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Bouncy seat and swing – if you can get them both I would really recommend it. I personally think my son liked the swing better but, when I was upstairs with him and the swing was downstairs he was just as content with the bouncy chair and the fact that it is portable makes it even better. I never used a pack and play.

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Personally we don’t use our swing much, my daughter is pretty content on her boppy pillow on the floor. We use the swing for times when we need her to be in the kitchen with us or when she just doesn’t want to be on the floor, though that’s not very often. The swing I have is similar to this one http://www.target.com/Fisher-Price-Space-Saver-Swing/dp/B0042D69X8/ref=br_1_12?ie=UTF8&id=Fisher%20Price%20Space%20Saver%20Swing&node=1041926&searchSize=30&searchView=grid3&searchPage=1&sr=1-12&qid=1312114977&rh=&searchBinNameList=target_com_category-bin%2Ctarget_com_brand-bin%2Ctarget_com_primary_color-bin%2Cprice&searchRank=pmrank&frombrowse=1 and can change from swing to vibrating seat. If you looked into something like that it would save you both money and space. We have a pack and play too but never use it in our house. It is just as practical to put her in her crib in my opinion. But with that being said, we couldn’t make it without our pack n play- we travel to see my grandma at least 3 days a month and little one also spends a day with one of her grandparents about once a month so its important for us to have one. I’d also like to recommend looking on craigslist for these items. Swings and bouncers have fabric that comes off and can be thrown in the wash, and a lot of times you can get practically new items for cheap. My mom got the baby a pack n play for her house for 10 bucks off craigslist.

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i only have about 2 weeks of experience (lol) but i would say our pack n play has been the most important thing we purchased so far. we got this one from target: 


it was pretty easy to put together and fits nicely in our bedroom. the best part about it is the vibrating and music/nature sounds features – our son loves them and they lull him right to sleep when he’s tired. we don’t use the changing table part yet – it’s awkward on this model because the bassinet part is underneath it. i actually wanted the less expensive version with the smaller bassinet and changing table side by side, and i also think a newborn may like a smaller sleep space, but imagine they outgrow it faster too.

also, if you’re breastfeeding and going back to work, dozens of people have recommended to me to invest in a high quality breast pump. i’m getting the medela pump in style advanced. it’s just under $300 but i’m hoping it really helps me stick to breast feeding for the first year at least.

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We never use our pack-and-play. We also have a co-sleeper that DS used for 3 months before going into the crib, so the pack and play just lives downstairs and we just stick baby crap in it.

We have both a swing and a bouncy chair, and DS likes both, though it varies month-by-month which one he likes better.

We also have an expensive glider that we barely used at first, but are starting to use more often now that DS is harder to put to sleep. I feel like I won’t know if it’s worth it for a few months yet.

We have a fairly good stroller, but almost never ever use it since we almost exclusively use the Snap and Go with the infant seat. So we didn’t really need a stroller that was suitable for small infants.

We have several baby carriers- my favorite so far has been the Baby Bjorn (we have a Hotsling and a Moby, and I dislike both, but I know lots of other people love the Moby). We also have an Ergo that I think we’ll like better once he gets bigger.

I second teh suggestion of buying used- I’ve heard not to buy used cribs, but everything else I’ve named here would be totally fine to buy used. In addition to CL, I’ve found there are a few baby stores in my area that sell consigned goods.

I also have a Medela PIS breast pump at work, and still have a hospital grade rental at home. The PIS (or something similarly high end) is 100% worth it if pumping at work is important to you.

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My son loved his bouncy seat. But that is for when they get a little bigger. He was never a fan of the pack and play and honestly it just took up space in our home until a few months ago when we took it down.

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If you can, try to get multiple of those items used. You’ll save a ton of money, and if the baby ends up not being into some of them (each baby is different!) you can resell and not be out any money.

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I agree on buying used!  Maybe get a PNP new.  We had a used swing that we got for free.  The mobile didn’t work, but the noise/lights did.  We used our bouncy a lot, as it was great for when DS had a cold at 2 months and again later.  🙁

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Our son loves the swing but not all babies do so you may want to try out a friend’s if at all possible. You can also try to find a swing that is a combo (so it has a vibrating chair that you can remove) that way you have more than one option but aren’t having to buy two different things.

If you’re looking to save money I don’t think a Pack N Play is a necessity – you can get a Rock N Play Sleeper which you can use as a basinett for when baby is in your room. We only used our Pack N Play for 5 weeks till we moved him to his crib, I’m sure we’ll use it more when he gets older (as a playpen) but right now it’s just in our living room.

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Our little one is still on the way, but we were able to get all three items used from a consignment sale. It was a great way for us to still have all the items we need, but not spend a fortune on them. 

We got a PNP for $50 with a newborn sleeper and a changing station (graco brand)

We got the swing (fisher price) for $45 that works just fine.

We got the fisherprice rocker/vibrating chair for $20.

So, for just over $100 we got all three and that was totally in our budget!  All of these we were able to wash the covers.

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For us it was the swing. My daughter had acid reflux so she had to stay elevated often and she  napped best in the swing. However, I have met plenty people who said they never used the swing!  Did you get a crib already? Thats something you will need!  We never used the Pack N play at home that actually went to my moms house  because she watches her when I am at work. So it was very useful, but we never needed it at home.

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We have all of those and so far haven’t used them. I’m hoping when she gets a little older we will. Our problem with the swing and bouncer is that we have a dog, so we don’t like to have her so low to the ground. And since she’s only a week old, we don’t travel to use the pack n play. We put her in the bassinet both to sleep and nap, it’s nice because it’s high up so the dog can’t get at her and it’s portable so it goes from our room to the living room during the day.

My parents have a pack n play so we’ll be able to use it when we visit, but I know we’ll eventually start using ours when we travel. We are planning on camping and visiting my grandma when she is around 3 months old.

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