What baby names do you like but won't be able to use?

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Blushing bee
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I love the name Delaney and it sounds soooo cute with our last name, but we are an international/bilingual couple and live in a Spanish speaking country. Our one agreed upon criteria for names is that they will need to be pronounced the same or VERY similarly in both languages, which limits us a lot! But it’s very important to us that our kid feels bicultural and not tied more to one place than another. Also, so that they don’t have two different names, one with my parents and one with his parents… 

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Busy bee
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I have always loved my dissertation advisor’s first name, long before I met her, but things were such a nightmare at the end that it’s off the table for good. 

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Busy bee
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I’ve always loved the name Kate, but I now work with one who is complete bitch, so I don’t feel the same attachment as I used to.

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Worker bee

My Fi and I had always loved Oliver but my SIL named her little one Oliver and we have been quietly gutted ever since! 

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Busy bee
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I love the name Max for a boy, but my future SIL had a traumatically abusive relationship with a Max so that name is out in consideration of her.

I also love Harrison, but don’t love the inevitable nickname Harry.

I have loved the name Sophia for years and years, but it has become so popular and has lost its shine for me. But I’m now considering my future MIL’s late mother’s name, which is not very popular right now and is growing on me!

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Helper bee
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Done with kids, and the names we had jotted down but didn’t use were:


Girl: Natasha, Soleil, Sofia, Naveen, Elina, Tatiana

Boy: Adrian, Luciano, Ilan, Nicolas, Lorenzo, Fabrizio


I also always liked Elias for a middle name, but the hubs never liked that name, I think he knew someone a long time ago with that name and he did not like him. I always thought that was a silly reason for not using a name, but then again I knew a Nadia when I was a kid that was super hateful, and to this day I would not use that name even to name my dog, lol.

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Blushing bee
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Charlie (for a boy).

It’s always been right up there on our favourite boy names list, but a very close friend of mine had a baby boy two weeks ago and they named him Charlie.

It just wouldn’t feel right to use it now.

She didn’t ‘steal’ it or anything, we’ve never talked to friends about what names we like, and hey it’s a fairly common name so it’s not unexpected that someone close to us got in before us haha.

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Buzzing bee

I have a few.

I have always loved the name Benjamin but one of my really good friends has been dating a Benjamin for a few years now, so I would feel weird about. 

Shane, was one of my serious ex’s name so I nixed it. 

Kent, my dads name was Ken, which I hate but I would love a way to honor him (he passed away). I love the name Kent as a variation of it but my cousin is named Kent and it would be too weird for me. 

Sebastian, this one is unfortunate because we both LOVE this name but we can’t agree on a nickname. I loved bash and he wanted Seb which reminds me of a sebaccious cyst, so we just nixed it, instead of arguing over it. 

Lorraine or Laurel, love the name but it’s my estranged grandmother’s name. There is a big feud in the family that’s lasted forever and my grandma hasn’t talked to me in years and so I wouldn’t feel comfortable using it. 

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Worker bee

So many names are totally awkward tongue twisters with our last name. The big one that we both really wanted to use but ultimately nixed was Alexander. Otis and Asher are family names I wanted to use but also didn’t work with the last name and I couldn’t get Darling Husband on board. 

Any girl name! Our top choices were Helen(a) or Elaina, Nora, Josephine, and Claudia. Love Stella too but wouldn’t sound good anyway.

Nathaniel has always been a favorite too and is fine with the last name but I hate all the nicknames. 

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Worker bee

annabeth929 :  My oldest shares a name with a guy I HATED at work. I tried to veto it but Darling Husband felt so strongly we chose it anyway. It took a while for me to accept his name (and secretly I called him by our 2nd choice name for weeks lol). Damn miserable coworkers taking away name love!

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Helper bee
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chocolatewings122 :  My boyfriend’s mom took two of my top baby names when she named her dogs Riley and Oliver……

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Blushing bee
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ahartig :  If you both love the name Sebastian, why would you nix it due to a nickname? Just call him Sebastian.  I love this name, and it’s my boss’ son’s name  they call him Sebastian, but sometimes write Seb in texts/emails as shorthand.

I love the name Sofia, but it’s too popular and my aunt named her dog that. 

I also love the name Adalyn, but my best friend named her daughter Madalyn, and that is a little too close for me! 

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Worker bee

Hunter. I love the name but it’s a nada from OH as he thinks it’s a jerks name (what? haha), so will be used for the next pet!

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Helper bee
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James—— my exes name that my mom HATED and she can’t even say the name still (10 years later) without sounds completely disgusted. Ugh and it’s my FAVE boys name of all time 😭

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Bumble bee
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I’ve always loved the name Benjamin but then I married one and I don’t want a junior. I love Milo too but I named my parrot that in college, and he was pretty mean so I know my husband won’t go for it. I also love the name Miles but with our last name it would be someone famous so unfortunately that’s out!

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