(Closed) What Birth Control Method do YOU use?

posted 6 years ago in Intimacy
  • poll: What method of BC do you use?
    Pill : (164 votes)
    40 %
    Patch : (8 votes)
    2 %
    NuvaRing : (27 votes)
    7 %
    Depo Shot : (7 votes)
    2 %
    Implanon : (8 votes)
    2 %
    Sponge : (1 votes)
    0 %
    Cervical Cap : (1 votes)
    0 %
    Condoms only : (57 votes)
    14 %
    Pull Out Method : (54 votes)
    13 %
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    Soooo I wanted to go for Implanon but I’ve heard mixed reviews (almost 50-50) so decided against it.

    We were using condoms for the last 18 months as I was struggling to find a pill that worked.

    Turns out I’m sensitive to estrogen so if I have too high a dose (normal dose) my body freaks out. A too low a dose and I bleed all month long.  Problem: there’s nothing in between.  So currently I am taking a the combined pill in a low dose of estrogen (20mg I think) – taken the same way as regular BC for 21 days; and an additional 5mg of progestin everyday. I am looking to change to 10mg since I am having a 4 day period, followed by a 3 day gap, followed by 4(ish) days of breakthrough bleeding. But I am waiting to hear from my doctor.

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    I swore off hormonal BC years ago. I don’t like what it does to my body. We use condoms for the most part.

    Is it convenient? No not really? Can it be gross? Yeah it can. But has it prevented pregnancy and kept me from being the nutcase I am when on hormonal birth control? Yep sure has.

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    Condoms for now. I am nursing so I can’t take anything. We will probably do NFP to avoid once my cycle is regular. In a way, I wish my husband would get a vasectomy. We both prefer to not use condoms, but we are not ready for another baby. We may try for one more in a few years, and hopefully he gets a vasectomy after that.

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    Speaking of which, I haven’t taken my pills today!! Thanks for reminding me.

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    Small novel because I have tried out a ton, so here goes;

    Pill; I use this currently, specifically Microgestin, and I don’t exactly love it but it helps control my endo pain. I have been on it for years but lately it has been giving me mood swings, headaches, and the worst is zero sex drive. Like to the point where sometimes I don’t even wanna be touched at all. Ugh. It’s the only brand that I have ever been on though of the pill, so can’t speak to other brands issues.

    Patch; Was allergic to the adhesive so had to stop, but liked it otherwise. No real side effects that I can recall besides fuzzies getting stuck to it from my underwear.

    Nuva Ring; Liked it at first, but it was too expensive as a broke college student to maintain at the time. My now husband also felt it which bothered both of us quite a bit during intimacy.

    Mirena IUD; Had spotting/light period for 6 months straight, not fun. Insertion was pretty painful but not horrid. Little crampy for like a week after and then nothing. Loved not having to think about taking something, but side effects for me were way too much to handle.

    Paraguard (copper) IUD; had the worst crampy pain of my life! I only had that one for a month, first period on it and I was DONE.

    Think thats all of them haha. Hope my BC journey can help your friend make a more educated choice 🙂



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    We use condoms.  Crappy polyisoprene condoms because SO is allergic to latex and neither of us want to use animal skin ones o.O  I would much rather be on the pill or NuvaRing or something and not have to worry about making sure we have condoms but I’m still on my parents’ health insurance for a while so that’s a no go -_- and SO is hesitant to have sex without a condom (desire to not procreate aside) because he doesn’t like the feeling of having stuff on him… if you get where I’m going with that -_-

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    Condoms and the pill

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    We used condoms for the first 3 years, and then for the last year before we married, when we didn’t really mind if we fell pregnant or not we started using the pull-out method half-hoping we’d fail with the technique. 🙂

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    I’ve had a Mirena for 2 months now. I got it inserted 6 weeks after I had my daughter. 

    Insertion was not painful, but a little pinch and a bit of cramping while she placed it. I had a bit of cramping for about a day and then was fine. I’ve had very, very light spotting and a bit of cramping sporadically since. Haven’t really felt many side effects besides maybe some mood swings and sweating from the hormones, but it’s entirely possible that’s just because I just had a baby also. No complaints, still losing baby weight, still have a sex drive. I’m a happy customer so far.

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    This is something your friend should be discussing with her doctor along with her medical history (some conditions are miserable or life threatening with hormonal birth control). Aside from that:

    I used condoms (all but a year.) and I’m 36 (no pregnancies).  Used correctly they are as effective as the pill from various statistics, some say more so “when used correctly” (probably because condoms aren’t effected by antibiotics or smoking or other various things).  Most important is:  keep them room temp (not in a wallet on the body or in a car), put them on properly and use water soluble lube to keep them from drying out and breaking, they need to go on before any contact and be removed from the female as soon as the man ejaculates, use a brand that fits (big or small).  And they really can be part of the fun, especially if the woman puts them on him (plus colors, textures and such)!  And if you really want an intimate ending… Too Much Information but for hypothetical thoroughness… just finish him in your mouth/hand/elsewhere on the body.

    The year I used something else was Depo.  I wasn’t told it can cause strokes in women with vascular disease (nor was it in the fine print then, I read everything).  After being diagnosed I was told any hormonal birth control puts a woman with a vasuclar disease at high risk for stroke (and other nasty side effects), even something seemly an inconvience such as Raynaud’s.  So she needs to discuss with her doc!  I didn’t know I had a vascular disease then.  Mild inconvience, not needing meds but was told DO NOT use hormonal birth control as it put me at high risk for stroke and other complications (which explained my experience with Depo).  But the doc I got the Depo from didn’t tell me this (or about any other BC), nor was it in the Depo literature (which I still had).  The Depo shot made me sleep literally twice as much as normal for 8 months, feel miserable (I would have been fired if it weren’t for my great understanding boss, but I still hating explaining to her what was going on at the time) and I bled like I had a period for over a year on one three month shot.

    The sponge with spermicide, pull out, and rhythm:  all my friends who tried those have jokes about “what do you call a couple who uses:X… Parents!”… Maybe they all used them wrong but I’m a fan of “sperm can’t touch egg” (condoms) and “Me and hormonal birthcontrol don’t mix”.  So there’s my long post of thoughts on what works for me, why and what I’ve heard.

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    I’ve used the patch for the last 6 years, never had a problem with it falling off or anything, its been great! at the time when i was looking into BC i was taking too much medication for a health condition that there did not seem like a ‘good’ time of the day to take them so Dr. reccomended the patch and i have been very happy. I would say give it a shot if your bad at taking pills or forget, its honestly idiot proof. :0)

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    paragard IUD-  It is the worst birth control method for the first 2 months, in terms of side effects, but if you can survive that, then it is the absolute best birth control ever for the next 10 years!!!

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    I’ve been using the pill for the entire 5 years I’ve been sexually active.  DH and I doubled up and also used condoms until we got engaged.

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