(Closed) What are/were your "rules" for choosing baby names?

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These are so interesting! We didnt’ really have any rules besides nothing too common but nothing too ‘out there’ either. We both found we loved older names and family names.

I want to say the name we chose is in the 70’s or 80’s on the top 100 list and its growing more and more popular (which i didn’t realize when we picked it!) personally I’ve only met one person in my life with our baby name choice but i keep seeing it pop up everywhere. Maybe because it’s on the brain??….like when you breakup with a boyfriend and you start seeing their car everywhere or things that remind you of them?

@artichokey:  Lol!!! Jack Donaghy is my hero.

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@EffieTrinket:  aww I love the name Amber.  You’re being too harsh on your name.  

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@Meowkers:  I’ve always hated it. Objectively it’s not that bad, but….

I’ve decided if I still hate it when I am 30, I will get it changed. That doesn’t give me too long to change my mind, but I promised myself I’d try.

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@EffieTrinket:  I feel your pain. I have one of those 80s “valley girl” names too. I’ve always hated it.

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Boy name has to start with a “G” so that he can have Dad’s initials (a huge deal to him!). Girl name needs to have multiple syllables. And neither can be in the top 100 list of names in the nation. 

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  1. CANNOT be Neveah. 
  2. Can’t be in the top 50 (but I struggle with that where girl names are concerned, since feminine classics are bouncing up in popularity lately).
  3. Can’t have any of those “cutesy” spellings.  Like, Kamryn or Destynee.  My name is spelled very differently and I have always hated that.
  4. Can’t be any of our exes names or anyone we hate/a bad kid.
  5. Has to have two middle names, because I love so many names I want to utilize as many as possible since I’m only planning to have two kids (if any, at all).
  6. Boy’s first name needs to be strong, but unique.  I’m not fond of his first name being a classic, like I am for girls. I really just don’t like a lot of the played out male names (ie: Michael, William, David, Charles, Henry,etc.)
  7. Like someone else said, can’t have an obvious nickname.  I love the name Rebekah, but if someone called my kid Becky I’d have a fit. So, that’s a no-go.  As is Danielle (Dani), Abigail (Abby), and Jacob (Jake) =[


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@Pinksapphire:  I love the name Rebekah too and know someone with that name. She goes by Bekah and I love it! No one calls her Becky and I’m sure if they did she or her parents would correct them to Bekah or Rebekah.

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+1 for the resume test. I don’t know why people believe that your kid will actually get an interview if they can’t pronounce their name. Illegal? Yes, but it happens ALL of the time.

!. Something that isn’t easy for kids to make fun of

2. Something that can carry them into adulthood

3. That the name isn’t an acutual profession, fruit/vegetable, or verb

I have a family member that wanted to name their kid Chancellor just so they could call him Chance. Thank baby jesus they had a girl. What if he actually became a Chancellor of a university someday? “Please welcome, Chancellor Chancellor!” People, please think it through…

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Hm.  We didn’t really have any rules… maybe we did…

No names for boys that are also for girls.

No names of anyone we dislike or had a bad experience with.

No super common names.

No names that are extremely “unique.”  We wanted a traditional name that is not super common, but not something that is an adjective or a word that is something else.  It can be common from another era or country.

I think that is about it!  Mostly I just randomly name a name off to Darling Husband and he makes a face or pauses and says, “I like _____.”

ETA:  Has to be a suitable name for a doctor.  Just in case 🙂

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@sweetie78:  Why in the world didn’t they just name him Charles? I mean, yeah, moot point now, but if Bill can be short for William….

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We both like it.

It flows well through first-middle-last names.

I pretty much cut it there, I don’t really have any other hard rules because I figure everything changes with time

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Must pass the “Dr.” / lawyer test (we don’t have senators in nz, and some of our politicians do have odd names. Same test though).

Must be spelled correctly. My child is not to be used as a billboard to promote my commitment to questionable literacy.

Nothing cutesy – I’m naming a person, not a puppy.

Probably not ending in an ee sound, due to our last name.

Fiance says nothing too “poncy” (I love a lot of old, classical names). He also says nothing to “chavvy” (he’s American, I think he just loves the word)

Fiance is cautious about names associated with tv shows/films. Me less so (examples include Oliver, Madeline and Amelia – all on my short list).

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Darling Husband is insistent both first and middle name be from the Bible or a saint’s name (we’re Catholic).  Initials could not spell out anything ridiculous.  A lot of names got ruled out because of former students.

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We are TTC but so far we have

Family names

no middle name as a first name.

nothing too common

nothing that immediate family has (I have a niece Madison[8years] and one Madelyn[2]… we are working with big Maddie and little Maddie- I truely hate it as Big Maddie keeps saying … “I’m not BIG anything I’m the shortest kid in class stop calling me BIG” )  

nothing unisex (this one I didn’t care much about until we were at a birthday party with a boy and girl named Jordan, and a boy and girl named Taylor… yeah all that unisex stuff went out the window)  

I really don’t care if it’s hard to pronounce, I love my name and people mangle it all the time.

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EffieTrinket I have NO idea. I mean, not my baby, but can you see a little kid in kindergarten trying to write out Chancellor on his paper every day? They (and when I say they I mean she) were going for something “unique.” I wish that qualification would stop meaning so much to parents. On the off chance ONE person might say to you, “oh wow, that’s so unique! I’ve never heard that name before!” is it really worth messing with your future kid’s life/livelihood? Clearly, I have strong opinions on this. : )

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