What baby names do you like but won't be able to use?

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I like Josephine, Jolene, pretty much all “Jo-“ names but I gave my daughter Jo for a middle name so I feel like it would be too similar to name another kid Jo something. 

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“I like the name Justin, but I can’t use it because my sister’s name is Justine, so it would be too confusing. My fiancé likes the name Lucy, but we can’t use it because it’s too similar to my name (Darcy).”

Oh my. I can’t imagine who would confuse your son with your sister (and they don’t even have the exact same name). And I really don’t think Lucy and Darcy are that simlar at all. I actually think it would be cute for your daughter to have a name that somewhat, sorta, kinda sounds like yours!

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Ava. It’s too close to the spelling and sound of my niece’s name. 

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chocolatewings122 :  my fiance and I will not be having children so obviously that means we won’t “get” to use any of the names we like lol

Back in my much younger days when I thought there was a possibility I’d change my mind one day, I always liked the name Maya for a girl. Not really even sure why – it has no significance to me, I just like it. Nothing ever really jumped out at me in terms of boy names I like or any other girl names. I’ve always been a fan of unisex names though.

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Names I like that we “can’t” use….

Zachary – We agreed we can’t use names of people we have dated

Adrianna – Its my favorite but my husband doesn’t like it. I haven’t completely given up on convincing him though 🙂 

We also don’t want to use any overly popular names. My brother had a popular name (Nicholas – nicknamed Nick) and he always had 3-4 other Nicks in all of his classes and sports teams. He always had to go by Nick O (last name) in school so he would sign family cards “Nick O” and introduce himself as Nick O when he was young. And when someone would say “Go Nick!” or “Nick get the ball” in sports like 4 kids would get super confused. 

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I love the name Eleanor (Ella for short). I was brokenhearted when my archnemesis named her daughter Eleanor (at least it’s a terrible middle name, lolol). I would never be able to look at my Eleanor without thinking of hers. It’d be easier if I don’t see this twerp every single day of my life, but alas, I see this twerp every single day of my life. 

But she calls her Elle for short, not Ella, so I feel a little better. “Ella” still feels like it’s mine. 

And I am comforted in that my favorite name of all time for girls is still on the table. I’m not telling a soul what it is, because I don’t think I could handle it if that name was taken from me too XD

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We have a strained relationship with my brother. I love a baby name, but the natural nickname for it is the same as the natural nickname for my brother’s kid’s name, and they get called the nickname. I think my parents would find it an upsetting reminder of their other grandchild they don’t get to see and wouldn’t keep quiet about it.

Also I keep liking names that begin with the same letter as our surname. Whilst alliteration is great with some letters, I’m not a fan of it with O’s!

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Calder and Emerson. Calder sounds terrible with our last name and dh has vetoed Emerson. There’s a really long list of vetoed names in our household. Those are just the two that I loved most.

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Sadie – can’t use it because it was my great aunt’s name and she was absolutely atrocious. 

Lots of gorgeous Irish names are sadly off the table even though both my partner and I are Irish-American because he’s against any name that our kid would have to constantly spell/pronounce for people. I can sort of understand because I have to correct people on my name all the time.

Tempest – it’s a family name but that one got a big ol’ veto.

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I love Eden but a girl in my group just used that for her daughter. She just moved away also so I’m thinking if she drifts from the group enough, I would feel better about using it lol. I’m not good friends with her so I’m thinking that I might not care anyway.

We also love Leo but it’s my boss’s kid’s name and I would feel so weird using it lol.

I also love the name Valentina as a middle name but apparently it’s a name picked out by my husband’s good friend and they got super pissed that her sister used it as a middle name. LOL. I don’t like it enough to cause a fight over it.

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I personally don’t feel like any names should be off limits. Of course it depends on your family dynamic, but I still think it’s silly.

My sister actually told me that if she had a girl, she wanted to use my name for her baby. Not to honor me or anything, just because she likes the name LOL. She ended up having 2 boys! I wouldn’t have minded either way though.

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The more I think about, I realize there aren’t that many names I “can’t” use. I always liked Sophia and Olivia but wouldn’t use them because they’re so popular. Myra and Oliver are out due to family connections.

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butternutter :  I knew a sibling pair named Holly Horn and Hunter Horn growing up.  

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DoubleD :  lol now there’s a family that has naming down to a fine art..!

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spilledmilk :  I love my sister’s name, Charlotte, and would have used it. It’s popularity has obvs risen recently in the UK because of Princess Charlotte, and I don’t like “fad” or highly popular names (like Finn, Oliver, Jack and Harry are now).

But I think its a beautiful name.

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