(Closed) What are/were your "rules" for choosing baby names?

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Busy bee

We’re not TTC yet, but we do have a few rules in mind!

– Name can’t remind us of someone we don’t like
– The name can’t be after a celebrity, exception: Lennon as a middle name
– No names that can be used against them when they are in middle school/high school and inevitably are bullied in some way
– No super obvious nicknames but something WE can make a nickname for (so as a PP said, no Abigail, Abby situation)
– No immediate family names, we don’t want to offend either side 

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Bumble bee
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I am so very sad that my cousin is six years older and stole my favourite girl name – “Grace”. I have this super huge family, so finding a name that no one that we’re closely related to has will be difficult – (I have 30+ cousins)

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@Miss Otter – The “no celebrity” rule gets harder when you start Googling the name. I didn’t know they was a celebrity named “Ronan” (Ronan Keating) until after we picked the name. I’m convinced that most names will also be shared what a celebrity of some sort (actor, musician, writer, politician, etc.).

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Interesting to seet the different criterion everyone has! I wonder if “Barack Obama” passed the senator test….I do tend to think that that test cannot apply as to non- White, Anglo-saxon Protestant groups. ours:

1. Cannot be in the top 25 for the past 5 years

2. Cannot rhyme with the last name ( I curse Fiance for is “an” ending last name.  it eliminates so many of my favorite girls names)

3. Unique but not to the point of confusion, simple but not to the point of blandness

4. No living fammily members’ names

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Bumble bee

Most of you have already listed the main ones for me but I also insist on having a name that can be shortened. Basically so that as a child they can have a shortened cutesy/simple name but their full name can be used as an adult and it will be a good adult name. For example, Gabriella for the full name but Gabby for short, or Alexandra for Full name but Ali for short, or Cameron for full name but Cam for short etc etc etc.

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This is a little off topic but I figured since I agree with most of what everyone is saying — rules and such— how do you guys feel about the name


Vaea Rosalynn


Like Vay-ah Ross-a-lynn. I’m not sure if Rosalynn is the traditional spelling (my guess was that Rosalyn was), but the middle name, Lynn, runs in my family (my mother and I have it) so I wanted to incorporate without keeping the short middle name.

Is Vaea too “out there” for you guys. I hate “unique” names, and “thought this one up” but looked it up to make sure it’s a real name. There are lots of Vaeas on facebook (lol) but I just wanted to make sure it sounds all right in “real life.”

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@MrsSanchizel:  I think its pretty.  I pronounced it just as you described it so it doen’t seem too wierd to me.  But, I am a teacher and I live in California, so I encounter non-traditional names on the daily

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Helper bee
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A boy will be Jr. 

For a girl (and any subsequent boys) nothing hard to pronounce. 

Must be a common spelling, I never want my kids to have to spell their name. (ex. Scott, Justin, Michael)

Must pass the lawyer/doctor test. No Jer’majesty for us. 

Family names would be nice for middle names. 

Nothing stupid spelled out with their initials. 

Our girl name is Elizabeth. Beautiful, classic, strong, timeless. 

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Buzzing bee
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@red_pepper_gal:  Ahh!  I forgot about my 5 million cousins and trying not to overlap!  I alone probably have 40-something first cousins…yeah, that made trying to pick a girl’s name even harder, since my family is mostly girls.  Luckily, we’re having a boy this time around!

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Sugar bee
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I don’t know about my husband’s rules… But mine are:

Nothing too unique

Nothing too common/popular

Easy to spell/pronounce (i.e. no extra letters that don’t need to be there)

Has good nickname potential (my mom is a nickname fiend, she even came up with a nickname for the name Ian! lol)

and lastly, the first girl name must go well with my grandmother’s name because it will be her middle name. 🙂

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Buzzing bee
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  • We have to both like it
  • Nothing hard to pronounce
  • Fairly easy to spell
  • Not super traditional/overused/boring (to us)
  • Not super trendy (in the top 100 or so)
  • Not a unisex first name (middle name is ok unisex)
  • I prefer longer names that can have a nickname.  DH has no preference.

We’re having a boy and chose Desmond (Dez) Elliott. 
If we had a girl, she would be Annelise Mae.


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Busy bee
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No ex’s names, first or middle

Nothing overly biblical

Nothing in the top 50 (my first and middle name were in the top 10 the year I was born, thanks mom and dad)

No intentional misspellings


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@red_pepper_gal & @peaches13 – Oh yes! We had to throw out several names because of family members had the same or very similiar names.


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Busy bee
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1) No K names.  I am Kristine he is Kristian.  Once you start with a K they will all be a K so people don’t feel left out and then we are the Duggars.

2) Nothing that has Kris in it see above (though I mean Krystal, Kristoff, Krista we could go on and on – I kid)

3) No juniors.  I just don’t like it.

4) We actually have agreed on a girls name.  Not that we are TTC but a daughter would be named after my grandmother and his mother.

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@Crabbabs:  We’re not TTC yet either, but I’ve alwayed liked some names, so keep them in mind. I had to cross a few off the list because they’d sound horrible with my guy’s last name, unfortunately.

I also try to think of how the name could be made fun of… that’s the main thing I am trying to avoid.

He has to like it too.

I don’t like many of these modern names that are misspelled on purpose, unisex, and sound like they’re made up. I really don’t see Skyllar Jones or Jayden Smith being CEOs or presidents, you know? I don’t want the name to be too cute either since kids do grow up and are stuck w. that name.

SO wants us to use family middle names… we’ll see… I like the girls’ one since it’s actually the same as my best friend’s name, but I am not a fan of the boys’ ones.

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