(Closed) What big changes have been happening for you in your 20’s?

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Bumble bee
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Graduated from college

Moved to a big city

Sowed my wild oats

Settled down with Fiance

Started a great career and got a promotion

Bought a house

Bought a dog

Started running

Got engaged

Bought a car

Paid of personal debt

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Sugar bee
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I started full time employment when I was 19, and like some other Bees I’m in the first half of my twenties. I went self-employed when I was 20. FH moved in with me when I was 21 and we got engaged 6 months ago (23). And, of course, I’ll be married next year soon after I turn 24! We’re also looking to buy our first house this or next year and want to have kids within the next 3 -5 years. 

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Buzzing bee
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at 22 i graduated college and moved to a city where i didn’t know anyone for my first job, and then met fi 2 weeks after i moved. at 23 i started a better job. at 24 i moved in with fi and got a dog. then at 25, fi and i got engaged, and i applied to grad school. so now at 26 we’re getting married and if i get in to school, we’re moving and maybe (depending on where we move) buying a house! lots of big changes! also, last year i became an aunt, which is so so awesome 🙂

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This is great! I love reading everyone else’s posts. I am 25 now…here is the recap of what my 20’s have brought for me.


1) Finished colleged at 20

2) Finished my masters degree at 22

3) Finished my Ph.D. at 25

4) Moved to 2 different states

5) Broke up with my loser of an ex

6) Met my hubby to be

7) Now a professor in Ohio and loving wedding planning in between teaching and meeting with students


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Bumble bee
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Well, I met my hubby at 15, so I think of my 20s as the beginning of our ‘adult’ relationship. We’ve been committed to each other since high school but the 20s really confirmed that for us. I’m 25 now and he’s 27. 

I went away to undergrad (in a different state than DH),

graduated with my BA,

moved to Pittsburgh (where my DH was),

set up my first (and only) solo apartment, pink couch, lace curtains and all. 

started a 5 year doctoral program.

I’m now almost to the end of the 4th year.

We got our first apartment together,

built a life in the same city for the first time,

got engaged,

got a dog,

got married (9 years later!),

and recently bought our first home. 


Now we’re looking forward to my graduation and subsequent employment, his return to graduate school and enjoying the rest of our 20s together. We’ll leave the 30s for babies. 🙂 

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Sugar bee

Wow, this is a GREAT topic. I  turned 26 and was kind of sad to leave my “early” 20s behind but it’s nice to look back on acomplishments and look forward to the next few years. In my 20’s a few of the things I’Ve done are:

  • live with my best friends by the ocean
  • graduate college
  • get an MBA
  • move to Europe
  • learn a new language
  • teach English as a second language
  • get my first “real” job
  • TRAVEL a lot
  • start my PhD
  • pay off my student loans
  • give up driving and take up biking
  • start pilates classes
  • maintain freindships to the point that we’ve been freinds longer than not
  • get engaged
  • travel to the US west coast and  south (not including FL) for the first time

Reading these, I realize I’ve never lived alone and now I hope that I never do because it will mean something happened to Fiance. Actually , this is one regret that I had for awhile but I’m a pretty social person and it just never happened, during college I lived with friends and during my masters too then I moved home for a couple of months and then I moved in with Fiance.

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Honey Beekeeper
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Not as accomplished as some of the bees around here, but:

1) LDR for early 20’s

2) lived alone

3) Lived in like, 6 different cities across 3 states

4) Got 2 cats

5) Graduated from college with a BS at 22.

6) Traveled to the UK (furthest i’d ever been was mexico)

7) Became an engineer

8) Bought a house

9) Got enaged, then married

10) Started a MSE/MBA program, stopped after 1 semester, decided engineering was a no-go for me.

Later in my 20’s…I’ll be going back to school, new job, having kids, all that good crap. I’m only 23 (for like, one more month!) so I still got a lot of living in my 20’s left to do.

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Buzzing bee
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I’m 20 now. First off, I got engaged!! I’m so excited to see what’s in store for me in my 20’s. It seems like it’s going to go by SO fast! I wish we could all just stay young forever. I have a great feeling that my 20’s are going to be wonderful. I plan to have my first child, buy my first house, and start my career. I’ve changed dramatically over the past 2 years so I can only IMAGINE what’s in store for me!

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Bumble bee
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I have had a lot of life changing events occur in my 20s…not all were fun, but all were meaningful and made me into the person I am today.

  • at the start of my 20s I suffered from a serious depression
  • took a medical leave from school for 1 year because of it
  • recovered during that year and met my Fiance
  • went back to school
  • moved in together with my Fiance (then BF)
  • and graduated a year and a half late despite setbacks
  • found a great job in my field immediately after graduating (which was pretty great considering the state of the economy at the time)
  • we got our first pup and bought a car together (this is when I realized things were really serious and this was for the long haul)
  • we got our second pup a few months later
  • I got a promotion
  • we moved into our 2nd apartment (after 2 years in the prior)
  • we got engaged shortly after the move
  • wedding planning!!

There are so many things I am sure I am forgetting, but these are the big events that occured in the first half of my 20s


I am 25 now and expect to have a few big changes in the future

  • Get married
  • Possible career change (go back to school?)
  • start a family by 30
  • buy a house
  • and who knows!! (I love the quote “life is what happens while you are busy making other plans” or maybe that’s a lyric by John Lennon)

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Bee Keeper
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I have a feeling our 20’s are the biggest decade for a lot of us.

In my 20’s I have:

graduated college

gotten my first big girl job

adopted a puppy

getting married

buying a house


Will Probably:

Adopt another puppy

Have a child or 2

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Busy bee
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I gratduated with a double degree in cultural anthro and french, then finished my masters in anthropology as well.  bought a house, several cars (not all at the same time :)), and got engaged.

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Honey bee
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I’m in the first half of my twenties and they have been crazy!

My dad got cancer and is still struggling with it 🙁

I had a baby, got engaged (out of HAVE to, not WANT to), broke it off, moved to a different town, moved home, moved on!!!!

Met my dream man, got enagaged, full wedding planning ahead!!!!

Building our first house (done in March!!!)

I will be graduting from school, getting married, and having more babies (LONG ways away for that!!!) in the rest of my twenties!!!

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Since I’m closer to 30 than 20, I better get it together…

I have lived in 7 different states in 5 years.

Graduated with B.S./M.S.

Pulled off a LDR for 2+ years (unfortunately it’s still going on)

Got my motorcycle liscence (you don’t understand, I’m 100% girly girl and don’t take risks)

Realized my passion for teaching and plan to pursue it (engineer by degrees)

Met my soul mate and got engaged

Became an aunt for the second time

Learned that it’s okay to say no and perfected the art of work/life balance

Developed a mild form of insomnia

Paid off my student loans and auto loan within the first year of working (whoohoo)

Become a germaphobe


Currently working on post wedding plans for myself and Mr. Perfect Ten. The LDMarriage isn’t going to work!


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Busy bee
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I am only 21 but in the future!:


I will graduate my undergrad

the SO and I will get engaged and then married

I will begin teaching

We will buy a house

I will begin and hopefully finnish grad school

We will most likely have our first child



and honestly who knows what else is in store for me!



“The world is our oyster”


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Helper bee
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i love this thread! 

i just turned 24, 20 days ago… lets see.

i graduated with a bachelor’s before i turned 20. did a post-grad in teaching, got my first full-time real job, now i’m doing a masters in education (will finish this year). i bought my first house with Fiance in 2008, officially moved out and got engaged in 2009, getting married in 2010!

hopefully we’ll get a puppy in 2011 (FI doesn’t know this yet… hehe)

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