(Closed) What BC do you use?

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Helper bee
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Sprintec birth control pill.

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Helper bee
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The patch. Have been for a while. Was on the pill but way prefer the patch

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Busy bee
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I take the pill. I am on the generic brand of Ortho tri cyclen. I used Levora for a couple months and turned into a bitch from hell. That did NOT agree with me. I am so terrified of an IUD. I’ve been on the pill for 7 years now. I have heard bad things about patches and shots int he past but both my sisters have an IUD, one has a copper one and I don’t remember what the other has. They haven’t had any problems with them to my knowledge.

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Busy bee
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Fiance and I use the pull out method but before I met him I was on the pill (Cyclen). If you don’t want kids for a while and don’t mind hormonal birth control I would suggest Mirena.

ETA: I was on the patch before going on the pill, and it was terrible. It also made me itchy.

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Buzzing bee
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Since going off the pill we’ve been using condoms, or the PO method, when I know I’m not in a fertile period. We plan on TTC within the next year or two, so this will do the trick for us until then.

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Busy bee
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But seriously…I just track my ovulation, and we don’t do full-on intercourse when I’m fertile. I hate having to take something every day (can’t even remeber my damn vitamins), and I’m too worried about side-effects and horror stories from other forms of BC.

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Honey bee
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I am on the generic Depo Provera, which is great because it’s $5 every three months and I don’t have a period. I’ve been on it for almost 4 years now and I love it.

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Bumble bee
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I have the Mirena and adore it.  I have never had a single issue, and I didn’t have trouble finding a doctor that would insert it (no kids). 

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Sugar bee
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i was on the pill (sprintec) for almost three years. before that, it was a different one (lo ovral, i think). now, i’m not on the pill, as it gives me horrific migraines. so we use condoms. i’m thinking about doing the skyla IUD, i have to find out if my doctor will do it (i have to ask, i know she does mirena and paraguard, but i dunno about skyla).

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Blushing bee
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I’ve tried several pills & the nuvaring (which was great, but too strong for me), so now I’m on a bit of an older BC. My Fiance & I use the diaphragm with spermicide & condoms. Been using all 3 for over a year now & although I hate the condoms, it’s working great. My personal suggestion though, would be the nuvaring. It’s less permanent than the IUD and you only have to think about it once every 3-4 weeks. 

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Honey bee
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Menopause.  LOL.

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Helper bee
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@Firemansgirl:  I take the LoEstrin pill, which is grreat- when I remember to actually take it! Lately I’ve also been really forgetful about taking them (forgot countless times during my recent vacation, and then when I got back I *still* missed one).  Forgetting them really sucks, because I get cramps worse than before I started on BC and I get spotting for over a week.

I’m looking into getting an IUD just for the sake of not getting any more menstrual cycles- I don’t need it for contraception, as Fiance has had a vasectomy.  Without contraception, my periods are totally incapacitating- and coupling the pain from my cycle with the pain from my other health conditions is just a really bad idea.

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Busy bee
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My husband has had a vasectomy because we do not want children. Best birth control in the world. Laughing I know that most Bees want children so I realize that this isn’t viable action for everyone.

The Pill is almost fullproof if used properly. Why not set an alarm in your phone if you have one?

When I was forgetting my pill too often years ago, I went on Depo Provera. It made me snarky and fat, but at least I was covered for three months and I only needed the injection four times a year.


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Buzzing bee
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I personally can’t STAND the pill- horrible side effects and I just dont like introducing horomones into my body when I do not need them. 

DH can stand condoms for obvious “man” reasons. 

So I track my ovulation cyle and we either use condoms ONLY when I am ovulating or we just don’t have sex then. I did my research and am diligent in this and its supposed to be effective. 

On top of that we use the pull out method which isnt SUPER effective, but combined with the ovulation method works nicely… 

ALSO, I might add… if we got pregnant we would be happy. If I was dead set on not getting pregnant for a while I would use other methods.

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I’m on the generic version of Mirena through a clinical trial.  Insertion was awful, and I spotted almost everyday for 3 months afterward.  Now that everything has calmed down, I love it.

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