceans/anywhere there are fish!

ETA: Thought of another one! Being tickled to death.  Again when I was a kid my Pepere used to think it was funny to tickle me, but he used to take it way too far to the point where I legit could not breathe and I came close to passing out more than once.

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Helper bee


2. Being embarrassed and rejected

3. Spiders and Insects

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Bumble bee

Spiders, roaches, and sometimes, heights. But only when I feel like I might fall and get hurt. Ferris wheels, rickety balconies, stuff like that. Ladders and such don’t bother me.

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Bee Keeper
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going blind (or having something happen to my eyes)

something happening to my teeth

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Busy bee
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Ooh good one @AnneTossy

My top 3 are:

1.) Not being able to get pregnant

2.) Bananas (OMG SO GROSS)

3.) Centipedes

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Honey bee
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1. Being devoured by angry bugs (insects/spiders/whatever)

2. Car accident. I hate driving because I visualize horrible accidents every couple minutes, and yet I have to drive every single day.

3. Destruction of my family/close friends/places I love all at once, like in a huge earthquake.

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Honey bee
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@panterapeach:  It probably would’ve been funny if it hadn’t been so terrifying! 🙂

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Helper bee
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1) spiders

2) @panterapeach:  same as your number three. If I can touch the bottom (near the beach in the ocean, for example) or see the bottom (snorkeling in the Caribbean) it’s no big deal, but I can’t jump out of a boat in the middle of a lake.

3) giving presentations/public speaking

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Busy bee

1) Balloons, the latex kind

2) Lizards

3) Frogs

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Buzzing Beekeeper

I have many perfectly rational fears (I am of course afraid of my child being harmed, or something bad happening to a loved one), but right now my #1 irrational fear is dying during childbirth. I don’t know why, but recently I’ve been having bad dreams about it and just getting really freaked out over it being a possibility. The prospect of dying and leaving my family terrifies me.

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Worker bee
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I am definitely most afraid of my husband or my mom getting hurt, but for other fears that do not involve the unthinkable I have a few…


1. SPIDERS. I legit am TERRIFIED. I hate them so much. I have such bad anxiety about them that I just get paralyzed with fear and I cannot move when I see one. It is crazy. 

2. Werewolves… okay, so I know they are not real… but I hate them. Anytime I watch a movie or that creepy goosebumps episode from when I was a kid… they ruined me. I had a nightmare when I was 5 and ever since then, I have been a scaredy cat. 

3. Tsunamis!!! Granted, I live on the ocean so after seeing the devastating tsunamis in thailand/surrounding areas and Japan.. I freak anytime there is a little earthquake. lol


Chicken little over here… haha

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