(Closed) What are/were your "rules" for choosing baby names?

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Sugar bee
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Not in the top 25

Meaning is important

No weird/obvious nicknames

Name doesn’t remind us of someone we don’t like/know 

I tend to like Welsh/Scottish/Celtic names. Sometimes Latin and Greek.

Pass the “resume” test.

Generally for a girl, I want something elegant and strong.  For a boy, strong and commanding.

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Bumble bee
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Classic, not trendy, but not overused either

Saint’s name or a derivation of a saint’s name for at least one of the names (could be first or middle)

Had to flow well with our last name, preferably with a different number of syllables

No names of any ex-significant other

A family name for the middle name

If one of us HATED a name, we could veto

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Bee Keeper
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nothing too trendy, (although can be popular due to timelessness like Elizabeth or George)

Not too common, (hopefully will be the only child with that name in his/her class)

good for all life stages, (ie. the senator test)

more weight given to names that start with a vowel

can’t be the name of a close, living relative

nothing overly religious, (Mary, Chris, Moses, Isaac, etc)

name can’t sound madeup / must have meaning or substance to it.

Italian or Russian names a plus.

for a girl it’s important for me that the name be feminine but sophisticated and strong.  Nothing that sounds plain or weak or lacking in substance.


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Bee Keeper
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It has to be something that wouldn’t get tossed out or laughed at on a resume.

Not terribly common, not completely out there (which makes me sad because our fave girl name is Emma and now it’s in the top 5… boo hiss)

Easy to pronounce and spell (and no ‘wierd’ spellings, adding random punctuation, or swapping letters)

Family names for middle names

Veto power

We’d like it to flow well with the family middle names we picked.

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Sugar bee
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Normal and traditional spellings. (Example: Emily not Emalee or Olivia not Olivya)

First and middle name cannot end with the same sound. (Example: Emily Marie both end with “E” sound. Or Olivia Isbella both end with “Ah” sound.)

Personally I am not fond of family names, unless they’re a middle name. (Example: my grandfather’s first name is Ralph and if I have a son it will be his middle name. My grandmother’s middle name is Alice and if I have a daughter that will be her first name.)

I am also particular about syllables. Our last name will be one syllable. For boy names I quite like names that go: 2, 1, 1 and for girls I prefer 2, 3, 1.

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Honey Beekeeper
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I would like to find a name we love that isn’t in the top 100 but I also want a name that is a “normal” spelling and pronunciation.  I’m not completely adament on avoiding anything below 100 but I don’t think I’d be able to go with something in the top 25, no matter how much I liked it.  I also just want to make sure it flows well with our last name.

Generally, I like classic names that aren’t too crazy popular.  I want my kids to have a name that works for both a child and an adult, can be pronounced, and hopefully won’t make them 1 of 10 kids in their class with the same name.

ETA: Oh – and names that start with a “K” are off limits.  Both DH’s name and my name start with “K” (as does our dog’s name) and if we name our child with a “K”, we’re going to start sounding like the Duggars or something.  Not happening.

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Blushing bee
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@Crabbabs:  My rules are pretty much EXACTLY the same as yours.  There are a few differences, which I’ll put below:


Not in the top 200 (I don’t love popular names either)


Biblical names are ok with me; but, generally biblical and popular go togther so that would probably eliminate most biblical names anyway!

But I’m with you on the rest!  I hate when people think my real name is a long version of the name I go by.  Its my real name, people!  Get over it!

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Bee Keeper
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Can’t be named after anything that can be ridden

Can’t be anything overly effiminate

No first name/last name mondegreens. Sawyer is a nice unisex name. But no good when paired with Dickson, for example.

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Honey bee
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Easy to spell, say, understand on the phone

Sounds good with long, italian last name

Doesn’t have any bad memories attached

Extra points for names used in many languages

Not a family name or close to any family names (to avoid confusion)

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Sugar bee
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Can’t end in la. As in Ella, Bella, Stella. Our last name starts with a La, similar to Landon.


So Ella Landon, Stella Landon, Bella Landon sounds like Lalalalalalalalaaaaa

(man, that doesn’t make much sense when I type it out haha)

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Honey bee
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@EffieTrinket:  I never knew the term mondegreen! Just googled and there are some really funny examples LOL

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Bumble bee
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We haven’t really talked rules yet, but I know there are some guidelines we agree on:

  • Not too popular
  • Not too trendy
  • Nothing cutesy, must pass the resume’ test
  • No weird made-up spellings

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Sugar bee
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Our rules are similar: 

Not in the “top names” of previous year– if it’s one we REALLY love, the cut off will be adjustable

Common spelling & pronunciation

No “weird” names (this is from DH) he doesn’t want his kids to be Sunshine or Apple

Family names get less weight 

Absolutly no Jr.’s 

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