(Closed) What boring, uninspiring meals do you cook the HELL out of? Share your secret!

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Fiance is the cook, but he makes a mean grilled cheese. I request it more often than I probably should lol. He uses sourdough bread, pepperjack cheese, and olive oil in the pan, and it comes out so crispy and delicious. We also put barbecue sauce on it.

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@megz06:  Oooh, in the UK our “pigs in blankets” are mini sausages wrapped in bacon. We have them mainly at Christmas time. How funny to have three different foods with the same weird name!

My favourite dish to make is thai chicken coconut soup. I don’t know if it’s boring and uninspiring but I love it so I’ll put it on this thread anyway. Once you’ve done it a couple times, it’s much easier than it looks!

1 stick of lemongrass, crushed and cut into sticks
A thumb-size piece of ginger, sliced thinly 
1 tin of coconut milk. I buy the solid creamed coconut and grate into hot water, it’s easier and doesn’t curdle.
A stock cube
Chicken cut into strips 
Some mushrooms, cut into chunks
2-3 small chilis
1 tablespoon fish sauce
Juice of 1 lime 

Fry the ginger and lemongrass on a low heat, then add the coconut milk. Simmer for a few minutes then strain out the ginger and lemongrass. Add the stock cube and hot water, I guess it’s about a pint or two, I just pour until it looks right… Add the chicken and mushrooms, and simmer until the chicken is cooked, usually about 20 minutes. Add the lime juice, chilis, and fish sauce to taste. I like to serve it with rice!

In fact, I think I’ll make it tomorrow 🙂

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So many good suggestions!

I always add balsamic vinegar (3 leaf or higher) to my spaghetti sauce, and it adds such a depth of flavour without adding any salt. 

Old Bay seasoning is another magic ingredient that I have found myself using. It makes mac n cheese absolutely delicious. I also always add paprika and mustard powder to my mac n cheese sauce. 

I have discovered the amazingness that is browned butter. It makes everything it touches instantly irresistable. On the rare occasion I make choco chip cookies, I brown the butter beforehand, and it’s a totally different and delectable cookie. 

I also make a MEAN balsamic dressing. I add real maple syrup, balsamic vinegar, a touch of sour cream, stoneground mustard, a touch of thyme, and some olive oil. Blend that shit in the bullet, and you’ve got a creamy, smooth and rich dressing. DH loves it. Plus because the mustard helps emulsify the ingredients together, the oil and vinegar never separate again, so it stays creamy.

DH makes the most amazing egg sandwiches. I don’t know how he does it, but man oh man, they are absolutely amazing and taste the exact same every. single. time. They are my most favourite weekend breakfast, and I request them pretty much everyyyy weekend.  


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I make a mean salad!  Haha, this salad is so tasty and gets rave reviews…

Some baby greens (I like a mix of baby kale, baby spinach, and baby arugula), shaved parmesan, pomegranate seeds, and almond slices.  Dressing is a mix of olive oil, lemon juice, pomegranate molasses, and a touch of sugar, salt, and pepper (to taste).  

I also think the way my family makes spaghetti sauce is the best.  We put carrots into it, which adds a touch of sweetness (lots of people say to put sugar in, to combat the acidity of canned tomatoes, but I think that just makes it taste weirdly sweet.  The carrots have flavor and subtle sweetness, and a little texture, which I love).  We always put ground beef/turkey, onions (shallots if we have them), lots of garlic, canned tomatoes (whatever kind is good), canned tomato paste (like, a bit of a mini can), usually some red wine, and I like adding zucchini too.  And maybe red peppers.  Oh, and some italian seasoning (fresh herbs is awesome, but the jarred stuff is good too).  It’s super yummy, chunky, and has lots of veggie taste, which I think is ideal!

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I make an amazing salad that everyone always raves about when I make it. All I do is grill a plain chicken breast and chop up some strawberries. Then for the dressing I use sugar, oil, a little onion powder, and red wine vinegar. It’s amazing.

I also make the best biscuits and gravy in the world. My mother has been making it for 50 years, and mine is greater (and she is so bitter for it!). package of breakfast sausage that I brown, then pour off excess fat. I add flour and let it mix in together and absorb every bit of liquid. I let it sit for a minute then add in milk. Stir together until a gravy forms. I don’t measure anything, but it always works out.

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I make really good burgers. The trick is onion! I use half a large yellow onion per pound of ground beef and I shread it with my box grater and mix it in, along with some Lawry’s. They’re so moist and flavorful – so so good.

I also make really good tomato soup, but my trick is that I make it, and don’t buy it canned. Ha! It’s actually incredibly easy to make and it’s soo good.

I make a really good pot roast, but I don’t think my recipe is revolutionary – I just put a roast, cubed onions, small carrots and small potatos, about a cup of red wine, two crushed cubes of beef bullion, a packet of onion soup mix, and a half cub of beef broth in the crock pot. Then I cook it on low overnight, and in the morning take all the meat/veggies in a seperate pan and leave the juice in the crock. I put it all in the fridge, then when I get home I throw away the nasty hunk of fat that’s solidified on the top, then heat it all back up. Yum. Now I want pot roast.

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@sweetchiquita12:  I’ve never had hard boiled eggs in lasagna but one of my favorite Italian places puts sliced eggs in their eggplant parmesan.  I was so confused the first time I ordered but it’s SO good!  Damn, now I’m hungry for eggplant that is 500 miles away.

I have to think of something…I must have something.  I’ll definitely be popping back in here to read through more of these, though!

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My husband and I love barbecue, and have a ridiculously easy way of cooking it at home (perfect if you’re feeding a crowd). All you do is place a boston butt in the crock pot, pour some root beer over it, and cook it on low all day. If you like a smoky flavor, add a bit of liquid smoke in with the root beer. Shred it up and enjoy with your favorite sauce! It’s so juicy and good! 


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@BrideToBe14:  I worked in foodservice for years.  One of the more trained chefs I worked with put truffle oil in the mashed potatoes.  I’m betting that might be the trick!

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@iarebridezilla:  I make chicken night one that gets requested. Instead of the plain ol’ boring chicken breast, I cut it almost in half and stuff it with feta, sundried tomatoes, pesto and occasionally olives as well. My FH DIES when I make it. It’s really good on top of pesto pasta with some sundried tomatoes in the pasta too. Mmm. I don’t have a recipe because I just do it by looks every time.

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another good one is adding a little red wine to your spaghetti sauce on spaghetti night. It makes even premade sauces taste amazing!

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@iarebridezilla:  SO unhealthy, but in my chubbier days, I figured out the trick to the MOST amazingly tasty and gooey storebought cinnamon buns. I coat a round nonstick pan with a moderate amount of butter (especially the rims, since the outside of the buns can always tend to get hardest). I put the buns in the pan, as directed. I take a knife or fork and poke numerous holes deep into each bun. Then, I melt about 1/4cup of butter in the microwave and brush the melted butter to coat each bun, and make sure it’s getting in the little holes. Once nearly DRENCHED (lol) in butter, I sprinkle/coat the tops with cinnamon sugar. Then I bake a 350 (or 50-100 degrees lower than the suggested temp on the package), for 5 min longer than directed. The cook time will vary based on ovens, I’m sure. I stick my knife in to make sure they aren’t still raw, because they *wont* look done.

It’s seriously amazing… Like monkey bread, but better. The good news is that they are SO rich in flavor, that you can’t eat a lot.

I also second a thread about healthy alternatives to unhealthy things, as it would be helpful to my post cinnamon bun loving life. : )


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I stuff a piece of salmon with herb and garlic cream cheese and then bake it (sometimes I coat it in panko or parmesean cheese).  Serve it with sauteed spinach and brown rice, then mix it all together so you get a bite of everything on the same fork!  I used to eat this twice a week, but my DH doesn’t like salmon, so I don’t eat it as much.  🙁

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I make a pretty amazing naked chicken wing dish.  

Add Chicken Wings.

Add salt.

Add sliced garlic on the wings.

Add olive oil.

Put in oven at 350 and cook for around 40 minutes. 

Take out and Nom Nom Nom away.


DH also makes the most amazing Brussel Sprouts Dish that I cannot replicate no matter how much I try.   

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