(Closed) What's your favorite healthy snack and meal ideas for weight loss?

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My favorite snack is a piece of sliced turkey wrapped around a slice of avocado! Filling and satisfying.

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Avoiding snacks altogether will get you a long way for weight loss. If you must, then a fruit or vegetable to get you to the next meal…

My sweet treat is protein pancakes that I make for the whole family every Saturday morning. I make different combinations, but here’s the main idea:


This guy puts only half a banana, I put a whole one. I also substitute half the eggs for chia seeds/water mix as an egg replacer.

They are a delicious, healthy treat, once per week. I also add blueberries, dark chocolate chips and maple syrup.


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I have an addiction to the squeezy fruit smoothie things like Peter Rabbit Organic Fruit Snacks & Veggie Blends. They’re convenient, tasty, and great on-the-go snacks (I bring them hiking). There are other brands, like Buddy Fruits and GoGo Squeeze, but I’m not sure if they’re organic or not. You can find them in the produce section of most grocery stores.

I’ll also second the “slice of turkey” thing, although I eat mine with spinach leaves & a little bit of part-skim cheese.

Oh, and yogurt, but read the ingredients because some brands *cough*Yoplait*cough* have crazy amounts of sugar and carbs. And baked apple chips… I could go on for a while.

One last pseudo-tip– If you like to bake and want to work your way up to whole wheat baking, look for White Whole Wheat Flour. It’s whole wheat flour made from a different type of wheat so that it has less of a “wheat taste” and behaves a little more like white flour. You can get it from Trader Joes ($2.99!) or anywhere that sells King Arthur flour.

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I lost over 30 pounds by eating more often, and having smaller, healthier portions. For me, not snacking just isn’t an option. I usually have veggies and hummus (sometimes I skip the hummus out of pure laziness), plain yogurt mixed with berries and honey, or a Larabar.

Also, if you’re looking for something sweet, frozen blueberries are delicious. Grapes too actually. I don’ t know what it is, but when they’re frozen they taste like candy.

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Sweets are my weakness too, so recently I’ve been obsessed with either some low fat cottage cheese+strawberries or rice cakes (caramel and chocolate ones are so yummy ).

I know it’s not healthy, but when I really feel like I’m gonna binge, I have one of those little 60 calorie jello pudding cups…usually chocolate. I guess u could say chocolate is my weakness ๐Ÿ™‚ 

I also love smoothies. Sometimes I throw in cocoa powder (cuz, again…chocolate!). Overnight oatmeal is soooo yummy too (but I’m obsessed with oatmeal too).

Check out dashingdish.com  they have tons of awesome clean recipes on there (and lots of desserts!) ๐Ÿ™‚

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bluesparkles:  Train your taste buds/body to really love fruit as your sweet fix. I buy my fruit in bulk from Costco; buy according to season. Right now, the white peaches are insanely delicious, as are black apricots and cherries. In the winter, I like red grapefruit, mango, and apples.

Anyway, I eat fruit with some homemade yogurt for protein, which makes it more filling. You can also make your own “healthy” granola too (I like Smitten Kitche’s recipe, which uses an egg white instead of a ton of oil/syrup to hold it together) Use tons of nuts and seeds and decrease the amount of oatmeal, and eat only a little at a time. 

Steamed (or raw) veggies with hummus

I like hard boiled eggs, some people find them too sulfurous, but obviously it’s great protein if you don’t mind the taste

Tuna (in water, no salt) salad, using mashed avocado instead of mayonnaise. Or just plain tuna, though the taste may take getting used to. 


Good luck!

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For breakfast, I am usually on the go so I do fruit and nuts or fruit and oatmeal or yogurt. Sometimes I put walnuts or almonds in the oatmeal or yogurt. I do plain Greek yogurt or plain oatmeal and put a tiny bit of honey and cinnamon in it. 

I usually do a snack before lunch ..a piece of turkey, a Greek yogurt if I didn’t have that for breakfast (the ones I get have a lot of protein which I have found fills me up), veggies & hummus, a banana w/ peanut butter. 

For lunch I usually have a salad with turkey or chicken, lots of veggies, nuts, a little bit of cheese & salad dressing. I also have something sweet like fruit or pudding. 

I dont do a snack between lunch & dinner. I work out right after work and then make dinner, which is usually some kind of meat and veggies like salmon and green beans, turkey or chicken on the grill with zucchini, etc. If I didn’t have a pudding after lunch I’ll have one after dinner (that’s kind of my treat for the day).  After this I am DONE, I do not eat past 7 pm!! This has been huge for me bc I used to snack soo much after dinner. Sometimes if I’m craving something sweet after dinner I’ll make a cup of tea (no added sugar or sweetener) or I’ll make a glasa of ice water and put some fruit in it to sweeten it! 

i stuck to this plan and worked out 3-5 times a week and had huge results! The keys for me were planning meals and snacks ahead and not veering from what I packed. Even if someone brought doughnuts at work, i refused to stray from what I brought. I also planned time for the days I was going to work out and put out my workout clothes. This is funny but I wouldn’t let myself get on weddingbee/Facebook after work until after I worked out if it was a workout day!! ๐Ÿ™‚ also, rid your house of any foods that will tempt you & tell your family and friends about your plans. My mother in law stopped having dessert when we were over which was really nice bc that is my biggest weakness! 

good luck!! It is difficult at first but once you get a routine and start seeing results it is soo worth it!! 

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I like sliced Turkey rolled around string cheese or Tex-Mex trail mix (I keep these portioned in snack bags in my desk drawer so i dont go to the vending machine) I also pack portioned grapes in snack bags in my lunch box if I get a sweet craving.

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Frozen grapes!! I love them! I always have some in my freezer. And right now my walmart has them for $1.15/lbs which is wicked cheap! I keep a lot of veggies stocked in my fridge. I’m phasing out meat all together so I eat a lot of potatos, rice, veggie stir frys, fruit smoothies, beans, etc.

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Green smoothies, oatmeal, frozen grapes, hummus w veggies and avocados are my staples!

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If you need something sweet, try chocolate dusted almonds. First of all, almonds are super filling and just a couple of them will satisfy your sweet tooth. If you need a carb or salt, try a bit of the not ultra buttery popcorn. I like to eat those individual pouches of tuna with a but if Italian dressing to get me through or after a workout for protein. Water is great, too, if you don’t have a healthy snack available. Fruit water is so good and filling!

It’s also really important to start the day off right. Try not to eat carbs for breakfast (cereal, bagel, toast, etc.). Theyre typically more empty calories and you’ll be hungry again…and not for good things. A protein or yogurt with fresh fruit is really good and filling, although I try not to eat too much dairy. Youll also crave healthier things all day! 

Otherwise, I eat basically no red meat (maybe once in a while if I feel like I need an iron boost or reallyyyy want some BBQ) and substitute red meats for chicken, turkey, or salmon. I always make a salad with dinner and make sure I finish the entire salad before going for meats and starches…that way you fill up on good calories rather than the bad ones! 

Also, and I know weight loss starts in the kitchen, but try to work out as much as you can. You really do feel much better, and it boosts your metabolism (seriously, I’m always hungry!) but you’ll find yourself wanting GOOD foods rather than junky snacks. Small details really do make a big big difference. Good luck!! 

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I just discovered dried apples with cinnamon chips!  They are sweet and crunchy. I also love goldfish, so I make snack size bags with 1 ounce in each so I don’t overrated. Good luck!!

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I have lost 39 pounds (since october 2013), I used MyFitness Pal and it really helped me see how some snacks are just not worth the calories- so I learned to make better choices! 

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I would recommend doing some research into primal eating and paleo eating. To be blunt, I am a recovering sugar addict. I was always hungry and craving unhealthy food. I love grains and anything sugary with all my heart. But they were taking me on a constant ride of hunger, cravings, weight gain, bad skin, dark circles under my eyes, and general unhealthiness. 3 months of paleo eating later, my skin is clearing, I’ve lost a full size with more weight continuing to come off, and steady eating for nutrition rather than cravings. I accept that grains, legumes, dairy, and all forms of processed food will never be a regular part of my life again. But I know where they lead me, and that’s not a place I want to be again anyway.

Edit- My snacks consist of nuts, fresh fruit, coconut milk kefir, and green tea. I want to start making green smoothies, but need to get a blender first.

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